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Phoenix Clan stats mod

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors

Aoktc 1.0C Stats Mod v.1.0 'phoenix mod'

The following type stats are changed for for some units in THIS mod:

*basic unit/building cost aka CO (cost) 1 and 2 and 3, as appropriate
*construction time aka BT (build time)
*reload rate aka FR (firing rate)
*movement speed aka MR (movement rate)
*line of sight aka LOS
*attack range aka RA (range) 1 and 2, if applicable
*hit points aka HP
*garrison capacity aka GA

Note: The changes made, plus or minus (increase or decrease) are with reference to the stats as shown in the “aoktc unit tables” put-up at MFO. This mod can only be played in the game as .1c patched.

All Civs

=> Camel: -5G CO, -0.04 FR, +0.02 MR, +10 HP
=> Heavy Camel: -5G CO, -0.04 FR, +0.02 MR, +15 HP
=> Fish Trap: +175 HP, -50W CO, -40 BT
=> Fireship: +0.11 MR, +1 LOS
=> Fast Fireship: +0.06 MR, +1 LOS, +1 RA
=> House: -15W CO, -0:05 BT
=> Pikeman: +0.10 MR
=> Halberdier: +0.10 MR
=> Outpost: -5 W, -6S CO
=> Guard Tower: +50W, -25S CO, -0:20 BT, +1 LOS
=> Keep: +50 W, -25S CO, -0:20 BT, +2 LOS

*Camel gets a bit of a boost in capability and lower cost to increase utility.
*Fish Trap gets some help in survivability, cost, and rebuild time to make a bit more competitive as an alternative to farms (though it really only can approach the efficiency of the Ja).
*House gets a reduction in cost and build time to make a bit more competitive with Hu.
*Pikeman & Halberdier get an increase in speed so that they may more adequately counter knight rush.
*Outpost gets a reduction in cost commensurate with its use.
*Guard & Keep towers get reduced cost, build tme & increased LOS to boost thier utility in Castle & Imp (but not Watch Tower in feudal).
*Fireship bonus will provide them with a little more effectiveness though it is not anticipated that they will yet be able to defeat massed war galleys-galleons).


(no changes to Jaguar Warrior/Elite Jaguar Warrior)

=> Eagle Warrior: +20F, -20G CO, +0.1 MR, +5 HP
=> Elite Eagle Warrior: +20F, -20G CO, +0.2 MR
=> Transport Ship: +0.05 MR, +1 LOS, +50 HP, +5 GA

*Eagle warriors get a redistribution of cost and increase in speed to make them more competitive with cavalry.
*Transport ship is buffed-up quite a bit as Az otherwise has a terrible navy... but can transport great infantry and monk.


(no changes to Longbowman/Elite Longbowman)

=> Town Center: -25S CO

*Town Center stone cost reduced to give a bit more of the 'old edge' back to Brits.


(no changes to Cataphract/Elite Cataphract)

=> Dock: -0:10 BT
=> House: -0:10 BT
=> Lumber Camp: -0:10 BT
=> Mill: -0:10 BT
=> Mining Camp: -0:10 BT
=> Blacksmith: -0:10 BT
=> Market: -0:10 BT

*Construction time all 'standard' econ related buildings reduced to yield a slightly faster 'start' through dark and feudal ages.


=> Woad Raider: +5 HP
=> Elite Woad Raider: +10 HP

*A slight increase in HP will increase woadies survivability against arrow attack.


=> Elite Chu Ko Nu: -0.27 FR, +1 LOS, +1 RA
=> Villager: +2 LOS

*Longer LOS for villager will enable Ch to find thier sheep more quickly as they are at a distinct disadvantage early in the game.
*Improvement in stats for elite chuker seen as necessary!


=> Throwing Axeman: +5 HP
=> Elite Throwing Axeman: +10 HP

*A slight improvement in HP will increase TA survivability, though it doesn't really add to its pierce armour.


(no changes to Huskarl/Elite Huskarl)

=> Villager: +3 HP

*A slight increase in hitpoints improves gothic villager survivability in a low-defense wide-open environment.


=> Tarkan: -10 G, -0:02 BT, -0:09 FR
=> Elite Tarkan: -10G, -0:02 BT, -0:09 FR

*The 'decrease' in the stats shown is warranted to improve effectiveness, and as a cost-benefit incentive to get Tarkans used more often in the game.


=> Samurai: -0:02 BT, -0.09 FR, +5 HP
=> Elite Samurai: -0:04 BT, -0.09 FR, +5 HP
=> Trebuchet (packed): -0:05 BT, + 0.2 MR, +1 LOS, +50 HP
=> Trebuchet (unpacked): +2 LOS, +50 HP

*The Samurai is definitely seen as needing a boost in efficency despite his bonus against other UUs.
*The fast treb is the uber-semi-2nd UU for Ja.


(no changes to War Wagon/Elite War Wagon)
(no changes to Turtle Ship/Elite Turtle ship)

=> Villager: +0.05 MR, -2 LOS (taking away the current bonus)

*Faster villagers will enable Ko to have a bit faster start and is preferable to the +2 LOS they currently have (which is removed).


(no changes to Plumbed Archer/Elite Plumbed Archer)

=> Eagle Warrior: +20F, -20G CO, +0.1 MR, +5 HP
=> Elite Eagle Warrior: +20F, -20G CO, +0.2 MR

*Eagle warriors decrease in cost and increase in speed to make them more competitive with cavalry (and they are cavalry if the Rome_at_War modpack is installed).


=> Mangudai: +1 LOS, +5 HP, +1 RA
=> Elite Mangudai: +1 LOS, +10 HP, +1 RA

*Increased stats make the Mangudai more than just a more expensive cavalry archer, which it ought to be... in most cases.


(no changes made to war elephant/elite war elephant)

=> Cavalry Archer: +0.02 MR, +5 HP
=> Heavy Cavalry Archer: +0.02 MR, +10 HP
=> Scout Cavalry: +0.03 MR
=> Light Cavalry: +0.07 MR, +5 HP
=> Hussar: +0.10 MR, +10 HP

*Enhancement of cavalry line stats shown, except for the knight line and eles, reinforce the fact that this civ is a primarily cav civ and gives it more flexibility in that regard as Pe is relatively weak in thier other lines except for some good ships.


(no changes to Mameluke/Elite Mameluke)

=> Trade Cart: +70 HP
=> Trade Cog: +80 HP

*Boosting survivability of trade vehicles reinforces saracens as being the good market civ.


=> Conquistador: -10 G
=> Elite Conquistador: -10 G
=> Missionary: +0.2 MR, +2 LOS, +5 HP, +2 RA
=> Cannon Galleon: +0.2 MR
=> Elite Cannon Galleon: +0.35 MR

*Improvements are made to stats because Conquistadors have been overpriced and Missionary too weak to justify thier cost.
*CGs given a speed boost for shoot'n'scoot survivability, though they still won't outrun fire ships.


=> Teutonic Knight: + 0.1 MR
=> Elite Teutonic Knight: + 0.1 MR

*Adding a minor speed boost to TKs will increase thier effectiveness somewhat while not making them overpowering.


(no changes to Janissary/Elite Janissary)

=> Bombard Tower: +780 HP
=> Spearman: -10 F, -5 W, -0:07 BT, -0.2 FR, +5 HP, +0.10 MR
=> Skirmisher: -5 F, -10 W, -0:07 BT, -0.2 FR, +0.04 MR

*Added HP gives the BT the same amount as a fortified wall--experimentally to see how will hold up against ram attack countering a classic 'BT Push'.
*As there are no 'trash unit' upgrades for Tu spears and skirms, these changes give to them just a bit more counter-ability.


(no changes to Longboat/Elite Longboat)

=> Berserk: -0:01 BT, -0:05 FR, +0.05 MR
=> Elite Berserk: -0:02 BT, -0:05 FR, +0.05 MR

*Improved stats for the Berserk further enable its cost-effectiveness and survivability for self-healing as well as giving it a bit of enhanced attack.


The core design group and clan representatives for this multi-clan developed mod are:

* Pxc-TheRealDeal (Ken) (group moderator)
* Pxc-007 (as himself the spook) (mod creator)
* Tonto_Icey_Tripod (Alex)
* Tonto_Sanjab aka Ornlu (Sanji)
* Myll_4_Ever aka Myll_Slaghter (Sven) (download host for alpha test)
* TOAO_Darkmaster (don't know his first name)

Thanks to everyone who helped out on this project! :)

NOTE: You must have the c patch installed, before you use this mod.

Have fun, and enjoy! :)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author

Will someone please review this mod? Thank you kindly. :)
fatookit Can I ask a question? Will it affects the technology research? I'm afraid that the units cannot get their right improvement after technology research. But your modify is very good, I like it very much. Hope that you can also modify the unbalance technology.
fatookit In additional, if it won't make the technologies abnormal, I'm sure I will download and use this sightly well stats mod.
HeroPatrick Will it affect Multiplayer play?
File Author
"Will it affects the technology research?" - fatookit

No. Genied2 can't edit or change any of the technologies. All of the changes that are made are listed in my first post.

"Will it affect Multiplayer play?" - HeroPatrick

If you have this stats mod installed you can only play multiplayer with someone else who also has this mod installed. Otherwise, playing vs other people won't work.

Be sure and read the read me that is included in the zip.
Attila373 Nice looking! (you did well)

Could you answer this question for me?

Do modpacks change the unit that was used to make the modpack? For instance if on MPS you modified a Militia to be something else and someone else downloaded the file, would their Militia be changed to that new unit or would the unit be entirely new?

Please answer on this page. Thanks!!
File Author
"Do modpacks change the unit that was used to make the modpack?"

Yes. For example, If I mod a militia into a roman army guy (when I say mod, I mean change its graphics) when I run the mod script, militia unit will look like a roman army guy, To me on my computer.

For instance if on MPS you modified a Militia to be something else and someone else downloaded the file, would their Militia be changed to that new unit or would the unit be entirely new?

If someone else downlaoded the militia to roman army dude mod and ran the install script, their militia on their computer would look like a roman army dude.

So, the unit is new in the sense that it has new graphics. HOWEVER, its stats are still the same. For example, my roman army dude has the same health points, the same attack etc as the militia.

To change health, unit speed, etc you need to stats edit. For information on stats editing go here:,33869,,10

This mod here "The Phoenix Stats mod" DOES NOT change graphics. It does change the Stats.

It is possible to make a mod that changes stats and graphics; if you want to do that.

HeroPatrick I kept getting an invalidation message when I'd try to run a game on AoK with this. :(

[Edited on 11/24/07 @ 12:09 AM]

File Author
"I kept getting an invalidation message when I'd try to run a game on AoK with this. :("

This mod is for age of kings the conquers, not aok. It won't work with aok. (when did you see jaguar warriors in aok or aztecs/mayans for that matter??)

This mod works with age of kings the conquers with the c patch installed BEFORE you move the moded dat file into the data directory.

As it says in the title: "Aoktc 1.0C Stats Mod"

aoktc means age of kings the conquers.

File Details
Version: The Conquerors

I have tested this mod lots of times and it works fine.

[Edited on 11/24/07 @ 12:10 AM]

Qsceszxdwa Great work it made things cheaper = )
and nice job

[Edited on 07/18/05 @ 12:51 PM]

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