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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Life Of a Mercenary 2.4

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Life Of a Mercenary 2.4

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Ver 2.4

Think of AoK:TC without rules, without boundaries, no objectives. You do what you want when you want how you want. With an item menu that you don't need to select anything, or walk a monk anywhere. But one you can open with the click of a button. There are no limitations to what you can do except one thing. In this world money is everything! Life is nothing!
Pick your god- Pick your friends- Pick your weapons. Drive wagons and boats. There are no limits! You can even get stalkers in this game!
100% alive villagers, working, dancing, talking! Underwater torpedos, Beer, Drugs, Sex and violence! Is there anything better!? With over 600 triggers this map is amazing! Desert storms, Metal detectors among many other special things..

Version 2 Now Has Even MORE features- Alot More Value And No Bugs!
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AOE Inferno WOA AWESOME !!!! , how did you make the system with how you put numbers to choose something??? can u explain? it's real cool
Ksrugi You have made me an extremely happy man. I downloaded this directly from the DGDN, but it was full of game stopping bugs. Thank you so much for fixing them.

Edit: After buying something from the person who sells the booze, something goes "Where's me house?" and it shifts the view. I can't make it stop. What's up with that?

[Edited on 07/24/05 @ 08:00 PM]

paladin_maker0 Because you're drunk. Sleeping would fix that.

Btw,I haven't received your mail. Did you send me?
aok pp it's in one word amazing!!!!
Map Design5.0
Review of "Life of a Mercenary" aka "LOAM2" by Death wish.

Life of a mercenary is a single scenario where you can do things like you do in real life.
You can buy houses,have a wife,do a job..

Playability: 5

Life of a mercenary features a lot of things to do,which never makes player a bore. You can play it for about 1 week or more!

It is little buggy,but it has improved a lot from LOAM1. Author needs to fix bugs Tanneur mentioned. Yet,still many things works perfectly well.In this category(sp?) LOAM easily gets 5.

Balance: 4

Balance is hard to choose,well.. it's easy to die in 'hard' difficulty so it may be best to give it 4.

Creativity: 5

Most strong part of scenario.Author uses whole-taunt system(which is pretty high-level technique). Which means you can answer questions by using 'Taunt 1'! It freezes sometimes but author made 'Anti-freeze' pavilion(Click on it and freezing stops).

Also,you can talk to people by clicking,but it uses random system,so every time you click on them,they say something different!

In this category,LOAM2 gets 5 easily.

Map Design: 5

LOAM has great cities,great seas,great paths,great desert. The map can be improved more,but it is generally quite good map.

Story/Instructions: 4

Instuructions were quite clear. Too bad there isn't story - but,in this scenario,story is what we make.

Additional Comments:

Great job,Death wish!
Wild Bill UK its a great and well done map, alot of work has gone into it, i cant play it for long though, if i use the menu the game crashes or if i go to the blacksmith but thats probably just my pc...well done
Paladin of AOE How do u heal ur self? I just garrisoned into a watch tower but that takes too long!

[Edited on 08/11/05 @ 05:18 AM]

i have no clue how do i use this?
i put it in the scenario folder and it doesnt show up on the list of scenarios ingame
also where do I put the sounds?
mikester aAwsome sceneario just dident wanna work for me...I dident enjoy it at all everytime i have th chance to enjoy myself it just said out of nowhere "you Have Been Defeated" and i just gave up...i coulden't take much more of that i'm sorry to say i hated this one badly
Official Reviewer
@Wild Bill UK

It does not crash, it is sufficient to click a tent in the north when the game does not continue. The author updates quite frequently, I leave a message when he fixed the bug 100%.

@Paladin of AOE

In the starting area is a tower with a flag, healing is fast there after you bought the place and do not write in caps (I edited your post)

@i have no clue

It is a .cpx file, unzip to default/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/Campaign, play from Single Player and click 'Custom Campaign'. Sound files go into sound/scenario probably you have to cut/paste them too.


No idea, what happened, it works for me. Try again, when the final version is out.

Blacksmith Administrator

[Edited on 10/22/06 @ 04:20 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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