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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Lonely Singing Angel -- Final update!

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Lonely Singing Angel -- Final update!

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3

If the world itself is going to kill you,
Then what would you do?"
Lonely Singing Angel -
by Cross fire

Included Scenarios:

Style: FF and RPG
Version: Final v2

This is my 2nd campaign scenario.(No,really)

With some idea of my Silent Deep Sky(A scenario that will never be at Blacksmith),I made this campaign. I hope you'll like it.

Credits are included in "ReadMe" file.

Lonely Singing Angel Sounds file(1.98mg)


Final v2 - Fixed big bug. That skips almost half part of "The Winter". And made Bandits move better.


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Heldarion I have completly no idea what to do in the scenarion no. 2 when you're besieged...I was waiting over and over and over and over...and nothing happened after I prevented first few attacking waves from crushing the city. Because I had to use cheats to get to then next mission, I probably missed a lot. Same in the last scenario. I come and destroy everything I can and nothing happens when Dark comes to the statue :S
WildCardDoW Wow, this really good. A few problems, though, After getting off the ship I did not get all the people, only one, I also have yet to figure out a good way to kill the bandits, though I have only tried twice. I see great potential in this, and hope to post a review sometime soon.
File Author
Hum,I can see this needs alot of improvement.


I had to make it clear,you have to run in Prologue.Then you had to meet Cukde in "The Winter". And I have no idea in Epilogue.I'll start working on it soon.


Thanks. I'll start getting around it.
Heldarion "The Winter"? What winter? o_o
WildCardDoW paladin, I wouldn't mind testing this if you need some more testers, ;).
File Author

winter means winter.


I'd be glad if you could test this map. For 'The Winter' and 'Epilogue',mainly.
WildCardDoW Okay, in the second scenario, its great the story is there,yet there seems to be pieces missing. IMO there is not enough information on the history, also the hints aren't that great, I am guessing that English isn't your first language, so..

Well the main problem is that I can't seem to defend the city, this is another failing opint, someimes the objectives aren't that very well explained, does the player have to defend for ten minutes, or defend until the enmy is all dead (which own't happen, they get created at stable etc. Or does the player have to attack the stable etc. Well, I decided to kill them off using "torpedoX" cheat after palying for numerous times, and for quite a while each time. I was getting annoyed, and wanted to see how the campaign progressed, but this didn't work so..

I reccomend into looking into this, make it a little bit clearer on how to win, so we can know if we were close or miles away.

1. Improve history and hints / instructions, if you arne't that great at English, get someone to help you, (I can if you need me)

2. Try make things clearer in the scenes who are the Feldrawns, are they one person, where did Dark and Lyve live previously (before they Leave for Herman.

3. Some scenes are a bit choppy, though the ones invloing the two mysterious poeple were very well done, though.

But at the start your idea seems to get lost in translation,

"Your late"

"It was one of my idea"

"Hah, you liar. Are you really going to do that"

Well, I was lost here, I assumed assaination, but I think the idea was to keep us guessing right? Anyway, it is pretty well done, just fix the whole "defend Herman" thing up and it'll be great! :)

1. Again, no info is really here, whos attacking, why, who are they, whats their purpose!?!

2. Also, the second time areound i get all the men off the ship, but the scene there seems akward, maybe have the sailor say "I can't continue any further, I'll have to drop you off here, good luck." Or something, and I didn't what Herman was, I though it might ahve been a man.

3. In the city, it seems dead, try make it look alive, same in the winter, like in the village when attacked all the villagers run inside, do this in the other scenes, it makes the scenario seem more realistic. :)

[Edited on 06/22/05 @ 05:02 PM]

File Author
Thanks. I'll fix them. And you're right,English isn't my first languege,sadly.

And I'd be glad if you could help me at conversations. Will I send you a file that has written all conversations?

*backs to editor*
WildCardDoW Downloading updated version, :)

By the way, I'm not sure if sounsd pal;y in the scenario, I don't think they are selected in triggers, you should probably double check. ;-)

[Edited on 06/24/05 @ 12:56 PM]

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
paladin, did you get my e-mail with the conversations for The Winter. I got stuck when I had to find the cart driver. It said I found him but no-one appeared.
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