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Minamoto's Tale --!Demo!--

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
At around the year 1064 AD, Minamoto no Hisashi founded the Matsuura family and began to expand the Matsuura Realm in what is now Sasebo City. He was succeeded by his first-born son, Naoshi, then by his grandson, Kiyoshi, in 1171. In 1185, a major civil war broke out in Japan between the powerful Genji and Heike families. Kiyoshi joined the war on the side of Heike. By 1199, Heike had lost the war. The victor, Minamoto no Yoritomo, assumed the title of top warlord of Japan. Minamoto ordered his defeated rival generals to commit ritual suicide. However, he was impressed with the size and power of the Matsuura family, so he invited Kiyoshi and a few other warlords to Kamakura, the seat of power in Japan at that time. Minamoto spared Kiyoshi's life and offered him his seal, which allowed Kiyoshi to wield authority in the name of Minamoto himself. Following this historic meeting, the Matsuura Realm flourished. At around the 15th century the chieftain of the Soke Matsuura Clan, Sakari Matsuura, erected a fortress in what is now Takebe-cho called Takebe Castle. Later in that same century, Sakari's grandson Masashi Matsuura built Daichian Castle in Setogoshi-cho. Daichian was destroyed in 1498 during a bitter feud between the Soke Matsuura family and the Hirado Matsuura Family. This feud came to an end in 1565 following a battle at Imiori Castle, a stone fortress built by Chikashi Matsuura, the son of Masashi.

Following the defeat of the Soke Matsuura family, the Hirado Matsuura chieftains built Sasebo Castle on Mt. Eboshi and Idenohira Castle in Shingae-cho. Idenohira suffered a massive attack from the warlord Sumitada Omura in 1586, resulting in the deaths of 300 vassals of the Hirado Matsuura family.

The first Portuguese ship to visit the Matsuura Realm arrived in 1550. Trade soon opened with the Portuguese, who offered silk and thread. A samurai named Jinzaburo Ito was appointed as chief negotiator. Jinzaburo spoke only Japanese, however, and was disliked by the Portuguese merchants, who felt he was unfairly haggling on the side of the Japanese. In 1561, an argument over the value of some goods turned violent. A sword fight erupted between Jinzaburo and one of the Portuguese merchants, during which the merchant was killed. The Portuguese sailors formed a militia and came to take revenge on Jinzaburo. With the help of his fellow samurai, Jinzaburo killed 14 Portuguese, including the captain of the merchant vessel. Following that incident, called the Battle of Miya no Mae, no Portuguese ships ever visited Hirado port ever again. Instead, they sailed further south to present day Omura, formerly called Sonogi, a long-time enemy of the Matsuura Clan..

At around 1598, Shigenobu Matsuura, 26th lord of the Hirado clan, ventured to Korea with Hideyoshi Toyotomi and his armies. Over 100 Korean ceramists were taken back to Japan and set to work making pottery. An abundant source of pristine white "Amakusa" clay was found on Mt. Mikawachi in the Hirado territories. Yajibeijoen laid the foundation of what still stands as Mikawachi Kiln. Ceramic wares created at Mikawachi and other Hirado kilns were of absolutely unparalleled quality, and were regarded as treasures and given as gifts by the Hirado chieftains to other feudal lords. The processes involved in making the pottery were regarded the gravest of secrets, and were never divulged to other clans. There are 35 kilns in Maikwachi today exporting high-quality porcelain wares throughout the world.

You are Minamoto. And you Follow the order of Kitabatake. You must acomplish various missions!
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Maximus Aurelius pretty long description,
lol but sounds good so im going to download.

Maximus Aurelius......
heniek31 Is this some kind of joke? "you are victoriuos"within five seconds. Give it a break man !
lunchbox Where did you get all that historic stuff?
Official Reviewer
Oh well, why is this in a .CPX file? To play this demo you have to extract the scenario with ID 5613 Age of Empires & Age of Kings Campaign Manager and change the starting state of trigger 14 from 'On' to 'Off'.

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