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Downloads Home » Projects » The Royal Wedding - Teaser, v1.1

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The Royal Wedding - Teaser, v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
The Royal Wedding

Created by Thunder77


A man named Katas (KAY-tus) pays to see the royal wedding of Isabella and Loius. He rides up to the capitol city, Kensey, in a horse drawn carriage taxi, only to find out he was not put on the admission list. He soon meets a young thief named Cabeth (SA-beth), who makes him a deal. Cabeth agrees to secretly kill one guard and strip him of his clothes, and give them to Katas. In exchange, Katas has to bring Cabeth into the wedding as a guest, since Cabeth doesn't custom seeing the wedding from a distance. Katas doesn't seem to mind, as he just wants to be at the wedding.

But you're going to have to wait for the rest of the campaign to be created. It will probably arrive from early September to late October 2005. It should have about 5-8 exciting playable scenarios, and none of them will be cinematic scenarios, because I tie them into the playable parts.

Want to be on the Royal Wedding mailing list? Leave your email adress in my Scenario Design thread in the AoKH forums. I will keep you updated with news, info, and new versions and teasers of the campaign.

I'm an open book to suggestions! Any comments or tips you have leave in the AoKH Scenario Design thread. I hope you guys want to help me out. I'm sure I'll come to you guys with any queries I have.

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys sign up for my mailing list!

(c) ThUnDeR77, 2005
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File Author
Thanks Richard.

I fixed a few bugs in this scenario and released it to the people on my mailing list, so if you want a fixed version, sign up in the forums. These bugs include:

-View follows Katas in beginning.
-The chat was slowed down (for slower readers).
-Some gramatical problems fixed.

Please sign up for my mailing list in the forums.

hakkis_jr Thunder! Where I leave my name if I want to participate to the wedding?

[Edited on 05/14/17 @ 09:54 AM]

File Author
Why was your review removed?

Please post this in my forum. It can be found in the "Scenario Design" section of the forums. :)

@Everyone else:
I have updated the download, it is now The Royal Wedding 1.1 Update, download it now for a few fixed bugs.

hakkis_jr And where is the forum?

[Edited on 05/14/17 @ 09:52 AM]

File Author
Right here Hakkas_Jr:,35521,0,10

Map Design4.0
This is a semi cutscene scenario that is a teaser for The Royal weeding campaign.

The majority of the gameplay is cutscene and the gameplay part consists of moving the central character around. The scenario is well presented and is able to interest the player but I was a bit disappointed with the slow gameplay. The dialogue exchange between characters in the scenario is interesting and well-written but It was odd to see units talking at the same time (The coachman and Katas). Overall it is a well-made cutscene scenario.4

The gameplay in this scenario consists mostly of cutscene and moving the character around which does not pose a challenge to the player unless you do not know to operate the mouse. The full version of the campaign will surely will throw some light on this department in the future but till then the author gets the benefit of doubt with the teaser.5

The author shows some creativity in the short scenario, attention has been put into small details like the characters change name as their identities are revealed to the player. The interaction between characters looks very natural which gives a realistic feel to the scenario however this scenario does not provide anything outstandingly creative, another aspect, which disappointed me, was the lack of activity in a town where a 'Royal weeding' is taking place. There must be a buzz in town about it and we expect to see a lot of people interested in attending it. The short gameplay span makes it all the more difficult to recognize the creative aspects of the scenario.3

The gameplay required revealing of small section of the map but it was well done. The snowy winter town looked good but it was a bit small in my opinion, terrain mixing and use of elevation is average and a bit of eyecandy will be a welcome addition.4

This aspect of the scenario was a bit disappointing for me. The author didn't provide any information on the characters and their background (Even the name of the kingdom where this story takes place is not mentioned). The story of the scenario as revealed by the gameplay is of a man who wants to attend the royal weeding but is refused entrance so he decides to take help from a mysterious stranger to attend the meeting whose motives are unknown. The storyline is interesting but it is important to provide required background information.4

This is interesting semi cutscene scenarios which gives a sneak peak into what appears to be a promising campaign, till then download the teaser and enjoy.

This intro is well made but I suggest that you improve it for the full version of the campaign. Provide a good background on the characters and setting of the campaign (who is Katas? Where does this weeding take place? Who is marrying whom?) I know that this is supposed to be a teaser but lack of background information may not be able to interest the player in the plot. I also suggest that you work on the map a bit and please see to the details I mentioned in creativity, in addition (although not necessarily) provide a good opening bmp of the scenario and add a few sounds and music to enhance the player's experience.
I look forward to the full version of the campaign and I hope that you see to the aspects I mentioned here.
File Author
"required revealing of small section of the map"

I thought you couldn't deduct for the amount of space it takes up... Plus it's only a teaser.
hakkis_jr When the full version come???!!!

[Edited on 05/12/17 @ 03:23 PM]

Rebel Troop When will the full version come out? This is so fun. It's so fun that you must continue it and finish soon. Please I mean don't rush, take your time. It's really fun keep up the good work.

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Map Design4.0
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