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Downloads Home » Campaigns » William The Conqueror and The Quest for Glory

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William The Conqueror and The Quest for Glory

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Version: The Conquerors
Number of scenarios: 6
WOW this ought to be amazing ive spent 50 hours on this i dident know i was so patient lol. NEWAYZZZZZ. its about william the conqueror and his life i hope you like it and i will have a sequal about him fighting the goths in 2-3 weeks or so so play this one read the story line and enjoy (COME RIGHT A COMMENT AFTER AND LEAVE A RATING)thanx

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Official Reviewer
In the second scenario your trap works fort he enemy but not for player 1.

You tasked them with a looping trigger to a location, just change looping to no and they can attack.
rwilde *Looks at the abscence of any reviews anymore, wondering how and why they were all removed*

[Edited on 05/27/05 @ 06:29 PM]

FirstMinnesota Fun campaign overall. Appreciate your hard work. One problem I had is when I got to the "Joining the Enemy" scenario I crashed twice. I know there are tons of units but my PC is quite powerful. Anyone else have this problem?
Official Reviewer
Hi rwilde

We removed the reviews because they were not in accordance with the review tutorial and sent the review texts to the authors for an edit.

*downloads* I play the campaign again and review.
Rangar Wow this is rubbish

[Edited on 12/21/05 @ 04:04 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The campaign consists of six scenarios; it is a mix of FF and RPS, the story is fiction and you play William the Conqueror in a story of loyalty, betrayal and revenge.

PLAYABILITY: In all scenarios, you get too many units, long and boring walks for the first three, a short and easy fourth, the fifth crashes after some minutes and the last is long, repetitive, not interesting or fun. In the second scenario, a looping trigger tasks the enemy to a set location, helpless, a slaughter feast for player one. 2

BALANCE: That was excessively easy on hard, not a single reload. You can play the first four bold, no strategy involved and end up with too many units. The sixth changes strategy, still no challenge just time consuming bringing down the towers and castles with canon galleons and trebuchets. 1+

CREATIVITY: All aspects of a scenario factors into creativity, it was not creative apart from telling a story. 2

MAP DESIGN: The first maps were pathetic; straight lines for cities and even the forests grow with rectangular angles but the small map from scenario four showed some effort. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The best part of the campaign. The objectives were clear, hints when needed, none, some or many and the author tells a story, which develops in and between the scenarios, but needs a spell check. 4-

OVERALL: 'William the Conqueror and The Quest for Glory' is a campaign missing the necessary effort and play testing.

SUGGESTIONS: Edit your scenario. Second scenario, 'Claiming land' trigger 'William Died', effect 0, activate trigger 'defeat' instead of 'I Dub thee'. Looping trigger 'trap' spawns and tasks units, you have to separate the effects in different triggers. Delete every second effect in trigger 'trap'. Create eight new triggers 11 to 18, one for every spawned unit, starting state 'on', looping 'yes', condition 'objects in area', source player 2, list type units, quantity 1 and set the respective areas above the spawn point. Effect 0, task object, source player 2 and set the area (again, above the spawn point) and the location where it suits you. Fix the crash in the fifth scenario, 'Joining the enemy', in trigger 'Move Green's men' Effect 2 tasks all player 3 units to a location, which are too many.

IN CLOSING: I recommended the campaign for the inexperienced player.
detwi you can win all the maps if you kill willliam

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Map Design2.0
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