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The Life Of Brian

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Version: Age of Kings
Style: Role Playing Only
As Brian, you run around the Age of Empires world killing and getting better with your sword. Then, as your skills evolve, so does your rank. You get to fight in wars and even become a general. The senerio takes an estimate hour to complete, and there are many side quests. There is a huge diversity in this senerio, where you fight alone, on ships, with bows and swords, and even with hundreds of other allies, trying to siege the enemy castle. Tons of fun.
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ScourgeofGod Why is it every time I pick up the relic I die?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This game was highly playable, and enjoyable. The idea was simple (an RPG exploring the land, changing roles, getting uprgraded and fighting enemies) but created in such a way to make it highly enjoyable

Balance: 4
There was alot of balance here. For example your strangies depend on which type of troop you, being able to switch between archer and infantry is a good idea. Had alot of fun with this misson, though some bits where repetiative (keep goign back to be healed, and the reloading of a previus save if thins go wrong). This misson was challenging but highly enjoyable.
Creativity: 4
Quite creative in the idea of starting off low and goign up to the ranks and being able to switch the roles of your character. Plus there are alot of secerets, once found 35gold off a skeleton! This is a lot better than over RPGs i've played

Map Design: 5
Highly detailed, the foilage is marvellous to look at and the city characterists change from place to place, making the cities beliveable

Story/Instructions: 5
An intersting and orignal story and very clear instructions and hints.
Additional Comments:
A superb level, had great fun playing, if you make another misson please tell, for if it as good as this it will be brilliant!

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 03:35 PM]

Bazil The scenario seems to be great, but there's a bug that everytime i pick the relic up, i get defeated. If you could correct it, i'd be grateful. Oh, and keep the good work :D
terrythewhite We're doing our rounds at era productions as it's our recruting time of year. We'd love to have you as a member. Visit to see the team. Contact me at if you want to join or if you don't. You aren't obligated to join era. Please get back to us asap as we need to keep on going through our prospects.
pepin yeah0 If you want I can correct the bug of the relic...
Ksrugi I like how it starts, but that's the problem. When I started, the part where you clear the mill for the farmers, the wolves had come and killed two farmers. ANd that was when that quest was a stand still.
mikester did anyone fix the relic bug yet i still cant finsh it without gettin the relic
Scud I can finish, and when i played it there was no bugs for me.
Joan of Florida Hey um, I'm trying to get into the purple town Lasrath, but the gate is locked. I killed almost all the raiders around the cliffs, but I'm stuck. Please help!
Official Reviewer
Ksrugi, you played moderate or more difficult, on standard the wolves do not attack the villagers and the wolves-quest works due to their reduced LoS.

Joan of Florida, you have to bring the relic from the desert to the monastery of the yellow town first, the gate will open then.

Unfortunately there is a problem with that relic quest; most probably you lose the game when the monk picks up the relic as ScourgeofGod, Bazil, pepin yeah0 and mikester mentioned.

To avoid the bug, you have to walk with your monk from the monastery north around the houses towards the wall and then south out of the gate.

EDIT: Reason for relic bug, trigger 'Priest dies clause', condition own fewer objects, units, monk, effect kill objects player 1. Player 1 loses when the monk picks up the relic because he owns no more monk but a 'monk with a relic', which is another object for the game engine.
To fix, new trigger, condition, object in area player 1 monk, set an area around the relic, effect deactivate trigger 'Priest die clause'.

[Edited on 04/18/08 @ 07:09 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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