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Downloads Home » Campaigns » LotR The Fellowship of the Ring Chapter 1

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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring Chapter 1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
So this is my... well actually 2nd file here in aok heaven, but well the first one was done a year ago, so ill call this my first one.

I started doing this two weeks ago, when I re-found Aoc from my computer. This campaign is about J.R.R Tolkien's book Fellowship of the ring. This is chapter 1, but if this gets good reviews I will do two towers and return of the king as well. Since this is my first try of doing anything with editor or triggers in a long time, don't be too tough on reviews.

The whole campaign has perhaps about 200 to 300 triggers, and includes three scenarios.
Have fun!
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Map Design4.0
"Ch1 The Fellowship of the ring" is 3 scenario Lord of the Rings campaign depicting the the journey from The Shire to Lothlorien, and is mainly an RPG (Role Playing Game) style scenario and it also has some FF (Fixed Force) elements. The campaign, unlike other Lord of the Rings campaigns, takes its main story and dialogue content from the books by JRR Tolkein, rather than the films.

Playability: 3

This scenario was very fun to play and I was kept interested throughout the playing of the campaign. The campaign has a diverse array of things to do and the player will never be bored. However the scenario is let down by the bugs in it - one main one is in Moria a trigger won't fire if you are in control of Pippin when you are in the Chamber of Mazarbul, and you will have to task him to the well in the ground for the scenario to continue. Occasionally other triggers failed to fire - for example once when crossing the brandywine I was forced to restart, and occasionally you can be confused as to what to do next. I suggest you get someone else to play your scenarios to make sure someone playing the game for the first time. 3+.

Balance: 5

The scenario's were very well balanced; on moderate difficulty I required several restarts to be able to complete the second and third scenario's, but didn't require so many that I got frustrated. The scenario's required lots of different approaches and strategies to fighting which kept me on my toes whilst playing. Several sections were very demanding, especially in Moria and the woods that required a lot of attempts before I found the right approach, and the challenge of keeping four weak hobbits alive was challenging, and their deaths were usually the reason for restarts. The author has also put some thought into the strengths and weaknesses of the characters, which means the player is forced to think about how best to deploy their units. On bad point though was that the first scenario from Hobbiton to Bree, like other scenarios with this period as their subject, was too easy and the player only had to make sure they followed the right path, although the challenge improved in the second half of this scenario. 5.

Creativity: 5

One of the main problems with adapting LotR to AoK is that the atmosphere and environment is very hard to recreate. The campaign does a brilliant job of recreating Middle-earth within the editor; difficult subjects such as the party getting trapped in the barrow downs are handled very well and imaginatively. The author also uses some other imaginative methods to make the game play exactly like the books, for example the fight with the nazgul on Weathertop actually involves very little fighting. The elements of the map, especially in the later scenario's looked exactly like I imagined them from the books, and the recreation of Moria was the best I've ever seen. An emphatic 5+.

Map Design: 4

Overall the map was very good; mostly above average, but in certain cases I felt there was room for improvement. The author did a very good job with Weathertop and Moria (as mentioned above) with excellent use of gaia objects, terrain mixing and triggers. The lake outside Moria was also very atmospheric, and the land of Hollin looked beautiful, fitting for a land once inhabited by Elves. The map was very detailed and accurate in relation to the books; for example the combined rivers of Nimordel and Celebrant were present in Lorien. On the other hand, some areas such as The Shire and the road from Weathertop to the Ford of Bruinen looked a little bland and did not have much character. I suggest trying to mix the terrain a bit more in these instances and adding in some more world objects. Also, Bree looked slightly too linear with the housing layout - I suggest trying to make the towns look as if they have been built around the features of the landscape, not the other way around. 4.

Story/Instructions: 5

The author has done an extremely good job with adapting the story to fit AoK without and has managed to fit in all the events in the story, including difficult ones such as Tom Bombadil and the Barrow-wights, which is extremely commendable. The instructions and hints were also very good and clear. Although on several occasions the in game instructions were slightly unclear, I don't feel they were sufficient to warrant docking a point. The atmosphere created by the use of dialogue and the detail put into being accurate to the book was also excellent. 5.


In short, this is one of the best adaptations of The Lord of the Rings in the Blacksmith, at least on a par with StG_Phoenix's effort, if not better in my opinion. I urge you to continue with the Two Towers book and The Return of the King, and if you bring the same level of creativity to them as well, they will be extremely sucessful.

In closing: A must download.

Suggestions to the author:

Playtest your scenario more; occasionally I was unsure, albeit momentarily, of what was happening and what I should do next and you know of the bugs. Play your scenario through as many times as you can from the viewpoint of the player to iron out any moments of confusion, or even better get someone else to play your scenario through to get their thoughts. If you ever need anyone to help playtest you can ask in the forums here, and I would also like to help if you want - my e-mail is in my profile.

[Edited on 07/22/05 @ 07:06 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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