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Real Forest

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
The battle takes place in the midst of a huge forest, but it's not similar at all to the standard Black Forest :)
Trees literally cover the whole map, but they're just loose enough to allow sneaking thru. Your lumberjacks have cut a small clearing for your encampment.
There is a lot of wildlife and a few lakes too.
The forest can randomly be oak, alpine, jungle, etc.

Walling in is not easy, cause woods don't make barriers.
Building away from your starting camp isn't easy as well, as you may have to clear some trees to make room!
Map suitable for computer players too.
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Smapla I like it a lot, but there is very little gold in the map, just a 5 pile instead of the usual 7 which makes it hard when you have no allies. There are a lot of sheep which makes it really good for the computers who can't boar hunt. It is however very easy to find the enemy when explored is enabled, first by the clearing, and than by the torch. very interesting map, I have not seen much like this before.
File Author
Thanks Smapla :)

The starting clearings are necessary... however, if you play with "explored" i guess you can tell the position of enemies on almost every AOK map :P
If someone is interested, i can add a version with no clearings: the woods would swallow towncenters and you'd have to cut trees and make room for every single house! A sort of puzzle, but it would be for multiplayer only, computers can't handle cluttered space.
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal5.0
Theme 4+

The theme for Real Forest is similar to ES’s Sherwood Forest, with many single trees covering the whole map with room to negotiate through them. While the theme is not entirely new, unlike many other scripts in this genre, real forests does have different settings, with snow, bamboo, jungle, pine, or oak forests offering variation each time you play. You can be rather restricted in room to build, but this was the author’s intention with the theme, and I feel this adds to realism. After all, building a town in the forest would require some deforestation.

Visual appeal, 5
The maps are well presented, have variation, terrain mixing, eye candy, elevation, and a very natural feel. There is plenty of wildlife adding to the natural feel, and a few small ponds, or the occasional lake, which help lift visual appeal well above average. One detail that really adds to this script are the tree stumps that surround your starting location, it looks like your villagers have cleared an area in the forest to place the TC. The bamboo maps are slightly less appealing, but don’t adversely affect overall visual appeal. The only downside to visual appeal is the mini map, quoted from the tutorial “Does the mini-map accurately represent the objects on the game map?” No terrains are used for trees, instead these are placed using objects generation, and this causes the mini map not to show any trees, making it appear very plain. Due to the way the game engine generates the data for the mini-map there is no way to rectify this without adversely affecting the maps, and as such I feel it would be unfair to deduct points for this.

Playability 5
Each player starts with the usual villagers, scout and TC, but you also get two lumber camps, and an outpost. Placing resource drop sites usually doesn’t work well for random maps, but in this case the lumber camps are a great help. With the addition of a few small ponds that contain fish, plenty of sheep, boars, and deer, food gathering in the early ages is a breeze, and hunting for food will play a big part in the game play. Be careful though while out in the forest hunting, there are many dangers, from bands of rabid wolves, to outlaws, waiting to pray on those who stray to far. The amount of gold and stone can be quite low, so trading or balancing gold via the market is generally needed, this places a very high value on gold deposits, and certainly added to my enjoyment. The number of relics increases with map size, this is a nice touch as you are never sure if all the relics have been found. The game play can only be compared to an open land map such as Arabia. With no dense clumps of trees, finding a route through them is never a major problem, and with the addition of plenty of hunting/gathering opportunities, experienced players will find this map a “flushing” delight. The standard AI plays the map well, and with little in the way of protection for starting locations, it is best suited to experienced players, or players of similar skill levels.

Real Forest is a delightful, natural looking map, and while the theme is not entirely new, it does offer variation in settings. The maps play well against AI players, and it’s an excellent map for “Flushing” (early attacks). With little in the way of protection for your base, it is best suited to players with similar skill levels, or experienced players. I highly recommend this RMS and look forward to seeing more from the author.

Playing Regicide there are no extra villagers or Castle for the players, this is a loss in my opinion, and I personally think they should be included. The “bamboo” maps tend to be lacking in visual appeal compared to the maps with trees, and I feel these could be improved further.
Smapla You could also make random clearings. that'd help
File Author
Thanks Jerker, very professional ;)
I saw ES's Sherwood Forest, but it's not really a deep forest, there's a lot of free space too... well you got what i meant to do instead.
On next days i think i'll update the map, adding the 7 gold pile and regicide stuff (i see standards are more important than i thought!). For regicide, extra lumberjacks (yes, with axe) and a fortress. A great castle in a small camp inside the forest doesn't make much sense...
Any ideas about the bamboo?
Gen Ant1 I really enjoyed this map. It was unique and required some different thinking and tactics. I found myself setting up a lumber camp when I spotted some other resource that I wanted, just to clear up some space. The ramdom outlaws were a good touch too.
File Author
Update: added regicide stuff.
Sorry, a bit late :P
I just wanted to add how much fun I've had with this map. Cool idea with the dense forrests and lakes.

[Edited on 03/20/06 @ 08:11 AM]

Visual Appeal4.0

Theme: 5
Its very nice with forest trees and it is said just as well as described.It has plenty of animals to hunt and it is real forest, but in weird positions.

Visual Appeal: 4
It is nice but there are too many trees blocking but i guess that that is the point of the map.Has nice eye candy, nicely spaced and you start with a lumber camp or two and is appealing and pleasent to play when playing lan espicially.-( In my opinon.)

Playability: 5
It is a good game to play and would be nice if zone was still around.It is nearly as good as ES random maps kinda of like black forest but less spacious and it is fun that you won't immediatley find the enemy but you have to look around.

Additional Comments:
I've got none.
FuzzyFurry25 As I'm not proficient at reviewing RMS submissions, I will simply leave a comment saying how much I like the map.

It's very good. I have enjoyed playing random maps using this script. I also like how you used bandits in the forest. The bandits make it more realistic.

The thing which bugs me is the high probability for being attacked by packs of wolves whenever you try to send villagers anywhere. For example, I sent a group of three villagers to a gold mine a short ways away from my town in one game, with no threats that I SAW on their route, and all three were killed by wolves before they got there...

Overall, well done. :-D

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Visual Appeal4.5
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:2.63 KB