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LotR Siege of the White City

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is a collection of 3 playable Minas Tirith scenarios. Check out my LOTR Eclectic Collection for non-Minas Tirith based LOTR work.

[3.4 Rating by King Bob VI]

[3.4 Rating by Luke_Feanor]

[Not yet Rated]

[Not yet Rated]

(Be sure to read the Readme for additional information. Because there are now 4 scenarios, if you want to post a comment or rating please mention which scenario you are referring to.)


-White Tree Paladin-
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
King Bob VI
Map Design4.0
This is one of the many LOTR based scenarios at the blacksmith, which are infamously nearly all quite bad. This one, however, was one of the best I've seen so far.

Playability: 3

I was quite pleased that there was no lag on my 512MB RAM machine. The scenario was overall pretty fun to play. The creation system for the enemy worked quite well. I would have made several small changes, though:
1. Player 1 does not have very many units to work with, and the reinforcements from Rohan and the Oathbreakers were disappointingly small in number. A battle in the field as a huge cavalry force from Rohan clashes with the enemy horde would have been very cool, but I'm not sure how it could be implemented into the current scenario.

2. To compensate for Player 1's extra units and to keep the balance in check, I would make it so you lose if certain (or a certain number of) heroes die.

Balance: 3

I won the first time, though all of my heroes save Aragorn and Legolas were killed (GANDALF! NO!), making my victory less exciting for me.
The real fault is that you can sit at the very top the whole time, while the enemy stupidly hacks away at the walls of a layer they've already breached. One way to solve this is make the city walls belong to another computer-controlled player, which would be allied to the enemy so they ignore them. (buildings such as gates, houses, barracks, certain sections of wall and the white tower should still be under player 1's control, so mordor does attack them.)

Creativity: 3

No new or special tricks; you did a good job overall, but I think it could have been more creative. (I hate giving creativity ratings, I never know quite what to say.)

Map Design: 4

This was my favorite part of the scenario. The way the city was made was very good, by far the most convincing Minas Tirith I've seen in AoK. The field surrounding the city could've used some more diverse terrain, but it was okay because nearly all of the action take place in the city. The area by the river was very plain, and I would definantly spruce that up with some eye-candy.

Story/Instructions: 2

The instructions provided were few, but they were enough to let you figure everything out without too much trouble. The story, on the other hand was nonexistant, and someone who had never read the book or seen the movie would have no idea what was going on. of course, you can't put in the whole trilogy, but a small description of the basic events surrounding the battle would be great.

Additional Comments:

I give this one my "Worth the Download" seal of approval, especially for LOTR fans looking for a good Minas Tirith fight.

[Edited on 05/13/05 @ 04:03 PM]

GeNeRaL_AnZaC Extreamly good design but my only critisim would be the lack of units. I understand you have to create them but maby there shoukld be a few more units there such as gondor archers, Spearmen, Gatesmen, Gaurds ect, No Lag on my crappy comp and it was great fun goodwork mate
AxE_MaN WOW this is by far the best designed Minas tirith map at the blacksmith!!! I love the map. but I do agree with GeNeRaL_AnZaC in that there were 2 few starting units, but that didnt stop me from enjoying the game. Excellent!!!
File Author
If anyone wants to be a tester just post a comment to let me know.(The preceding comments/rating refer to the previous version.)


[Edited on 06/27/05 @ 05:14 PM]

Snaily I think this scenario was a bit easy.. It screwed up when one of yellow/Rohan's Catapracths began to scout whole map. Red's units did try to follow and attack it for the rest of the game, so Minas Tirith Wasn't under attack after Rohan came.

But there must be something good too... ;) I like the look of Minas Tirith very much. It looks good both at mini-map and in usuall look.
A tip: Try rename all red's units to 'Orc' and 'Mumakil' etc. I'm big lotr-player on zone - so your welcome to ask if there is something you wonder.

[Edited on 07/13/05 @ 07:01 AM]

Map Design4.0
Siege of the White City is a Lord of the Rings fixed force scenario depicting the assault on Minas Tirith by the forces of Sauron. The player takes command of the defenders of the city and must stop the White Tower from falling.

Playability: 3

The author did a fairly good job of avoiding lag, although there were moments towards the end of the scenario where the orcs were all tasked to several spots outside the city gate and formed two big clumps of units, and my 768MB RAM machine did have a few frame rate troubles then. There were few bugs in the scenario, although one problem I found was that the path-finding of the units at the top of the city was a little wayward as the levels of the city were too close together, and the main problem was with the Mordor armies not following up their intial attack, which I will explain in the balance section. The scenario was fun to play and kept the player involved and interested. 3+.

Balance: 3

The author provided some good strategical challenges in this scenario other than units micromanagement; in particular the Nazgul ranged attack (as mentioned in the hints by the author) is a problem. The main problem is that after you are forced to abandon the first level, aside from a few units the orcs will not progress up the city, meaning after the first few minutes it is very easy to win. I think the problem is that there are too many units tasked outside the gate; they form a big clump and are trapped. When I increased the time between each enemy unit creation, the problem seemed to go away. 3+.

Creativity: 3

The scenario had the potential to be more creative, but the author did a good solid job here with the fixed force style gameplay. The map was probably the most creative part of the scenario, with a detailed and accurate recreation of Minas Tirith. I would suggest trying new ideas out to try to make your scenario more creative. 3.

Map Design: 4

The map design overall was very good. The city of Minas Tirith was well presented and accurate, with subtle details such as Rath Dinen, the beacon and the Citadel being implemented. The city layout and design was also good, with good building placement and a very good imitation of the city in the films. The only suggestions I would have would be to avoid using road terrain for all of the city as there would be some areas of greenery and also as road terrain no longer acts as a road.

The Pelennor Fields are a difficult subject to recreate in the editor; they are wide expanses of grassy plains with a few buildings dotted about. The author did well with this subject,, with some nice details such as areas of scored and broken ground behind the paths of the seige towers and some visual details such as craters, cracks and skeletons added. The area where Rohan enter the fray from was slightly bland, and could do with some more terrain mixing and some more gaia objects being added. 4.

Story/Instructions: 4

The author did a very good job here - there was a strong history section included with the submission and the instructions, hints and scouts sections were all included and clear. One thing I did find difficult however was finding my heroes such as Gandalf - they weren't identified in the instructions or by text within the game. I would suggest using in-game view changes and messages to inform the player of their presence before the fighting starts, so they can recognize them later on. 4+.

Additional Comments:

A good, solid job and recommended for Lord of the Rings fans out there.

[Edited on 07/27/05 @ 07:59 AM]

WirelessWanderer These are so much fun! Thanks a lot WTP! There were a few minor mistakes, but all around a sweet bunch of levals. So much fun at hardest!

Wireless Wanderer

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Map Design4.0
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