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R-A-V-E-N's War game

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 2
When you play this you might want to have the settings as Post-imp age Game Speed-fast Visibility-explored Population-200 Victory-Conquest Resources-standard

When choosing civs, please choose the same ones. That way no one has a advantage like persians(without champs) vs aztec(with +4 attack)

Read the instructions and give the game a fair chance. It may seem slow paced but thats only if you dont know what to do and just sit around though if its to experienced players it will be like a fast paced war with constant battles.

One other important thing is !! DONT DELETE ANYTHING OTHER THEN MEN!! Not that it will stop the game, but thats against the rules.

Give the game a decent chance, and dont just think to your self "this is boring" cause you dont know what to do, if you read the instructions and your teammate does you will have a fun time. If you understand and someone doesnt just explane it.

The game is about 99% fair though newbs often think "he starts off with more then me"

Please send feedback about this game if you find a glitch or anything.

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e_123_omega This game is kinda fun, except for the fact that the bases are gaia, and while people who don't know the rules read the instructions, the other player will have taken over the gaia bases.

It's kinda like world risk, but not really... A decent game.
File Author
This is true, thats why you should pause it at the start of the game to let them read it.
Also, only the middle base can be taken over untill 5 mins into the game so that way no one has a advantage.

[Edited on 07/26/05 @ 09:16 PM]

File Author
This has been updated to fix a glitch I found while I was playing.
How might i get this to have a rating on it? cause that would really please me to know.
Official Reviewer
Go here for a rating,,30105,0,30

Map Design4.0
PLAYABILITY: the scenario's playability is superb, the one tiny issue I have with it being that it lags during large battles. It successfully combines a soldier-store system with FF gameplay and a Risk style base-capturing element. Basically, your objective is to get your king to the touchdown square on the other player's base. Your king can also be used to "conquer" gaia bases that are found scattered across the map. You start with a large standing army, a decent amount of resources, and lots of military buildings to train additional units. For every 12 minutes you receive a battering ram which you can cash in for bonus resources or free units. Overall there's a lot of strategic options available, and the scenario is very complex while still being easily understandable for new players. The fact that the scenario only supports two players isn't a drawback, as this is the sort of scenario that would only work a 1vs1. The map would feel too crowded with more players. 5

BALANCE: the map is perfectly even, with all neutral bases being an equal distance from the players, and terrain disposition being more or less even as well. There are no unbalancing bugs that I could find. The author recommends that all players pick the same civ to avoid civ-based inbalances. I believe there's nothing else to comment on. 5

CREATIVITY: the scenario relies heavily on elements from other scenarios, we've had soldier stores and risk-style maps for years. But I've never seen both those elements combined so well in one scenario, and it refines more than it innovates. There are small little personal touches on the map, but these serve aesthetic purposes more than anything. 4

MAP DESIGN: the map is varied and looks pretty good for a MP scenario, but as mentioned above it lags considerably due to its large size. There's a decent amount of eye candy, but most of it is lumped into small areas and the majority of the map looks rather bare. The player's bases are nothing more than grass enclosed with palisades, IMO tiles would be an improvement. From a playability point of view the map is fine, with several choke points and strategic elevation...although as noted it lags. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions that do a good job of explaining the scenario's premise, but no story. 3

SUMMARY: a very fun to play scenario map with almost none of the usual quirks, bugs and issues that plague MP scenarios. For its improvement, there's little I can suggest except maybe to remove parts of the map that aren't involved with gameplay, and maybe reducing the pop limit to 125 to reduce lag.

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Map Design4.0
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