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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Siege of Constantinople - 1453 AD

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The Siege of Constantinople - 1453 AD

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
1453 - The Siege of Constantinople

In this map you play the famouse Siege of Constantinople. In this scenario you can help Emperor Constantine win this strugle wich unfortunetely, historicaly was won by the Turks. Now you have been given the chance to change that. This could have happened in the past with the help of some small historical events.

The year is 1453 . After two days of siege the Turks have sent their emissary to the gate. They have managed to sorround us compleately. There is no way out. Our only chances of winning this battle are: an West European intervention, the collapse of morale among the Ottoman Army or a miracle.
In order to win, 8000 Byzantine Troops must fight better then 100.000 Turkish Soldiers. The odds are not favorably for us, but with the help of our mighty walls and the help of God we might succed.

Scenario Objectives:

-Emperor Constantine XI must remain alive otherwise the men will never have the courage to fight.
-The Haghia Sofia must remain standing; faith in God keeps our soldiers fighting.
-At least one Castle in the city must remain standing otherwise we cannot defend the city.
- Resist until the Siege is lifted.
- Capture the Turkish Gold Mine.
- Ravage the enemy camp in order to lower his morale and to get resources.
- Destroy the Ottoman naval base in Anatolia.
- Sink the Turkish fleet to the bottom of the Marmaran Sea.
- Destroy the blockade outside Galata in order to receive supplies of food from Ukraine.


- The Assassin thing
- Cool sounds
- Accurately terrain
- Historical facts are 75% true
- Many other cool things

Please send me comments/bug reports; it only takes you 5 min !!!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Maximus Aurelius LOL funny messeage "it only takes ya 5 mins" lol
well i downloaded this but i can't seem to load it onto my game
i put the scenario in the campaign folder, the mps in the sounds
and picture thing well im not sure where that goes so i put it
in aoe2 folder and i put the other thing above picture in aoe2
folder, i tried putting all of em in aoe2 folder at once and it
still didn't work????? any help.
ENOTH A very good scenario with a nice and accurate map of Constantinople. The only fault is the enormous number of units on the map, which creates lags. On an average P-II (128 RAM, 32 video) it is so slow that it looks like a chess party with no time limit. More advanced computers (which most players can not afford) produce slightly better results, but it still lags.
File Author
ENOTH, I know there are problems of that kind but after you defeat the first wave, performance gets better. Because of the odds for the Byzantines 8000:100000 this was all I could do. If there were fewer then the human player would easily destroy the Turks and the map would look stupid. I tryed to make the scenario as real as possible and note that if I would have used less units then the odds would have been 8000\50000 and the historical accuracy - 72.653%.
Anyhow I hope u enjoy it.

Best Regards,
Lord_Anatoly Well, you did not half to put all 8000 Byzantine soldiers and 100000 turkish soldiers on the map. Since the ratio is 1:12.5 you could of put 50 Byzantines and 625 Turkish soldiers. Or 1 Byzantine soldier and 12 turkish soldier with 1 militia.
File Author
Well, because I built the city so big I had to make an army proportional to the city, and so the Turkish army needed to be that big. Sorry about the hardware problems.


Map Design3.0
This is my review about 1453 - The Siege of Constantinople. I think the map was not very good. Plus, it is slow. Anyway, here is my review:

Playability: As i said --> It lags, and playability is horrible. But it is nice to play, so i wont give a 1.

Balance: The map is quite balanced. And there are many special units in the game.

Creativity: It was creative, i guess... but not a 4. A 3.

Map Design: I noticed the map is well made, and that there are some interesting eye candy. A 3.

Story/Instructions: I must say i'm impressed... The story was quite acurrate and the Instructions were exact. Pity you did not made a Prologue...

Overall: A good map, you can have fun with it, but i advise only fast computers.
Map Design5.0
I thought this was a really awesome map! Playability was really hard though, unless u got a 2 ghz processor. I got a 1.1 and it lagged more than playing an rpg on the msn zone! It was a lot of fun when u started killing guys and it lagged less. Balance is prettty good, but if you last like 1 1/2 hours, u get these pumped up guys that you can just kill the enemy leader with. It was really creative, because even though a lot of people have tried to do this before, they haven't done near as good a job at it as this is. Design is awesome, I've made some fancy maps, but nothing as nice as this, tons of eye candy and great building layouts! Instructions were good historically and gamewise, but I agree with the other reviewer that there should have been a prologue, like telling, or showing how the Turks came or something. Overall, a great map, uh unless u got lower than AT LEAST a Pentium III.
File Author
The reason why I've put so many units is clear: The map needs to be as historical accurate as posible, but I lowered the playablility; you've noticed that in the history section I was seeing the conflict from the eyes of Constantine, and I tried to make the player feel that the objectives and others are as real as posible, coresponding to that age.
After you have killed the first wave the playability improves, so does the game quality, you'll see. That's what I did when I've played the scenario.
Anyway, I thank you very much for the reviews/comments.
beastofthebeasts Playability - Well a lot of units so it's a 3
Balance - There was quite some balance historicaly a 4
Creativity - The things I saw there were new to me a 5
Map Design - Awesome design with tons of eyecandy a 5
Story/Instructions - Theese part was fool of accurate and usefull info a 5

Great scenario. Keep up the good work.
Knight Conqueror
Map Design5.0
I played the scenario on my computer which is not terribly quick and there was quite alot of lag however on playing it on a quicker computer I found that the scenario was much better. So I am going to reveiw it from a scenario point of veiw and not dwell on the lag factor to much.


I think that the scenario overall was well built with many different objectives and ways to defeat the siege. There were many different options and overall it was a scenario that took quite alot of time to complete and another very little. Using all the different options the game could be played a few times over. However there is that lag factor and on a slow computer this did seriously hamper playability.


As I said in playability the option you took determined the difficulty of the scenario. This added a very important strong balance to the scenario. Howver the only problem I had was that there was a hard way and an easy way but no middle way it was either a few minutes or a few hours game time.


This scenario made use of quite a few new ideas such as the assasin which I have never seen in a SofC scenario before. Also alot of the old tricks were put to good use as well.

Map Design

I've played quite a few scenarios involving Constantinople before, alot of them involving breathtaking map design and I can certainly say that this is defintley up there with the best. Use of eye candy is almost everywhere and the city is one of the top 3 i've seen.


Instructions were very good as well. You always knew what to do. Hints gave good insight. However the History wasn't great and I must agree that a bit more insight into the events in the recent past (mabye not a prolouge) but certainly a bit more info wouldn't go astray. On the bright side the history you did mention was historically rock solid and accurate. I didn't notice a real lot of spelling mistakes and everything said was straight foward and understandrble.


A very good scenario but however it will really not play well on a slow even medium speed computer.

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