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Invasion of England

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
You are the saxons and you have over 1000 troops and you have destroy the english empire and kill King Edward. But be careful the english empire is powerful.
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Map Design2.0

I played this scenario on Difficulty Hard, Resources Standard, Reveal Map Normal (blind), no cheats not even Marco Polo. I had some fun redeploying my forces just the way I like them, and fighting the enemy forces, but I had some problems with the playability. For some reason my computer would freeze for 10 seconds at a time in between moving. I know I have an old PC, 1.7 CPU, 512 RAM, 64 VRAM, but it oughta be able to handle 2000 troops fighting without freezing up more than maybe 2 seconds at a time. I dunno what went wrong. That made it really hard for me to move my troops where I wanted them. I had to kill off a lot of enemy troops just to free up my mouse. This could be improved by starting out with less troops. You don’t get to see them all on the screen at one time anyway unless you cheat, which I don’t when I’m reviewing.

In the later game I had to bust into a walled castle compound with lots of bombard towers and I didn’t have any siege weps. I couldn’t use cav or infantry so I used my Elite Longbowmen. I would task two platoons of ELBowmen onto each Tower and then go to breakfast, come back and redeploy them, take a shower, come back etc. So it seemed a little slow paced. But I used to fire up Anno 1503 with trade routes and leave it running all night just to make another million gold so what the heck! I think it could be improved by giving P1 some trebs.


The issue was never in doubt, and I was never in any danger of losing. I had something like 1132 troops and the enemy only had 888, and the computer AI never tried a mass charge, just allowed me to lure out bite size chunks of troops which I wiped out with my ELBowmen. I never put my Hero at risk, just kept him safely in the rear behind the palisade with a massive bodyguard. This could be improved by giving P1 less troops and maybe adding some triggers to generate a big charge. You could also add triggers to make the player use the Hero to put him in harm’s way.


This is kind of a standard theme which has been done quite a few times. It seems quite similar to the setup by jaredcoad18 in The French Invasion of England, which I just commented. We see the same broad lineup of cav, archers and swordsmen, the same rather plain map, the hundreds and hundreds of troops, and the Boss city at the end with the Boss priest. Are you guys related by any chance? I’m not sure how to improve on this theme, but perhaps improving the other factors would raise the Creativity.


A large flat field of battle with no flora or fauna. There is a raised area in the rear of the enemy’s territory, with a rim of forest. This probably represents Senlac Hill where Harold stationed his troops. But it’s way too small to hold 800 troops and they wouldn’t stay put anyway. So the map didn’t help the scenario much since the computer AI did not bother to use the height advantage. You could improve this by creating a much larger hill and triggering your troops to hold their positions there to take advantage of the height.

“1066, It was the morning of Death for England as the Saxons prepared an attack on the English.”
Hints: none. Scouts: none. History: none.
I’ll count the Objectives as Instructions so that rates a 3. I know, Saxons preparing an attack on the English in 1066 is a cause of Major cognitive dissonance but I will not deduct points for historical accuracy (about which more later) because Fun trumps History.

For my complete review, please see the three pages of comments which would not fit in the Review space.

[Edited on 08/22/05 @ 09:52 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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