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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » LotR Siege of Gondor ver 2.1

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LotR Siege of Gondor ver 2.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other

I designed this campaign to be quick, short interpritation of The Siege of Minas Tirith, deplicted in Tolkien's Return of the King. Heres a quick run-down of the features.

1. Working Siege towers! Orcs scail the walls for real!

2. An accurate model of Minas Tirith's first level wall rings!

3. A rienforcements system!

4. Actual excerpts from Return of the King!

Please leave comments and questions here.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Short is the optimal word here, a quick and fun campaign.

Playability: 4

The mission consists of defending a choke point from orcs. The gameplay is lacking a little in variety but plenty of fun all the same.

Balance: 4

The scenario is very short, but challenging. It took me quite a few attempts to beat, and despite being only a tiny part of a small
map there is a surprising amount of tactics involved. Making use of Gandalf's high attack is not enough, and positioning your men in the right area is essential.

There still seems to be a bit of a bug at the end, since all orcs are red I couldn't figure out where it was, but eventually two throwing axemen appeared, I killed them, and I won. Use "I R Winner" at the end if it won't end.

Creativity: 4

Creativity was seen in the unique playability made possible by the design of the map, and the tricks and systems like spawning, reinforcements, and explosions. All in all the creativity is good, but there's nothing brand new.

Map Design: 4

The map here is extremely small. It makes good use of space to create a unique experience. Some nice terrain and a few enhancements help build a look of destruction and despair. The wasn't really a lot more you could do here, but I don't feel it deserves a five.

Story/Instructions: 4

Good instructions based on excerpts from the book. There are a few spelling errors, and no bitmap or history. It's very much to the point, with no cutscenes but a little in game dialogue, and I think that's fitting with the nature of the scenario.

Overall: 4

A very good mission for those pressed for time, and anyone else really. It's
a fun micromanagement test, and a worthy download.
Medieval Warfare
Map Design4.0
Hallo! This is MW, aka Medieval Warfare, reviewing yet another campaign/scenario from the renowned Blacksmith. Let's cut to the chase.
Simply a blast to play. It reminds me of zyxomma's Defend the Castle...only much shorter. Although Siege of Gondor was not that interactive, it still raises the player's interest. Judging by the waves of enemy forces, I expected some lag, but it was not to be. Then again, I have 2.0 GHz computer, so those with older machines, watch out. No trigger bugs, although an annoying music loop that leaves the player scratching his head, thinking, "Where did the music go?" It mysteriously starts back up again later. Otherwise, I love a good challenge, and Siege of Gondor certain supplied it.

Rating: * * * * * [5]

Well, this is where the nitty-gritty begins. Your units typically comprise of huskarls, long swordsman every 70 seconds or so, and of course, Gandalf. Although I would have chosen a more dignified character for Gandalf, it was a good selection. Challenging, challenging, challenging was the name of this scenario. I had to restart several times because the perfect stragedy kicked in. Definitely not for the rookie or novice player. Took about 5 times for me. The enemy units are fairly equal, except the occasional ETK or bands of throwing axeman. Eventually, the enemy makes it way through the wall, regardless. You feel outnumbered from the start, so the balance is a little off, but it is realistic to the book.

Rating: * * * * [4]

Hmm, if I search Gondor or Lord of the Rings, how many scenarios do I get? The LoTR theme has been done to the extreme of becoming a cliche. The Siege Towers were great, but unrealistic. They don't move! Units just appear from the left , removed when behing the tower and reappear on the battleground.

Rating: * * * * [4]

Map Design
This is the author's specialty area, for what he lacks or misses in the triggers, he makes up for landscaping. Although I wish to see more mountain use, it was mixed well. Though I wish the map was was done superbly. The few areas of grass 1 should be mixed. It doesn't really reach the level of a 5, close though. A very high 4 goes for this rating.

Rating: * * * * [4]

Good information is presented to the player, clear instructions, and wonderful bitmap add flavor to this campaign. Little to no grammar errors.

Rating: * * * * * [5]

Final Thoughts
Well done, Endoras. It was a short, but enjoyable scenario.

Things to Add/Fix
-Make it longer [After the inital 10 minutes, make player work to duke it out with the Orcs]
-Make it bigger [Tiny map is not as pleasing as a big map, full of eye candy. And use more mountains]
-Unit choice [Self-Explantory]

Medieval Warfare

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Map Design4.0
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