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LotR The Return of the King

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Version: Age of Kings
Style: Mix
Take command of Gondor and destroy the Ring, with the help of Rohan. But, many things will get in the way as you try to complete this almost impossible task.

You can even ask the Army of the Undead for help

As a matter of fact in not even sure you can beat this without cheats. But try out first.
Please submit comments.

Updated again. This time it is a litter easier since I have been told I made it too hard.

Suggestions anyone?
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Map Design4.0
This is a long overdue review, I know. This scenario is great fun, a big B&D battle with a unique presentation of the Return of the King.

Playability: 4

The goal is to bring the One Ring to Mordor. The scenario, as anyone will soon realize, deviates a lot from the real story. For example, the Ring starts out at Minas Tirith, and it is represented by a trade cart. This is very different from the isolation of Frodo and Sam and their separate quest.

First off though, and pretty much throughout, you must defend against a raging foward building horde of enemies. They take Osgiliath (or some city) first. In this city by the river, there is a neat capture system. If you lose the area by not having enough men there, the enemy quickly rebuilds there.

There are two paths to take, and an optional side quest to gain the support of the Army of the Dead. I chose to fight down the west side of the screen and push my way through here.

In fact, there is even a fourth path - right across the river. That is if you can hold your city there.

Balance: 3

The enemy in this scenario is relentless. You can die in many ways - If Aragorn or Gandalf dies you lose, but also if your cathederal is destroyed, though this is less likely.

Finally you must also protect Rohan - the hardest part. Fortunately Rohan are also a strong military force.

In the end this scenario is quite hard. I finished it on easy, with over 2 hours gameplay, and moderate would be even harder.

The difficulty has been adjusted for the scenario, so it should now be a little easier, but still very challenging. Stick to easy or moderate unless you are a real expert.

Creativity: 5

Very good creativity here. The undead army quest was a good side quest, although I didn't find it possible to make an excursion from the real battle to play side quests. There were a group of transports that appeared at the riverside and made a huge assault on your base at a critical moment.

The reappearing Nazgul were great, although I did find a way to stop them spawning (kind of a cheat way though). The signalling system with Rohan was probably the most innovative idea. Few scenarios have allies that can actually save you like that. Rohans charges were excellent and their cataphracts saved me twice in times of need. They also provide me with a good place to attack from, and helped out there as well.

Map Design: 4

Anyone that's even glanced at a LOTR map can see that the geography here is a little weird. Mordor is in the north, and Rohan is just west of Gondor inside a forest. It's important to remember this isn't an accuarate recreation of the map. The map design is good overall. Not a lot of eye candy or magnificent city design, but the layout was good and the lag would have been too much with high details. The map provides many paths and hence provides plenty of replay value, or at the least gives you choices.

Story/Instructions: 3

The scenario is a good diversion from the real story, since its differences make it unique. If every scenario of this type kept close to the story they would get a bit repetitive anyway. However the scenario despite providing good instructions and hints lacked in game dialogue majorly. The story in the instructions is virtually non existant and assumes a reasonable knowledge of LOTR.

Overall: 4

You're downloading a massive B&D battle with hours of gameplay. If you really have a problem with the issues you won't like the scenario, and if it is your style you won't really care about them.

[Edited on 06/20/05 @ 09:11 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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