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From Squire to Knight

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
From Squire to Knight:
Part of the ScudChester Realm Series

You are Alex, a young knight. As leaving your home village you seek adventure, wealth, fame and glory. Explore a well crafted map and follow the plot of a region divived as you try to make a name for yourself as you build up your band of warroirs, build up a trade empire, take sides in a war and finanlly build up your own camp.Also buy slaves and go on quests with hiden rewards and choose you destiny.

2 ENDNINGS: Depending on wich side you choose to fight for.

Please review and leave your comments, and enjoy the game.
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File Author
Please dont be afraid to leave your reviews and comments.
AxE_MaN This is a good scenario well worth downloading. In my opinion the only drawback is that it is quite easy to complete. Good one though!!!!
File Author
Well, there are 2 different endings, lol. 1 mabye be eaiser than the other :P
File Author
Just for every1s infomation, i'm currently working on a screanrio set in the same "world" as this one. It's about a man being washed up on a beache with no memory. Though its a bit cliched and in many Final Fantasy games, theres no plot like in on the blacksmith i think. I've got a thread on it on the forum, just search Scud or "The man with no name".

[Edited on 06/04/05 @ 09:51 AM]

File Author
Sorry if i'm whining, but after 330 downloads, still no-one has reviwed this scenario, so please can someone?
Luke_Feanor Scud: You can post a request for a review in this thread:,,0,10&st=2170, and someone will endeavour to review your submission. Keep in mind though that a skilled review can take a while to complete. :)

[Edited on 06/10/05 @ 09:02 AM]

File Author
You've got to fill a whole load of stuff, plus too many posts and stuff etc. ect. or i'm just lazy, but yeah i'll think of it (rushes to forums.....) :D
Map Design4.0
This is a good role playing and empire building mission, with over two hours of play time.

Playability: 4

The mission offers a lot of playability, with exploring, talking, party building, empire building, and some build and destroy. You also get to pick your side, offering some replay value.


The landslide doesn't actually block your path, so you needn't buy a transport

If you die, you don't lose. A little unrealistic.

Balance: 3

The mission offers plenty to do, but you can do it at your own pace, and you're unlikely to lose. Even playing as the weaker side, the build and destroy area isn't too challenging.

Creativity: 4

The floating knives were very cool, I haven't seen those before. The objectives/quests weren't that creative, but there was a lot going on in the background that made up for it. Creative map design too.

Map Design: 4

I like how there were comments on the heat of the desert, and the roading system was another example of terrain use. The road had guards, and allowed free trade between the cities. There are some beautiful cities and eye candy, including good use of map copy and wonders. There are also some slightly untidy/unrealistic areas, especially cliffs on elevations. The gaps in the cliffs look rather messy.

Story: 4

There was only a basic story, with a lot of neat dialogues. Much work went into making the people talk to you, and you can learn a bit of background on the cities and such, but not that much that is important, like who your character is.

Overall: 3.8

Good download unless you only like difficult missions
AOE Inferno Great map i played it like 20 times :)
and i still like it. keep up the good work
the only bad thing is it's too easy :(

keep up the good work !!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I'm giving it a four since the gameplay is good and has a few sub-missions. Plus the ability to chose a side leads to a little replay value. Although it is a bit easy as your eimy dosen't attack you or the the city-state they are suposed to be at war with. it could be nice if you made the ruins into a big battle feald. (there are some ways to make units atack each other and never die.)
Balance: 3
Yeah balace. A three. If we are talking balnce like betwen the two sides and which is more dificult I say its pretty loppy, But if we were talking about keeping the player interested with the game and keep them playing to the end its got that down for the most part. From battling whitchs to learning trival information about the citys you explore, yes its all good up to the build and destroy part. that part is prity much it. You have a great map and have of it go's to waste I sugest instede of victory that the go on to destroy another city-state depending on which you chosen to side with before.
Creativity: 4
Four. A squire becoming a knight in a sence cleche and orthadox, but the the way the author presents it in this world free of a completely standerdized goverments and castes is refreashing and new.
Map Design: 5
Five! This is where the senario truly shines it is a detailed and beatuful with diferent styles of citys, screaming with difernt personaitys varying from the cluttered bizy tangled streets of Fevla dock, the the strait prepy clean utopian streets of Lena, the homly quite blissfulness that is the small town of tumton, and to the rich aristotrical feel of Merchant city

Story/Instructions: 4
Four as I said before the story is about a young man leaving town and becoming a rich and powerful knight under one of two courts. This is a escape for any computer nerd who wish they could leave their yurts and become king, but who will not acheave because of nationalizem and corperations. This senario pays homige to times where one could be adopted by a king,dine in palices with their enimys, and establish their own kingdom in which both the enimy and the former king are vasels.
All that aside the map is to beutiful to go to waste, there should be extended missions were you fight the red and orange citys.

Additional Comments: I am just saying there should be more imepton, red town, mechant city, side quests. Example find out the imepton mayors terible secret of him selling villageers to slavers. take the hush money or reveal him receve no money shutdown the slavers, but impton proclaims Alex the new Mayor.
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Map Design4.5
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