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Why Did I lose?

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Question: Why did I lose this game?! I always lose to the moderate AI (let alone hardest and human players), but why! I follow the guidelines, but I can't seem to advance fast enough. Please, someone kind, tell me why I keep striking out.

*Hero lays down on his tabletop and cries out of woe*
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e_123_omega You really do need a faster castle time!!! You are about twenty minutes lagging behind most "brooks", if you did it in twenty four minutes you would have an upper hand against the computer. But don't expect to be beating hardest until you can do it in 16 - 18 minutes. Don't start mining gold until the feudal age. Also, during the first minute or two of the game, focus ONLY on food. If your scout is out finding sheep while your villigers have nothing to do, set them on wood, but as soon as that scout returns with sheep, stop woodcutting and gather from them right away. Focus your dark ages on getting through them as fast as possible. Then, in the feudal age, advance to castle when you have 30 villigers and do as the computer did, build, build, build!

[Edited on 07/20/05 @ 02:28 PM]

AnimalParts I agree with omega.... but here are some additional thoughts.

If you want to measure yourself against players who "open" well, don't choose the hardest setting. The computer gets extra resources on hardest - it will just frustrate you. Choose hard, which gives you both the same resources.

Also, when you are playing against the computer (and very, very stupid humans) take advantage of the fact that the attackers are really quite dumb. To beat the computer on hardest, not only do you have to be faster to castle than you are, but you have to draw the attackers to a spot where you can kill them without having an army. With goths you had only palasade walls, but that's okay. The computer's scout looks for a hole, so give him one. Just make sure the hole is near a TC where you can garrison and wipe them out as they come in, and if you are going to build any defensive towers at all (most good players consider them a waste of resources), build the tower within striking distance of the hole. If the attackers have gone to your barracks (say) which they often do, set the gathering point of the barracks under a TC and create a pike. The pike will walk there and draw most or all the attackers into the ring of fire.

It is important to get better castle times, as omega says, and here are some specific ways how you can do it.

FIRST thing to do is to hit the button to produce four villies right away. Any time during which your TC is not producing villies is dead time and will cost you dearly against decent players. Figure out how to set your hot keys to do that right away. I have a system using the shift key which works well for me.

NEXT thing is to double click on a villie and set all three villies to building TWO houses right away. Set the gathering point of the first villie to come out of the TC on a nearby tree, but don't let anymore than one chop wood. You wand FOOD right away, not wood, not gold, not stone. You had THREE villies chopping wood, and only ONE eating the sheep you found at the beginning. You sent the sixth villie (pop 7) off to mine gold and you didn't even have enough wood for a mining camp. BAD, BAD, BAD. Food is the key, at this stage. I can't stress that enough.

NEXT send your scout on a cirlce around your TC. It was clear from watching you that you were not taking advantage of "way points". Check the instruction for how to set them, and send your scout on a series of ever-widening circles. He will be scouting and finding your next food sources while you gather your first sheep and eat them. DO NOT BUILD A MILL AND EAT BERRIES at this point. The gathering rate for each food source is different. HUNTING IS THE FASTEST. Shore fishing is pretty good. Sheep are in the middle. Berries are the WORST. Only set a couple of villies eating berries later, when you don't want to bother with them.

At around eight villies, you will run out of food to keep your TC busy. Loom at that point. And get ready to lure your two boar (three in Scandinavia, and Yucatan, I believe).

By now your scout will have found the next sheep. I set my hotkeys so the space bar sends me to the last notification, so when I hear the scout finding sheep, I can get them in quickly.
DON'T SCOUT WITH VILLIES. You sent number 8 villie off to look for something. You hadn't loomed at that point, and you lost her to a wolf. Bad. That's what your scout is for. Set the gathering point on the sheep (or other food) and get them eating. As soon as they pop out of the TC, they'll start eating. I could see that you had your gathering point set on nothing. You should have six or more eating sheep right underneath your TC (so they don't have to walk back and forth).

By 10 villies, you had built a gold mine. I don't build one until I've reached around 20 to 24 villies, depending on the civ. and situation.

Start thinking about wood in the range of 10 villies. Don't think about gold or stone, as I say, until you've reached twenty or more.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

What you need to do is to download games in which the players are good and watch what they do in their opening stages. By imitating them you'll at least have a chance.

Set the computer on hard, and watch the scores as they accumulate. That will give you an idea how you are doing. (Don't worry about the fact that you'll never match the computer's scores early - I seldom do. That's because the computer scouts much more efficiently than humans do, and I'm happy to give him that advantage in exchange for his utter stupidity when attacking.

Good luck.
File Author
thnx for the help. I try out your suggestions and see if it helps my strategy. ;)
Mangudia_force Patrick sorry you got beat but lets fix this easily you still have the recording go look at teh computers economy you did not have enough vills period try getting around 100 50/50 split do it quickly here is a trick the boars you had 2 of them take 1 vill have atleast 4 to 5 standing by tc or mill shoot it and run back to the tc or mill use the vill there to kill it for a fast food boost make shure to get loom first so your vill lives normally teh first to shoot is attacked that is a 375 food intake so there you ahd 750 food free for the taking also do not shut you r town in with pallasades like that do this instead block off a tree to tree line take as much room as you can more land more and economy do now try getting alot of vills as you progress 15 to feud 25 to castle and after that you get more tc's build atleast 5 as fast as you can do not over look castles here is what i call castle defence use gates only 1000 extra hit points behind the gates castles beter range than a tc and if oyu use archer you have more kill power than a bambard tower 120 hit points vs 220 hit points line castles up close but not so slose you cant get pass them easily with out getting bottle necked so several castles will fire at an enimy at once have fun good luck

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