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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Blinded Wars III: Beta Verison 1.0

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Blinded Wars III: Beta Verison 1.0

Author File Description
Team I5
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 9 (8 different)
This is the third installment of the "Blinded Wars" series.

We hope enjoy the beta, and "stay tuned" for the full verison of the game.
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maximus_l why does this guy keep putting these out? The first 2 got horrible reviews. Sure, i cant make a campaign myself, and thats why i dont attempt it. But this person apparently doesnt realized that about themself
Chris Kateman My my our first anti-comment. Congrats to the submitter.

Seriously, First, it's not a guy, it's 4 guys.

Second, yes, we acknowledge that the first 2 got horrible reviews, and that is so becuase we sucked, we didn't know jack squat about scn. designing (expect for the simple things).

Third, well we are sorry for you that your fear of negative comments/reviews (or something else) has prevented you from making campaigns.

Fourth, my grandmother used to say something to me while I was growing up: "Never say negative things about people, who have skills that you don't, because yu probably other skills you don't. Also, Chris, you shouldn't talk negatively about people who don't have skills (this case: our questionable "scn designing" skills) because most of the time those people/peoples are trying to working their butts of, trying to increase their skills or trying to find their style or their methods so that they can produce nice stuff (like we are).

Fifth, you got anything else to say (because we sure do like feedback)?
maximus_l boy, what unintelligent ramblings. take your hurt feelings back to grandma
Chris Kateman Maxiums, how about this, (1) you shut up, and I'll shut up.

(2)You leave me alone and I leave you alone.

(3)I don't say anything about you and you don't say anyhting about me

Deal? Because, I don't know about you but I don't have the time to deal with you.
teutonicknight Hm... usually flame wars belong in the forums.... Do I need to download the first 2 to get this one?
King Joshua III Hey Maximus, I got an idea, you can take the piece of paper that has your password on it, and rip it up, and to further insure you never get on this site again, you can uninstall your internet explorer. Because nobody likes a jerk. If you think the scenario sucks (I'm not saying it does) write a review telling him what you didn't like about it specifically (of course you probably didn't play it).

So either leave, or never write stupid crap like that again. Quote, "Sure I can't make a campaign myself." Okay.
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
The campaign consists of 8 scenarios, it is the third part of the “Blinded Wars” series by Team I5 and the game styles are FF and B&D. The story is fiction and told by excerpts of the diary of the Black Night, who has to project some adventures together with his friend Sir Jace Kade.

PLAYABILITY: Together with this campaign, the “Blinded Wars” series consist of almost forty scenarios but still lack in playability, you play the Black Knight (HP 3333/AP 12+321) and Sir Jace Kade (HP 2000/AP 12+401). They have to find Prince Kingston and bring him to the Royal Guards in “The Beinging”, because map revealers show the Prince and the guards, you win in nine minutes. “To the King” provides some challenge and fun, but there is no need for the transports, the units can walk around the lakes and what means ‘Forget about Black Knight after he does his thing’? He killed four of my Paladins after the change ownership. In the “Exchange”, you take a long walk, on a narrow path through wood to find Johnlopp on a large map with no enemies. “Kickout” is identical with “To the King” just a different name, which is unacceptable and happened already in ID 414 Blinded Wars II, where scenarios four and five were the same. In “Saving the Villagers”, I lost one unit out of 125 to win on hard. The enemy starts with no unit, gives up when he runs out of resources because he has no villagers. Play “Fort Arrowhead” on standard difficulty. Your hero has to stand between four torches to get tribute and the city. On the higher levels, your ally starts building a wonder exactly on top of the torches. After the completion of the objectives, use the “I r winner” cheat because your enemy has some castles on an island and you cannot build a harbour due to the water depth. “Trebuchets of Light & Dark” is unplayable, for your first objective, you have to find two gold mines but there is no gold mine on the map. In the “The Phantom of the Fortress”, the enemy gives up after you kill three guards and “The Battle” is just an annoying fight against an army of siege weapons. 2

BALANCE: The campaign is unbalanced, the last scenario is almost impossible but the others are far too easy. I played on hard when the standard AI allowed me to. The first scenario plays best on standard, most of your enemies attack the village on the higher levels while you walk out of the gate unharmed. 2

CREATIVITY: The map of the eights scenario had a spark of creativity, apart from that there was nothing to mention. 1+

MAP DESIGN: The maps are pathetic, in general too big in seize, vast areas of grass 1, square, unappealing towns, large, new roads, one water depth and one kind of tree done with a big brush. 1

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The objectives were clear and easy to follow, you receive enough hints and there was some history in the beginning. I had no idea what it was all about; there was no story line to follow, for which I deduct. 3-
OVERALL: The campaign was not play tested enough, done without effort and posted in a hurry.

SUGGESTIONS: Fix everything mentioned under playability, use random maps, update the best scenarios of the series and post them again.

OBSERVATIONS: Team I5 counts four designers, who seem to have a lot of fun working together, but should refrain from posting every scenario they create for the series.

IN CLOSING: After two campaigns with bad reviews, which Team I5 chose to ignore, I regret that I cannot recommend downloading this campaign either unless you love to play with overpowered units.

[Edited on 08/20/08 @ 09:58 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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