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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Mongols, Teutons vs Huns, Goths (Original Michi)

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Mongols, Teutons vs Huns, Goths (Original Michi)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Im blue(BB_Xiao1) playing as Mongols and an yellow ally(Teutons) versus 2 enemies, Red is Huns and Green is Goths. It is a must watch. Its 2:50 hours long so, play on fast mode untill you get to the exiting battles! First, i was the worest player! But after the battle. I sort of was going to the top in scores.

Battle event.

The enemies are pushing towards my ally, so I sended in help to push the enemies back. But they are really strong! So we are pretty much even, The enemies are trying to bombard out yellows' castles with trebuchets. So are we.

Then, I came up with an idea that my ally wasn't using. Since the enemies are charging with infantries and paladins. I used scorpion in stand ground stance and with albelests infront shooting while Cavaliers and Hussars are attacking, and Elite Skirmissers helping out a little. Actually, a lot! With my scorpions, (I mean heavy) We pushed enemies back slowly untill we panetrated their defenses and then we slaugthered mostly all their prosessions. Red then left.

But! Green is still alive. Green started to insult me and said he has a bad civilization choosed. So we started a argue with some bad words. But i didn't mind much.

And thats really all! We won! I got the least death rate and the most kill rate. And got the most gold from relics!

A must watch!
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earthwormjim Cool game! got a little boring with the long battle, though. Since you had such a better army, you could have cut thru in another spot too, and fought them in two places. That would have made it go faster.
Mangudia_force yea smoker you get all kinds live lol i know a player thats mouth so bad most say if he plays i leave enev my Precious wont play if croc is in the room oh yea one more thing you could hve use a better unit too like instead of the lame horse archers you should have gotten Mangudai cost less more hit points faster in battle and siege killers too and instead of scorpions well siege ogs have more spread and better punch as well but as far as teh talk well i have licked a few in my day and proud of it. but to watch you run mongols so sadly well let me give you a kint to all civs look in the castle it will tell you waht you need most and markets put them as far away as you can further away more gold you get and if you ahve alot of gold and your pard is out GIVE THEM SOME it helps you out as well i feel taht you met ape and saw he was good and you and red got in a cussing match in main chat and he got green to come in they got out cived and he was upset aobut getting runn over by a better player Yellow not you you ram mongol very poorly missing out on it strongest units for weaker one you could ahve run over huns and goths if you had used the correct units now yellow perfect Teuts use cannons and siege ogs with scorps backing knights if it had not been for him you would not have faired as well gg for a noob but do this talk less be nice and try to make friends reember what i said no matter what civ you get check the speical like this MONGOLS are a wood and gold civ you need mostly wood and gold britts chinese kor and myan as well. teut goth jap azt pers food n gold civs get it the special points to what you need most just look at the special unit in the castle to tell you what you ahve to get most and USE THE SPECIAL castles are not just for trebs the castle holds 3 specials unit siege and demolitions dont use demolition it well sloppy easy to stop with archers its like threwinig res away. now jsut remember less cussing in main or game be nice win or loose jsut say GG and stop at that if they cuss you then well let it be it makes them look the lesser once postedand in main will not get oyu in games like this where you look the fool for any mongol player like me taht sees this mess know instantly youa re new to aoc and trust me dm or rm the game is the same exsept red to was not that good 12 castles and most were destroyed before 1 unit could get out. bad tatic to stick a castle up in the cut it better clumped or rowed and if i were you in this game as much as i had in gold well i would ahve had atleast 20 castles 9 before i even cut and more after let you in on a secret buy stone early in rm it gose up as you mine it out so to get cheap stone to get early castles buy early and oh yea think of it this way 20 casltes with 2 trebs each is how many trebs when it counts down oh yea 40 of them not only is it frightening to the enimy but it takes castles down in one volly and in some cases 2 castles a second if you aim 20 at one and 20 at another plus its hard for the other team to get rid of them fast enough t not sustain heavy dammage first i hope this helps you now dont try dm for a while preactise on comps first for in dm michi wont help stop a rush and one last point they could ahve cut the wood line if they knew 1 secret they didnt know treb of non siege og civs cuts trees too just like the siege og will but not as fastso if i had had goths or huns and as much as they did you woudl have died fast i would ahve cut and back doored you and i mean cut with trehs. so remember do not think jsut becasue tehy do not ahve siege ogs they cant cut because they can and if you have versed an xprt that is exsactly what would have happened

[Edited on 08/28/05 @ 04:58 AM]

darkeyemongol a terrible match. the mongols team doesn't make mangudai until 2hours into the game. palladins are pitted against halbs. boring to say the least.

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