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Lonely Singing Angel -- Final update!

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3

If the world itself is going to kill you,
Then what would you do?"
Lonely Singing Angel -
by Cross fire

Included Scenarios:

Style: FF and RPG
Version: Final v2

This is my 2nd campaign scenario.(No,really)

With some idea of my Silent Deep Sky(A scenario that will never be at Blacksmith),I made this campaign. I hope you'll like it.

Credits are included in "ReadMe" file.

Lonely Singing Angel Sounds file(1.98mg)


Final v2 - Fixed big bug. That skips almost half part of "The Winter". And made Bandits move better.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Review of "Lonely Singing Angel"

This game was entertaining to play, and was quite fun. The storyling was very good as well, and it kept me satisfied. Some of the bugs in this game decreased the game play, mainly just careless trigger mistakes due to insufficient playtesting, like changing ownership of wrong or too many units, activate/deactivate effects, and other various things. Nevertheless, a very entertaining campaign to play. 4

The balance of this campaign was good, both challenging and possible. Scenario number one was near impossible however, and required a streak of luck and a little bit of diversion skills. The only reason I completed the first part is because I think a trigger fired incorrectly. Still, a campaign that required skill and effort to complete. 4

The creativeness that paladin_maker0, aka Cross fire, put into this campaign was excellent, and showed a lot of time and effort put into it. I loved the storyline, which kept me wanting more. Great job done here. 5

Map Design:
The map of Lonely Singing Angel was very handsome, and was packed to the brim with gorgous eye candy. Obviously Cross fire knows what he is doing when it comes to map designing, eye candy, and map copying. 5

Like I said before, this campaign had a loveley storyline. But the instructions were very foggy, leaving me wondering around the map until I stumbled upon the objective. Also, the grammer was bad, but understandable at least. 4

Comments: This is a great campaign. Go ahead, click that shiny little "download file" button, go ahead!

Suggestions: Fix some of the bugs, have someone look over the grammer, and this would be a wonderful campaign.

Closing thoughts: Great job, Cross fire!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3

This campaign is quite brilliant and quite tragic, for the many issues, especially the ‘buggyness’, which deny it the high score it would otherwise deserve. Though it was very buggy indeed, I still enjoyed it a lot, and it shows in that despite my deductions for all the bugs it still scores a 3 here.

LSA is a 3 scenario campaign. Each scenario is quite different.


Firstly there is the prologue, which is basically a FF level. I had some issues when playing it, though managed to get to the end.

Livy died in the first aqua enemy base but there was no loss message, or defeat. She didn’t change ownership for the small cutscene when in this small camp either, it seems she was left out of the triggers. She continued to ‘talk’ after being dead. I played on anyway, and managed to get to Herman with only Dark.

In the ‘bandits’ part with Dark, the objective of getting to the town should be removed, and view changed to where you gain control of Dark again south of the bandit camp. Once I got to the part where they say ‘It’s mangonel, break it down’ the game crashed. I reloaded and this time kept the mangonel from going too far inside the city, fearing it may create the same crash causing issue again. This time I won.


The main scenario delivered a long, varied and enjoyable campaign. Its mixed gameplay and cutscenes reminded me of Ulio a little.

The campaign uses a lot of invisible tiles throughout. Invisible tiles are a recently discovered trick that allows a tile to hide all units placed on it besides the terrain, and the units can be stacked upon each other. Units that move into the tile during gameplay are invisible too, while on it, and cannot be selected manually, so they must be tasked using the group buttons.

At one point a unit appears from an invisible tile, but isn’t even renamed. This seems to be a bug, as the triggers involved with this unit could have been done with one created by a trigger. I notice there is another invisible tile near the castle – these shouldn’t really be used in the gameplay areas, it looks weird to have units disappearing, and may be rather confusing to the many out there that have no idea what is happening.

The defence part of the main scenario was as far as I could get to. On moderate the enemy gets a slightly generous 25+ trebuchets with which they can destroy your castle at leisure. These are quite a way from where you are defending, and there is only one path to them – through the enemy! There is a spot where enemy pikemen are created that you can easily walk to – this area should be more hidden or at least near some trees, seeing units appear from thin air around you is not convincing. Another issue early on in this part of the scenario is that some of the soldiers were being tasked too much and were easy to kill while they twitched/stood against a corner etc.

Anyway, getting back to those trebuchets (which will be lining up your castle about now): The problem is that you don’t have the units to get to them in time. It’s not as if you have some cavalry that can just run over and smash them (and even that would take a while given the sheer number of them). The onager is effective against them, but it is also targeted by them. Since it is impossible to reach the trebuchets going cautiously, and you get there with little or no army left being aggressive, the defence as a whole is far too difficult.

I replayed the scenario on standard hoping the difficulty will be lower – it is. There are knights missing in the first ‘bandits’ part – indicating the campaign is difficulty dynamic. The trebs are not even there, hooray!

The problem this time is that the defense goes on for well over 20 minutes, yet it says clearly ten minutes. When it says ten minutes, I expect to be able to look at the game clock and know that in ten minutes time the defense will be over, assuming I am still alive. I saw nothing indicating that the troops would stop coming, and the scenario progress on to the next stage. After 8 minutes you are told to get ready for the final assault. 15 minutes later nothing has changed – you are still being attacked! I died at this point.

I don’t see that I should have to keep replaying over and over hoping to win; it had taken long enough at this point. I am after all a player, not a play tester. I decided to play it one more time. After 40 game minutes (the defence should have finished around 27:00) some old objectives messages from the searching quest appeared again, which was very disappointing. At 45 minutes, I give up, and use ‘i r winner’.


The epilogue is also a playable scenario. It is a single character role playing level. A taunt based magic system – wow! Some creative, impressive, and well thought out taunts were used, and they seemed to work quite well. Inferno seems impossible, because it kills units nearby, something that can’t be detected with conventional triggers. There must have been a lot of trigger work there. Surprisingly the spell works a lot of the time, though you wouldn’t rely on it in a pinch.

Balance: 4

The balance of this campaign is good, with a focus on FF situations, and making good use of the units you have.

In the first scenario the initial path to dock is challenging, with some powerful forces that will destroy you completely if you choose the wrong paths, and the right ones are not an easy stroll either.

In the last scenario life as a single unit is tough and you will have to be patient, utilizing your abilities to the full as well as taking advantage of other things.

Creativity: 5+

This scenario is a masterpiece in terms of creativity. If it was this aspect alone that determined score, it would be among the very best.

Creative eye candies are seen on all the maps, especially nice use of map copy, e.g. a gate over the castle entrance. The gameplay is varied and always keeps you stimulated. For example searching the town was a very creative quest, and a nice break from the FF style gameplay. The combination of a taunt based magic and accompanying mana system was one of the highlights – it was the first time I had seen such a thing.

Map Design: 5-

The map design throughout was of a high standard, with a great amount of work put in to have eye candy on every area, and vary the terrain and trees constantly. The waves trick was done in a subtle way, and the fact it was so minor speaks volumes for the effort. The design is also very bold, taking up many new ideas and eye candies. I didn’t feel they all worked – for example ice patches on the beach didn’t look right to me.

The city design was strong too, I liked the city where you defend in the main scenario, and besides looking very appealing it seemed quite ‘busy’. Invisible tiles were not used well, as I mentioned in playability.

Story: 3+

The story of this campaign is fairly good. Like playability, there are a lot of problems, but it still comes out okay.

The nature of the story is quite dark, a little like Ulio or ATW, perhaps even verging on a Silent Hill atmosphere as the plot moves along. The mystery aspects of the scenario are entertaining, for example the main scenario opens with style, having mood setting music and a mystifying opening scene. How well these mysteries are explained I cannot say, since there is a large gap in the story where I had to skip probably half of the main scenario. This made my understanding very patchy, and I didn’t really know what to make of the ending. I’m not even sure if the last scenario was real or a dream, and if I was alive or dead.

Throughout this campaign the author’s English is a problem, not for minor errors, but a loss of meaning in certain sentences and dialogues.

The bitmaps are an issue throughout. The first bitmap is messed up; the next bitmap is visible this time, but out of alignment. I think the last one was for the prologue, not the epilogue, as well.

Comments and criticisms:

The audio file “LSA Dream” is in both the default and extra sound files. Regarding the sounds, I also have a feeling that the geocities site they are hosted on isn’t going to be around in the long term, so perhaps they should be uploaded to blacksmith. The file should also be zipped better; moving files around manually is a pain.

A lack of play testing is evident, mainly on the part of the designer, as many of the bugs are quite obvious. If I was the designer I wouldn’t even consider it ready to be sent out to playtesters, let alone released.

Overall: 4.0

Despite a large amount of faults, the scenario still scores well. I believe it is worth downloading, especially from a designer's point of view.

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Map Design5.0
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