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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Of Farmers and Kings, The Life of El Cid

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Of Farmers and Kings, The Life of El Cid

Author File Description
King Joshua III
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 3
This is my first campaign,

In this campaign you will follow the life of El Cid. The first scenario is a cutscene, the second scenario follows El Cid to his claiming of the throne, and the third follows the exploits of one of his generals. The third scenario is my peak of triggering ability including:

-People Dissapearing, and appearing
-Dams blowing up
-and even a spell

The second scenario also includes to large battles, I hope you enjoy my campaign.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The campaign contains three scenarios, one cut-scene and two playable ones. Of Farmers and Kings, The Life of El Cid is a RPS with FF elements. The events take place in a fictive Kingdom in October 1453. You play El Cid and defeat the Goths for your Frankish King, but Reynald de Chatillon takes all the glory, claiming the plan for victory was his. After the Kings' death El Cid quits service and lives peacefully on his farm until three messengers appear to escort him to the capital.

PLAYABILITY: The campaign starts with a simple cut-scene to introduce you to the story. "The Throne" has a fulminant start, great creativity and good game play, I truly enjoyed playing this entertaining and challenging campaign. There were some flaws which brought the rating down. You start as a villager but have control of a El Cid unit at your final destination, which is quite confusing. The player could miss the messengers playing that unit or even goes on to the capital with two heroes, making the game too difficult or too easy. The player should make him stand still and delete once he gets the final unit. At Sedgewick do not stand between the two girls and the sea side when you click them, when you deliver the sheep don't be too near the villager, you might block him and there will be no reward. After you fend off the attack at the tower, you still have to destroy a transport, be sure none of your units is in the tower, as it will change ownership after the transports' destruction and all units within. The fight with the village has a diplomacy problem, contrary to the hints, "the townspeople and watch towers" of Sedgewick do not kill the bandits. "A Letter to El Cid" has a minor bug at the beginning, whenever you attack the Cho Koo Nu, the enemies of the entire map walk towards you; ignore the Cho Koo Nu. Other than that it is great fun until the trade cart enters the base, which will make you loose. Leave it outside, you can keep the reward anyway. For the rest of the game you are confronted with an unsolvable puzzle due to trigger malfunction and the total lack of hints add to the confusion. You have to see the guy with the boat before the fight in the forest to activate the trigger on your second visit, you can't save Eric the Red, only Kitabatake, but you still loose after you saved him and his men in time, even after you got the army. 3-

BALANCE: Good balance, challenging unless you take both heroes. The town in the desert took too long due to the passive ally behavior, other than that perfect, as well as the third scenario with its skirmish and uphill battle, a pity not to be able to fight the final battle which looks interesting. 4

CREATIVITY: Many good ideas, above average creativity, fixing of a bridge, the bar scene, a well done joust, the tournament, a university of magic, a spell and explosion. Freeing a general from prison was a very creative scene, too many bugs and trigger malfunctions deny the highest rating. 4+

MAP DESIGN: The overall design is well above random map quality, but the map of the cut-scene was just grass 1, the capital in the "The Throne" is too square, but a beautiful avenue leads to it. The blending was too brusque, inside Sedgewick a northern type and outside town palm trees and desert. The author improved with the design of the third scenario. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The opening cut-scene gets you well into the story; the campaign comes with a BMP, your objectives are always clear, from the start as in game, the story develops and keeps your interest, you get hints for the second, while they lack completely in the third scenario, where they are badly needed in the end. 3

OVERALL: A certain best of AoK after bug fix.

SUGGESTIONS: Get rid of the bugs described above. As you start with a villager you need El Cid on the map, but put him in the woods or behind rocks. Sedgewick should be enemy or neutral to the bandits to comply with the hints. Too many change ownership triggers when the trade cart arrives, reduce them to the trade cart only, deactivate your timer for the lost condition when Kitabatake arrives at the base, the prison raid should also work for Eric the Red and the area to activate the chat triggers at the prison gate should be larger, as the general stays behind the two cavalry.

IN CLOSING: The playable parts are very entertaining and worth a download.

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Map Design4.0
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