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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Legends of Robin Hood Part 1

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Legends of Robin Hood Part 1

Author File Description
J Laine & B Coxhead
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 9
A campaign based on the historical ballads of Robin Hood, including material from modern tellings of the tale. This campaign focuses on story and characterization and helping the player relive the legendary battles that Robin Hood fought. It stays true to the history and style of Robin Hood and includes many avi cutscenes from movies and T.V. shows. Some scenarios are meant solely to advance the plotline and act as interactive interludes.

Note: This file is part 1 of a 6 part download. To play the entire campaign, you must download all 6 parts.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Robin Hood’s escape is the first scenario of the nine-piece “Legends of Robin Hood” campaign; it is a FF with RPS elements. This first scenario is based on the opening scenes of the movie “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” with Kevin Kostner.

PLAYABILITY: Interesting, challenging and creative opening scene in the jail. After that it becomes boring with an unintended outcome. Being confronted with three towers next to the road, my army went east above the cliffs and then south without encountering any enemy. At the seaside the monks converted two galleons and a transport, which lead to instant victory sailing east. I attacked the units at the harbour, from a saved game and got an optional objective after I practically won twice. Furthermore the mini map showed a point in my player colour in the far north. Azeem was still in the prison, hiding between wall and fence, clicking him made him talk from Jerusalem with Robin Hood at the Mediterranean Sea, thus inventing the phone. Using Marco Polo I spotted a prisoner camp and a place with an enemy castle, which I sadly missed. 2

BALANCE: I played the scenario on hard, had two reloads in the opening scene and one to convert the boats. 2

CREATIVITY: The two clips from the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves were well chosen, it is impressive how good they fit the scenario. The first drags you right into the story at the prison and the second leads to the next scenario, arriving at the English shore. Apart from that, the opening scene and the history section are to mention. 4

MAP DESIGN: The map is a random desert map. The author, by adjusting the map to his needs, succeeded to drag the quality down. A new, wide, unrealistic road leads to the coast and deer, forage bushes and jungle mixed with oak trees do not fit in a desert. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The historical part is well written and is a must read, furthermore clear objectives, a scout section and an introductory story, which does not develop in game. Apart to head for the sea, no directions are given, which made me miss the scenario. The history section and avi boost the categories rating. 4

OVERALL: Probably a good, but not thoroughly play tested scenario.

SUGGESTIONS: You should play test your scenario not only like you want the player to play, but anticipate also how he could get around difficulties. Map Design is a good tool to keep the player on an intended path, force the player with cliffs and palm trees on the road to the prisoner camp where the landscape can be wide open to the west to give the feeling of desert with some elevations for sand dunes, from there the player could be led north east by an oasis and cliffs to do the side quest, to finally reach the harbour. The sea should be blocked from the north, so that the player has to confront the units at the harbour, without seeing the boats. Azeem could “talk” conditioned to the killing of the prisoner guard and replace your person to person trigger by an area trigger. Edit your scenario, I have the feeling it could be good.

IN CLOSING: The movie clips as well as the beginning are worth the download and follow “the long and winding road...”.

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Map Design2.0
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