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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
large plots of land masiveislands are a bridges island map randomly gen water land battle
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Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal1.0

This is a poor quality map with lots of room for improvement.

Theme: 2
This idea of the script seems to be one of large islands, if I can make anything out of the author’s description and the title. It shows a lack of any careful testing to see if the map is produced as scripted, and a lack of any playtesting to discover if the map is fair. The script is sloppy, with numerous errors. The author’s map description leaves much to be desired, both in content and in form. A score of 2 is very generous, given because the reviewing guidelines must have anticipated scripts even lower quality than this.

Visual Appeal: 1
The map lacks visual appeal. Many of the islands are terribly crowded, with a blocky distribution of both land and forests. It does not really look natural. There is no real blending of land terrains, due at least in part to the author’s lack of knowledge of the names of terrains. Marlin are jumping right next to the shorelines, not realistic.

Playability: 2
This is a generous score also, scored this high only because I am following the reviewing guidelines. The map gives frequent unequal distribution of resources, with unequal amounts of land available for expansion. Sometimes one or two of the players get really screwed with regards to land area. There are virtually never any resources at all on the extra islands. There are tons of fish, equally distributed; there are tons of deer, but sometimes one player will have 3 groups of 15, while another will have only one. Boar, gold and stone are also unequally distributed at times. Player’s bases are scripted as only 6 tiles wide, leaving the TCs sometimes virtually at the edge of the water and vulnerable.

Additional comments: looking under the hood – the author is unclear on several features of RM scripting language. His elevation command is poorly executed as he failed to include a specified terrain. He scripts for a non-existent terrain, “GRASS_DIRT”. He used “number_of_clumps” in the land generation section, which does not work there. He had other errors in the spelling of commands.

In summary, this map was spammed out with no concern for the eventual user with no testing to be sure of the map’s success. In looking at the Blacksmith, this author has dumped out a load of low quality maps in a very short time, with poor descriptions, shoddy scripting, and inadequate testing.
I would highly recommend spending more time learning the scripting language and then adequately testing your maps to look for areas of unfair land and resource distribution. Because the map generator does randomly vary the map each time (and differently on different sizes) it is vital to test the map several times at each size and with different player numbers to ensure a uniformly fair map. If you have question about random map scripting, ask on the Scenario Design forum and people will try to offer help. Check out the Utility section of the Blacksmith for some guides to RMS. Otherwise players of any skill will quickly learn to avoid your maps and you will be the only one playing them.
File Author
Thanks gandolf theses are a few scripts i worte for DM live they ar not into apeal i also madke shure rm as well to stop lag they are left in a rough form your map though are great thank for the comment i apriciate it i have really jsut started doing random scrypts hopefully one day i will be as goo at it as you are i do enjoy playing yoru maps they are very nice looking and play well as i have ahd a few well lets say less tham perfect maps and one even more disasterous one as well
File Author
i look at a few of his maps too funny he seems to like to make mfp maps whick in the game zone are not exsepted in rm or dm or rated they are called NOOB MAPS sorry gandolf you get a +A for effort but a -F for live where as my maps do go live and i am getting better at making maps every day

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Visual Appeal1.0
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Size:1.92 KB