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The follow of escaped units

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Hi all,
This is talk about the war between Galal ed-Din and Tatar (mongols).This is my second scnario on my campaign that I prmised you.Feel free to say your opinion in my
I fixed some bugs on it.

The project starts in The first Tatarian battle
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Map Design2.0
Hey how is everyone? This is Terry reviewing "The follow of escaped units." single player scenario. Hopefully I can give you a fair and helpful review. Also i've given you a "wow factor" rating at the end. It does not reflect anything on your total score but i think it may be quite helpful for you to hear. So to begin.

Playability: 3
I took notes as I played through this scenario so what is here is my basic order of playing. First as a positive, I really enjoyed the cinematic battle in the city of Hraa when the vilagers began an uprisal. The change view triggers were well planned and flowed smoothly. Secondly, i found when the units of Hraa went to make a counter attack they were placed logically with archers behind cavilry. It may not seem like much but i feel that is a nice touch of detail. But if only the detail could be carried through the whole scenario. After that point things get a little sloppy in terms of execution. When the Tatar units are tasked back into Hraa they are all tasked to the same spot. I think they should have been maybe spaced out throughout the city of Hraa at realistic points. Also I noticed that as the yellow player i could move my units at any time anywhere on the map. I could see this casuing some trouble with the sequence of events. Some triggers rely on units to be in certain places at certain times. Might be a good idea to put the yellow player as a separate entity until the units are supposed to move. And finally, the Priests at Mero heal tatar units. This is just too unrealistic. The opressed priests are healing there enemies. I'd suggest putting the priests outside the city and having them be enemies to the tatars. But on the bright side the game is playable all the way through so it is good for a rating of 3.

Balance: 2
Found the scenario a little too easy. The only positive to be seen is the implimentation of needing at least 15 units alive at the end to win. Only good for a 2.

Creativity: 2
This scenario was not very creative. The names are fresh but the game was very bleh. There was not much that jumped out at me and said," Whoa, never seen that before." Only good for a 2.

Map Design: 2
The map is very, very plain. A wise man once said" Grass 1 never looks good" There was some elevation and dirt and some rivers but they were either empty or over populated with all manners of wild life. The 3 cities were all designed in the same style with clumps of houses, a town center, and some military buildings. There was very little unit diversity. Most units were either horses or villagers. There were only two areas that had real eye candy. Not saying to do the whole map as eye candy but maybe try and emulate some real terrain you have seen in pictures or have seen in other scenarios. I can only give a rating of 2 here.

Story/Instructions: 2
First off I was not sure why this scenario had so many spelling mistakes. But then I thought of the name "khaled". I am going to assume english is not the author's first language. I commend you for the effort. The storyline is progressed though dialog but there is little to be said about the story otherwise. The history is very short and does not offer a look into what happened before these battles against the tatar. The spelling errors make some of the objectives unclear. For a while I was wondering where the 5 units needed to go then I looked in the editor and found that I need 5 units in each city instead of just 1 city. So I could only muster a 2 for you.

The wow factor- 1
I must apologize khaled. But this scenario is just not very groundbreaking. I admit it may not be your fault that this genre of scenario has been overdone by the aokh community but I think there could be more to this scenario. Here's the way you should maybe think about this scenario. You are building a campaign with this scenario as the second scenario in the campaign. If I was to play this scenario in the campaign I think I would probably quit playing the rest of the campaign. Scenarios in a campaign need to make the player want to progress to the next scenario. By progressing I feel they would need to achieve more then wiping out the evil tatar horses. Maybe a wizard destroys the tatars and all is plunged into chaos and a magical dog bites la hire and he gains super strength and goes to destroy the evil wizard and an epic battle ensues. Now of course I am going from the top of my head but is it not more interesting then, " Kill all the tatars" ? Maybe also more attention to detail would add to this scenario. Little things like gaia objects in realistic places. Or maybe more conditions within triggers to cover all events that could possibly happen ( like maybe the scout leaving before the villagers are done talking?) I think this scenario has potential khaled but needs some more tender loving care. At 70 triggers strong I think it won't live up to it's potential. I would love to see this scenario redone and developed more. But for those who wish to download it...

Final thoughts
I'd say to play it only if you want to help khaled fix it. Leave comments or ideas and I think this scenario could be very very good.

[Edited on 09/11/06 @ 07:24 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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