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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Siege Osaka Castle - The End of the War

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The Siege Osaka Castle - The End of the War

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c


The year is 1615 and the battlefield is Osaka Castle. Your task is to bring down the huge citadel and thus bring an end to the war that has harmed the lives of the Japanese for centuries. To accomplish this task, you must first capture a gate and then destroy the Keep of Osaka Castle. Only then can you win the battle and the war.

This is an update to the original Siege of Osaka Castle scenario.


*Full day/night change.
*All difficulty levels are supported.
*Bonus points strategy.
*Style: Sophisticated Blood scenario or Siege or Battlefield Tactics or Advanced Blood ot Other or No Style (I don't know).


*bonus points system fixed; more smoother and training disabled to avoid those annoying new unit deaths.
*you only need to capture one gate and to capture it you must destroy 2 towers (standard), 4 towers (moderate)or 6 towers (hard) and bring 1 (standard), 2 (moderate)or 3 (hard) Minamotos to a gate.
*Tokugawa Ieyasu and Shogun Hidetada may die, but keep in mind, that Shogun Hidetada is required for the new sabotage feature and Tokugawa Ieyasu is the only one, who can visit the Northern Monastery with some use (note, that to get the protection of the kami you must not allow Hideyori to receive it).
*destroying the Keep is now possible.
*units get now more HPs and attack at the training camps.
*Siege Workshop works after the capturing of a gate.
*map modifications: forests improved, countryside roads now more realistic, northern moat part of the river (before this it looked awful).
*intro bitmap totally changed.


*ability to do sabotage in Osaka. The sabotage effect is random.
*you can also buy Saboteurs from your camp (special training area).
*Japanese music clips.
*enemy receives reinforcements from outside the map (protect your camps and get rid of these troops quickly or else they will become too strong).
*some more ambushes and ninja attacks.
*you can now destroy the 3 small Castles along the road to Osaka City. They give some small bonuses, but are not necessary to get.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mechstra Great! I loved the original scenario. Be sure to visit the forums!
SoulBringer dude! A awsome game! Loved the trigger work and the map design! The Great Seige Campaign rocked too! I'm now officially a fan of ya work!

Pleae reply my message!!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'The Siege of Osaka Castle' is a very sophisticated B&D / FF scenario featuring several creative ways of representing actual life. In fact playing this game it hardly seemed like normal Aok at all. The story is situated in Japan, where Osaka castle is being beseiged.

Playability: 4+

I greatly enjoyed playing this scenario. The use of the day/night cycle and the ways of training troops and gaining attack etc. were pretty good. The element of surprise remained high throughout the scenario, as you mostly had to guess which unit was going to get the HP bonus and before that move them off the training areas so that they could attack the enemy. The heroes get rank according to the number of enemies killed so I often fought just to keep the kill ratio higher.
The downside is that the game is too hard (see balance) and apart from that, boring after some time. When my men started suffering from diseases, I had to go and get the monk and by that time half my men had died.After the monk healed them however, all my units kept gaining HP/attack at an enormous pace so it no longer made sense to keep them training so I kept sending them to attack immediately. I don't know if this was a bug, but it made the game a lot easier after that. The bombard cannons revert to player2 when night arrives, rendering them useless. Also Osaka city was enemy towards me but I had to change diplomacy from ally to enemy to attack it back.
The game is still interesting after hours of seige because you can never tell when there's going to be a surprise attack on your basecamp or, while making the heroes go through the city they would be attacked by ninjas and assassins. (although later it hardly mattered). Not to mention executions, saboteurs, turkey bombs and whatnots, this game truly offers many ways to play it (and I haven't seen all of them yet ). I really don't think there is a more complicated game than this one.

Balance: 4-
The game is too hard and unbalanced, making this the worst part of the scenario. Initially the keep towers at the gates have 12000 HP, and all units stationed there keep increasing HP and attack with time. I found rushing the enemy to be the most effective tactic on easy as I killed all the enemies, but on others my units died horribly from keep tower and archer fire. I could win the scenario only on standard, and even then it took a dozen reloads when a sudden rebellion or ninja or something happened or when I wanted to take advantage of a bonus. On moderate all I could do was slowly wear the enemy down by luring out and killing 600 troops but by that time my time was almost up so I didn't continue. On hard it was impossible.
As such I found some things pretty difficult. For example how could you destroy the 3 castles on the road without seige? It might still have been possible if the castles didn't have like 11000 HP and 100 attack. The keep towers at the gates were too strong to destroy and if you left the enemy unharassed by day to attack by night, it totally failed because the enemies gained attack and spawned even at night, while my forces didn't.Sabotage was just too costly and hardly effective. The battle ninja was totally useless as he had too low hp)
Finally after the monk healed my troops that had been dying of disease, the balance blew out of proportion.All my troops began gaining enormous amounts of HP/attack including seige weapons. After a while finding a 1000 HP champion standing around was quite usual. During the final siege, when both my heroes had reached level10, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Shogun Hidetada single handedly held off the entire enemy army ( no wonder they had like 10000 HP 500 attack). Even then finally capturing the castle took longer than I imagined and I finally finished with 93 food and 27 minutes left (and mind you this was on easy)
So I give this 4 on balance because it was tough and was uncertain. And I didn't like the tremendously overpowered units, it makes little sense to give a unit more HP than a castle.

Creativity: 5+
Easily the best part of the campaign. The most important part was the marvellous and complicated day/night cycle. You can carry out troop trainings and see much farther in day than at night. Morning dawned with a cool sound while night sets in with the howl of wolves. Than you have the all new training system, both for allies and the enemies. And of course the bonuses at different times... you had to keep guessing in what was going to come. Then you had the option of sabotage inside the city hiring saboteurs from outside, gaining onagers and turkey bombs. I liked conducting executions to lower the HP while greatly increasing attack, and used this a lot on ranged units. As if it were not enough you have diseases, surprise attacks, ninjas and assassins, dance shows.. need I say more?

Map Design: 5
Excellent map design, much better than a random map. The forests are well designed with bamboos and oak forest. There are rice fields, rivers, and the countryside feels quite like Japan. There are no random gold mines or forage bushes, every bit is done carefully. The castle was well designed and also tough to beat. The two moats protecting the castle and the gates look really good and the map overall identifies well with a Japanese scenario. So a 5 here :) Although there was a part to the north which had a bombard tower and lots of skeletons ,rugs, stone mines and other random stuff which I didn't understand I suppose it wasn't part of the scenario.

Story/Instructions: 5
The effort the author has put in into explaining such an enormous and complicated scenario is really commendable. I was rarely confused as to how some system worked ( and there are a whole lot of systems.. training system, sabotage system, execution system etc ) and that is because of the author's good instructions and hints.
The story is based on history, and is a very good representation of it. It's very interesting so I think it ought to get a 5.

Additional Comments:

This scenario is an extremely good and innovative scenario and I can hardly believe that it has been mostly ignored so far. Playing it takes you way out of the realm of Aok and it is hardly possible to describe it without playing. Download now!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I was the 1337th downloader :)

If I like it I might review it. The comments already can indicate it's a good game, so I hope I think the same :)

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Map Design5.0
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