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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The French Invasion of England

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The French Invasion of England

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
You will start as prince Hector and you must find your army, join up with the rest of your king's army, and crush the enemies.
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coady25 learn to spell! lololol

[Edited on 07/01/05 @ 11:57 PM]

The Turk what kind of stupit campaign is this.cane you noth mace some bether history on it.and some more triggers. sorrie to say buth this campaigne sucks verry good.

Lord Suwanshree hello there this was a fine map but it had several backwardness like well the player seems to have the control of two scenes at once. The battle and the Hector, but reaching the battlescene with hector dosent do any thing GOOD and the 'misssing knights' are not so powerfull too they dont help. and also the attacking army seems to be heading for the bridge try to get them attack at the front, overall a nice try but still needs a lot of work....
skald Just finished playing this for the 4th time. I think we are all being a little too harsh with the designer. Granted the concept is simple and hackneyed, a massive army faces another massive army across an empty field of battle, but the designer has tweaked a few factors to make it more playable.

You play as Hector, a cavalry unit with 15,000 hit points and an attack power of 2000. You would think you could just clear the table (sorry, the map looks like a billiard table so the analogy comes unbidden) with a guy like this but you can’t. On my first play through, I sent Hector into the fray and he got surrounded by pikemen and couldn’t move. Then every skirmisher and archer in the world started saturating him with spears and arrows. 15,000 HP or not, he died.

On my second play through, Hector got chewed down to 8,000 HP and I was concerned for his welfare so I sent him to the corner pocket (dang, another billiards analogy) to be healed by the priest. But when I saw his recharge rate I realized I would have to take a loooong lunch break before he was feeling like himself again. So I resigned.

On my third play through, I began to pick up the tactics necessary for a win. I wiped out the enemy army almost single handed with Hector (since my army got itself wiped out) and went for the goal. At the last minute, with victory in my grasp, I was converted by an Imam! O fickle Hector, who changes his faith on a whim!

Fourth play through: Wiped em out.

Order of Battle: French 540 troops. English 767 troops.
Rules of Engagement: Kill em all.
Field of Battle: Big billiard table. Some corner pockets.

Lag: Negligible. I am running an obsolete 3 year old PC with 1.7 GHz CPU, 512 Meg Ram, 64 Meg Video Ram, and the worst I got with all armies fully engaged was about 1 frame per second, not enough to hamper my control of troop movement.

Playability: I loved playing this scen. It seems to be aimed at 12 to 14 year olds and that’s the group my wife says I belong in!

Balance: Well, I had to replay it 3 times. The bad guys get more troops than me but I have Hector the Horrible. I think it balances out OK

Creativity: This shows more promise for the future than creativity in this particular scen. I liked the opening scene of Hector trotting through the burning city, I think this designer might create impressive scens in the future.

Map Design: Utilitarian. Some thought given to the final Boss city.

Story/Instructions: They are there and sometimes helpful but sometimes misleading.

Additional Comments: I was playing this game the fourth time through and talking to the computer screen, and I found myself saying:

“I’m goin in”
“I can’t shake him”
“Somebody get this guy off me!”
“Target sighted”
“Target destroyed. I’m outta here!”

--and I realized that …this is like a Flight Sim! Hector is like an F-22 with unlimited ammo and fuel, and lotsa armor, and 2000 pounders under the wing. The enemy troops are like MiG-17's, T-72 Main Battle Tanks, and a lot of groundpounders that can’t catch me. The part where Hector takes out a string of trebs is exactly like taking out a bunch of ground targets unprotected by Fliegerabwehrkanonen (affectionately known as “FLAK”). Even flying an asset like Hector, you can’t just send him into a straight ahead clash. You have to pick your objectives and spend as little time as possible over target (TOT). Just like in a dogfight you have to get in fast, take it out, and get out clean. If you get stuck in a furball with a bunch of pikemen fixing you in position and a million archers nailing you, you will be like a cricket in an ant hill. You have to stick and move (“shoot and scoot”).

Notes to the Player: See advice above. Also, take the Priest and the new cav troops you find and stick them safe in the corner pocket. You will need them later.

Your targets in order of priority:

Primary target: Ranged units. You have speed, and speed is life. Lure ranged units to follow you until they get strung out. Them take them out one on one. Do NOT ever get surrounded by ranged units! When you have eliminated ranged units, ..

Secondary target: Cav. Cavalry are more dangerous than groundpounders because they have speed. (See speed is life, above). Lure them and take them on one on one. Do not get surrounded in a furball, you will be smiting them one time while they are smiting you 6 times, and you will die. When you have eliminated enemy cavalry, …

Tertiary target: Groundpounders. They can’t catch you. Manage your asset (Hector) in such a manner as to face them one on one. You should never have to face two ground troops at once. You have the speed and the maneuverability. Use it.

Playtime: 1:31:02.
Battle Report: 771 kills, 543 losses. 81 razings.

Notes to the Player:

Take the Priest you first meet and sock him safe in the corner pocket with the new troops you find. Don’t send the new cav troops into combat. Save them in the corner pocket to protect the priest. Later in the end game you will need the extra cav to take out the Imam; if you send Hector, he will get converted! But if you send the platoon of cav, the Imam will be converting one cav unit while the other 15 cavs are killing him. He will lose.

Notes to the Designer:

Don’t be discouraged by the comments here. I think your design shows a lot of promise and I enjoyed the opening scene you set up and the dynamics of the ensuing battle. I think you could create really fun scens if you keep designing. And hey, could I buy a Victory Condition? I pride myself on playing without cheats doing a review (which this isn’t) but after I wiped the enemy off the map, including every building, the King, the Imam, the Wonder, all the towers, all the walls, even the palisades which reminded me of eating corn on the cob as Hector chomped them out one by one, I couldn’t get a Victory condition. Gimme a break here!


[Edited on 08/19/05 @ 11:59 AM]

skald I went back and changed my dogfight analysis from Metaphor to Simile to make it a little more understandable. And you thought I slept through English Lit 101~!

[Edited on 09/03/05 @ 02:27 PM]

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