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are you a true ages of empire player

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
by gamecreater21:

this is a good scenario for my first one its about a person comeing to a training center when you come you see different types of challenges from batteling wolves to maze traveling chances are that there will be a version 2.0 hope you like it i worked hard on this one

tell me about this game!!!

silverjulio13 at
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Ksrugi Ok I followed the knight in the begining, thinking he would lead me somewhere. Then came the gate and a message saying "Look for version 2.0" or something like that. I explored a while longer and got to the part with the knights, mangonels, and the castle. I clicked on the man at arms and nothing happened. Lots of bugs my friend.
File Author
ok guys look i think your right there may be a few bugs in it i will see what i can do for this game i thought there was bugs anyway
File Author
ok guys the game hase been updated if other bugs are found comment me
File Author
this is just to spice this page a bit the game includes....

batteling wolves and 4 at a time

wolves stages

from easy to hard mitilla to champion attacks

1 question challenge of destroying a castle

useing your treabuche wisely

and a maze level of difficulty moderate

a test attack on a village level hard

"wild wolf attack island" level moderate

version 2.0 will include two times more challenges

[Edited on 07/11/05 @ 06:15 PM]

Scud Sound interesting, well the maze bit does, i'll give it a go and i'll give you feedback ro mabye a review. I would say "keep up the good work" but i haven't played it yet, lol!

Well i've played it, and the oringanl idea is good, but it didn't seem very well put into action. Most of what i thought where mini-games did not start, i don't now why there where all these cages of wolves around, could of done with more instructions. And the map wasn't very interesting with road, grass 1 and dirt and desert.

[Edited on 07/11/05 @ 02:46 PM]

File Author
thanks scud i got right on this and now I upgraded the game once more with some trees and stuff so i don't leave lots of blank areas thank once more scud for that
Beichen the game in itself is OK. but the triggers are simply too limited. the instrutions are ablur. there is no reward for doing the minigames. and what's more you have to 'manually' "win" the game at the end (theres no winning trigger.) im sure u could easily do 3 times better than this.
File Author
for you information Beichen i left it like that because if they like to see the rest of the map if they like i think i got my point that is why i let it with black death cheat
Map Design3.0
Fixed Force with mazes

I played through on Scenario mode with Difficulty Hard, Resources Standard, no cheats, and no Editor


This is kind of slow. It’s like a day at the firing range (the artillery firing range). I slowly went through and destroyed everything with the 3 trebs provided. The final Boss level with the Castle, towers and lots of enemy troops and siege weapons presented a challenge but it ended in a long slow battle of attrition. Some of the puzzles were not apparent to me and I wasn’t sure what to do so I just trebbed everything in range. I never saw the “one question challenge to destroy a castle” so I just did it the old fashioned way. This could be improved by making fewer targets and mazes and giving more in-flight instructions.


I was never in any danger of losing, and I never worried about taking any casualties until I got to the Boss level. But even outside the Castle walls, as long as I was very patient about picking off targets and healing my casualties, and didn’t try a wall breach and rush, I knew the enemy couldn’t hurt me. This could be improved by forcing the player to go through the mazes instead of bypassing them, and putting a gate in the Castle wall to let the enemy sally forth to attack Player 1’s siege weapons.


I was pleasantly surprised by the maze setup. It shows a lot of promise for future scenarios.


There isn’t a lot of decoration but that’s not the point of this map; the map is intended to be more like a boot camp obstacle course than a flower garden. Some of the mazes are quite well designed and would provide hours of enjoyment if I actually had to go through them blindly. But since I had trebs, I used their enormous Line of Sight to scout out the mazes from afar, and then let them loose to flatten any threats within the mazes. There were a lot of little compartments with wolves in them, and the author showed good map design by signaling the difficulty level by the number of flags, and made sure that one section of each palisade belonged to Player 1, so I could remove it simply by hitting the Delete key. However I do not believe in putting any of my troops in harm’s way when there is a better way to win, so instead of sending my Heroine hacking and slashing through the boxes, I simply left the wolves contained and took them all out with Treb fire. This could be improved, as I mentioned above, by forcing the player to go through the mazes to get anywhere, instead of just bypassing them. Also, maybe the player should have to go through the wolf maze first before being awarded the big artillery.


The only story was a hint that this was a training area. There were some instructions but I really didn’t understand exactly what I was supposed to do, so I just reverted to Sudden Death mode and flattened everything. I didn’t bother with buying upgrades or anything. This could be improved by providing more in-flight instructions and you might have to really walk the player through each obstacle.


Keep your trebs and Chu-Ko-Nus safe, you will need them at the last level. Don’t take any KIA; retreat all wounded immediately and medevac them to the temple to be healed by the priests. You will need all your ranged units to finish the job. After the first hour, depending where you are on the map, you may get a comment that you have finished and you can do Black Death. If you have not yet explored the entire map and wiped out the Boss level castle, ignore this message. After some time the computer resigned but it still had a few units left so I finally breached the Castle walls and did a complete mop up. I wouldn’t bother wiping out the wolf zoo in the top corner unless you have a LOT of time on your hands.


This was a very ingenious setup of mazes, obstacles and dangers. However, you know how devious some players can be; and if they’re like me, they will find ways to avoid any unpleasantness and just win in the easiest way. I can see you put a lot of work into this map and the triggers. Unfortunately I never got to fire half the triggers because I never sent my Heroine into the fray, preferring to stand off and use the artillery you gave me. You might want to force the player to work her way through the maze before getting the big stuff. Thanks for submitting this scen and I expect even better stuff in the future.

[Edited on 07/23/06 @ 05:41 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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