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River War

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This was a map i quickly made when i was bored so come and play it it may seem imposible but it isnt and lets see if you can win the great river war
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Map Design1.0
War of the River is a simple fixed force battle consisting of two sides of over 500 units per side on either side of a river. The author admits the map was made quickly and I am afraid the score reflects this.

Playability: 1

Playability is a measure of how much fun the player has whilst playing a scenario. Unfortunately due to the very simplistic nature of the gameplay I had very little fun at all. The major fault of the scenario is that there are too many units on the map; the human side has 500+ units and the enemy even more. When all units were committed into a fighting environment the amount of lag created rendered the scenario unplayable - I was often waiting several seconds for the next frame, on a 3.06 GHz 768mb RAM machine. Also the enemy was extremely passive; the first time I tried to play it simply waited and I could simply lure units into the hands of my 150 longbowmen. The second time I played the scenario I stayed true to the fixed force style of play and committed all my units at once, and the amount of lag froze my machine for several seconds at a time, rendering the scenario unplayable. The author needs to consider more the enjoyment of the scenario for the player.

Balance: 2

As outlined above, the scenario consists of a huge number of units per side. However the enemy units are not aggressive at all even on hardest difficulty level, and it was extremely easy to lure and ambush groups of enemy units. The war elephants presented a more difficult challenge, but by then I had a huge majority of units. However, if I brought the fight to the enemy to the full committing all my units at once, then the scenario would have posed a much greater challenge, if the lag had not gotten in the way. Again, the author needs to consider the needs of the player and should test their scenario to gauge the difficulty.

Creativity: 1

I am afraid that there was little to no creativity at all evident in the scenario. The gameplay consisted of two massive groups of opposing units across a river with no objective except a conquest objective. There was no effort spent on improving the visual appeal of the map (see below) and little effort was put into making the gameplay less linear. I recommend that the author takes much more time and puts much more effort into making the scenario more creative.

Map Design: 1

The author paid little or no attention to map design whatsoever. The terrain was simply grass 1 for land and water - medium for the river with some shallows as crossing points. The arena was fenced with a square border of oak forest. I recommend that the author spends much more time on map design, and he should look at map design articles here at AoKH and at other sites, such as the TS University.

Story/Instructions: 1

The scenario had no story or any background information assigned to it. The author did include a basic objective of kill all the enemy units, which served its purpose well. However there were numerous spelling and grammatical errors which meant the instructions looked messy, unprofessional and were hard to read.

Additional Comments:

I feel that the author spent little time in creating this scenario, and I recommend that the author spends a lot more time trying to improve their designing, as there was some promise shown here.

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Map Design1.0
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