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Author File Description
Mark Stoker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
This is the final version of SCN Punk's "Nyctophobia" campaign.

The mighty city of Chichen Itza had prospered for many generations. Under the rule of a succession of strong and competent kings, Chichen Itza's influence spread across the Mayan homelands, making the city the most dominant in all the Yucatan.

Then came the day the prophets had been forewarning about for hundreds of years: the day the barbaric Toltec invaders first arrived from over the horizon. With the Toltecs came despair and destruction never witnessed before by the Mayans. The grand city of Edzna, under the rule of the great King Nopaltzin, fell to the Toltecs without a struggle. Edzna was razed to the ground, and all its inhabitants, including King Nopaltzin, were sacrificed to the gods.

When news of this horrifying defeat spread throughout the Yucatan, King Gucumatz of Chichen Itza knew he would not be able to hold off the Toltecs himself; he would need support from the rival Mayan city-states to defeat the Toltecs. Without more ado Gucumatz sent messengers to all of the rival Mayan kings, asking for help. The other Mayan kings were reluctant to form an alliance with Chichen Itza, but they knew too well that it was their only hope for survival. Eventually every key Mayan city joined the alliance with Chichen Itza: Uxmal, Izamal, Sayil, even Chichen Itza's archenemy Mayapan joined the alliance. And thus began the bloodiest war in the history of the Mayans...

"Nyctophobia" is a fictional mini-campaign about the Toltec invasion of the Yucatan peninsula, the home of the Mayans. In this campaign you play Tlanextic, a high-ranking warrior from the mighty Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Your mission will be to unite the estranged city-states of the Yucatan peninsula and lead the defence against the ruthless Toltecs...

Scenario Design: Mark Stoker (member of SCN Punk Team)

Voice Acting: Dastal (member of SCN Punk Team)

Playtesting: Aztec_Brave, Aztec_King, BrandNewCar, Cat, Ex-T, Flavius Aetius, Gawain, Ingo van Thiel, King Barbarossa, Lord Redwall, Mental Dwarf, Mechstra, Pyromaniac, Shykre, Socrateius, Talon Karrde, TNK, and Ultima_Knight

Aditional Credits:
Enrique Orduno - New units and objects template scenario.
Sybex - Official Scenario Design Toolkit.
Zanzard Lothar - "Immobile Units GOLD" AI Script.

For more information on this campaign, read the readme file included in the ZIP file.

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Cilibinarii Hmmm. The Prologue actually was better than the Nyctophobia scenario :) Good job! Keep up the good work ^_^ (said the noob :P)

[Edited on 04/10/08 @ 03:26 PM]

insectoped This campaign is brilliant! Piranhas, beehives, choice of army, all of it excellent... until I got to chichen itza, where my computer crashed, like jml's. It might be because I've got a mac.

Anyway, it's another great campaign to add to the collection!
Mist677 This is an excellent campaign buut i had a bug, on chapter 1 at the end, i try to kill there boss (throwing axemen) but i cant find him anywhere i even use marco polo, still his nowhere
Silencer150 The two Mesoamerican civs are among my favorites in AOC, so I was pleased to find a custom campaign that lets you play as the Mayans. I found it enjoyable enough that I went back and played both paths in the second scenario just to see what the difference was. I only have a couple of complaints. One, the second scenario has so many triggers, it begins to run choppy towards the end even with graphics options turned all the way down. Two, as much as I like playing as the Mayans, I would have liked to see them pitted against an opponent other than the Aztecs; perhaps an unconventional or historically inaccurate opponent would have made for a more interesting matchup.
dikaios When I first show this campaign I thought that is was not worth a download but I was very wrong. Finally I downloaded the game and it was just one of the most epics campaigns that I ever played since a lot of time! It was incredibly awesome campaign with a lot of triggers and many interesting events, like the attack of the bees, the first two attacks of the Toltecs to the villages, the attack at the harbour, the canning plan in the Toltec base, the Mayapan betrayal, the Revolutionaries, the Mayapan - Toltec war and many other. It is a great campaign and it is really worthy a download!

[Edited on 05/31/12 @ 06:15 AM]

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