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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Long remembered William Wallace and Joan of Arc

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Long remembered William Wallace and Joan of Arc

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 15
This campaign is made by combining two real stories,

William Wallace
Joan of Arc

The campaign contains 15 well made scenarios whit goooood story, if you like small campaigns then this isnt for you,
if you like long and well made, then this is for you!!!!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Long remembered William Wallace and Joan of Arc" is a shockingly primitive scenario from the early days of the blacksmith, with a download total of over 4500. The first thing i did when i got ingame was go back to its blacksmith page to make sure i had the right files. Played on 1.0c Hard. Technically this campaign only has 14 scenarios, not 15.

Playability 2

Scenario one: Only the player has movable units. He wins in 2:34 by moving his men to the allied TC

Scenario two: The player must destroy the enemy dock with his William Wallace. Its a B&D and you can build up easily enough with the resources provided. You get an allied base so its 2v1 in your favor.

Scenario three: Its a B&D with an ally, castles, trebs, vs a dark age enemy.

Scenario four: Objectives say;You need to protect your William Wallace to the end. The enemy has only villagers on a small island. You have everything you need to simply tower rush his island to win. You get an ally on the mainland if you need backup.

Scenario five: Its B&D, you get an ally vs the lone enemy. Take your William Wallace and go say hi to the AI villagers.

Scenario six: Your William Wallace must run through a row of towers, jump into a ship, then embark on the opposing shore. You win in 5:01

Scenario seven:William Wallace must walk to the meeting with Joan of Arc, you win in 4:20

Scenario eight:B&D against one enemy with an ally. William Wallace must protect Joan, and kill the enemy. Go say hi to their TC and 3 villagers with your 400 hp\20attack\5d\5p hero in the dark ages.

Scenario nine:Its literally the same scenario as number eight, but on a different random map.

Scenario ten:Same story as number nine but this time you face 3 opponents. Now your talking about something more interesting, unfortunately your William Wallace apparently learned to ride horsies from Joan lately and is now on a horse. He is a devastating rushing unit in the dark age and compensates plenty for the 3v1.

Scenario eleven: We became Joan instead of Wallace;our first task is to travel down a path, winning in 2:56

Scenario twelve: We became Wallace again. Refer to scenario numbers eight,nine and ten except with 2 opponents.

Scenario thirteen: 1st Rule: You do not talk about Scenario Thirteen. 2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about Scenario Thirteen

Scenario fourteen: Refer to scenario numbers eight,nine and ten.

Scenario fifteen: The author's hatred for the english has escalated to genocide. I dont believe this author is old enough to understand what he is condoning. For this scenarios contents, refer to scenario number fourteen.

Technically there is no broken scenario, thus a 2 seems appropriate.

Balance 2

Other than the freebie scenarios, the player engages in a number of B&D at varying odds, so i felt the score for difficulty balances itself out to a 2 considering the campaign as a whole. The "tough" scenarios are about as difficult as any B&D random map, which are typically 1v1 affairs. A well balanced campaign would provide the player a challenge with tough odds, yet should be defeatable by utilizing the correct tactics.

Creativity 2

The author seemed aware of the need to distinguish the game from other scenarios and random maps. Believe it or not after the Playability\Balance walkthrough, every scenario brings a new concept to the table. The lack is in the execution of said concepts.

Map Design 2

About random map quality...much large expanses of green grass but its functional enough. There is a full blank map in there but otherwise its ok. Ill give it a pass.

Story\Objectives 2

This should be a 1 based on the first scenario(utterly blank), but i have to admit it picks up and somehow a story gets told step by step. I would have given a 3, but its borderline illiterate.

Final thoughts: If the author ever picks up AoC again and returns here, please just play any scenario that got a 3 or higher average rating if you need ideas to make a better campaign.

[Edited on 02/09/17 @ 02:43 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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