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The Pirate OutCast: The Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
The adventure of Cid the pirate Continues! Will he Get his ship back? Will he kill that a*****e(guess the word!) Wallace (That was his name right?)
Find out now!!!
If you have not played the first one then dont worry, its in the campain file, and for those who dont want to play the first one again. I suggest you do because i have added some major changes towards the end. (note, some might have this version if you know me, or i think the version came a bit later in the blacksmith- i forget. in anycase you can just cheat and win). It was rated a [4.4] so not to shabby.

I tryed to give it a feel of non-linier-ness (it was very easy concidering you had a boat, you cant really out cliffs and trees and paths on open water!).

New Features
- Stealth System (rather advanced)
- Boat boarding system like no other
- 1 crappy home made sound effect (my first sound effect! Yay!) and many other sounds
- Cool boss battle

And alot more, Some new tricks and ideas that have not been seen before.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'The Pirate Outcast' is a two scenario campaign of RPG style, the story focusing on Cid the pirate and his adventures. The first is about getting a treasure, and the second one involves a lot more fantasy and witchcraft etc. Although the story is a very good one, this campaign seriously suffered from lack of instructions and poor spelling.

Playability: 4
The game is extremely enjoyable. It is fun because there are so many different quests features a great deal of new things.You start out marooned on a desert island, then escape and hire 'The Dove', the converting galley ship (ABGAL). In the first scenario you hunt for a treasure chest (typical pirate), however in the second the story grows more complicated featuring temples, witchcraft and magic. Some parts of the campaign were very exciting and challenging, especially the discovery of the treasure chest, the marvellous ice-water maze and the final showdown. Whereas other parts were frustrating and boring such as waiting for the pirate ships to attack Aberdeen and killing wolves in the second scenario. The story grows more and more exciting, culminating in a shock ending.
However the scenarios are extremely buggy. It wouldn't be posssible to list all of them as there are too many. Some of them were because the instructions were badly given and couldn't be understood because of the very poor spelling. There were other playability issues such as the area into which you had to step was too small, a couple of times you could 'see' another set of Cid and Chass while controlling another pair. These issues, compounded with the fact that the instructions were rather vague and poorly spelled, make the campaign rather frustrating. No less than twice I had to open the scenario in the editor to figure out what the author wanted me to do.
However all throughout I found the game intriguing and although there were half a dozen places where I got stuck and felt like giving up, I never did. I give this a 4 despite all the bugs and stuff because it was so interesting.

Balance: 4
The balance of this campaign varied a good deal. I played both scenarios on hard.
The first scenario was very easy, right until the treasure island which was a little difficult. I still had to reload many, many times because of confusion over the instructions. I found killing Mordred and his men a piece of cake and hardly suffered a scratch. Minamoto was not so obvious, but I backed away and the grey Berserk named 'Repairman' killed him for me. ( And yeah btw why would anyone use the berserk repairman, he charges 50 gold while the villager does exactly the same thing for 25 ?) Thoroughout the first scenario I lacked gold, because I couldn't find out how I was supposed to get any. The red guys in the first town never gave me any. I found that I got a load of gold by killing Mordred's troops as it kept saying 'Recovered gold from corps' It took me a while to figure out that meant 'corpse' :) Anyway I spent most gold on 'crews' (another thing I didn't understand well) and thus had only 175 gold left to buy ships to defend Aberdeen. Out of a dozen ships, I could only buy 1 galley and 1 fast fire ship, and it rather surprised me that I still won ( And yeah, what were those instructions that I could have 'only' 4 ships in the Northern section, I was never attacked from the North, and had only 2 ships anyway). I found the treasure island part much harder though, and died a few times there.
The second scenario on the other hand is a lot harder and you must use strategy and micromanagement to beat it. I could kill all the wolves in the first island and some even gave me gold, that made no sense? Wolves do not have gold on their 'corps'. Anyway there was a 'boarding party' battle every time I converted a ship with the Dove, one that I soon got sick of. Even after a dozen battles I only got till 'H' rank, beats me how the author thought anyone would be bored enough to repeat it to 'A'. The boarding battles got pretty difficult too, as I lost most of my crew and had to fight with only my heroes. Anyway after that the stealth mission , the Desert island battle and temple are all not very easy.. when you figure out how they work. Often if you don't you may get stuck in dead ends. The water temple maze was a marvellous puzzle, I only won in the nick of time.
Overall I would give a 3 to the first scen. and a 5 to the 2nd, therefore a 4 overall.

Creativity: 5+
This game is marvellously creative, and the main reason why I did not give up the game halfway in between. You had an escape from an island, the pirate island of Farrago with canals and swamps and a sort of inland lake, and a mysterious temple in the first scenario. The story is very creative and humerous at many points. For me, the most humerous point was the discovery of the pirate chest marked with an X under a withered tree, and Cid saying "Geez, how stereotypical..."
The second scenario even surpasses the first in its originality. You have a stealth assassination system which works almost perfectly, a boarding ship system ( although not very interesting), an exciting fight in the jungle for the three magical things. Then you have a 'stepping on ice and damaging system', which though not original still looked nice. Finally there is a great ice-water temple maze, in which you have to apply your brains to solve the puzzle, one of the most remarkable parts of the campaign. The final showdown has relic cart induced blackness in it and cannonballs for stone orbs, another really creative part.
The only thing which disappointed me a little were the names of the characters. Cid, Harald Hardraada (Harry), Minamoto, Mordred, Wallace, Friar Tuck... I can understand about Wallace, he had to appear and disappear often but the others? I didn't see any need. Also, a great many strange men were renamed as.. yeah, 'Strange man' However overall this campaign really deserves 5 here, it is VERY creative.

Map Design: 4
The map design was a bit uncertain. The sea part was good, with alternating shallow and deep water and lots of fish. Some of the islands were well designed, others were not. The jungle areas, including the swamps were well designed, there were some places with the withered and deserted look where the author had intended. The desert islands were a bit plain though. The 'snow' islands were rather poor though, and many of the forests had little or no terrain blending. The treasure island was a bit unrealistic, having flowers and bamboo. Bamboo on snow? Hmmm.
The cities were rather well designed, especially Aberdeen, Farrago, and the first island city in the 2nd scenario. There were some really cool eye candy effects like the bridge and ice trick to make the impression of sewage pipes.
Overall it is better than a random map, but not excellent. I give it a 4

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions are the worst part of the scenario and truly bring it down. Most of the time, the instructions were vague and not very understandable due to the terrible spelling. Even the so called 'walkthrough' hints yielded very little, I was often faced with dead ends and simply did not know what to do.
The spelling is terrible! It is not like there are mistakes, many words are consistently misspelled wrong, such as 'troble' for trouble, 'corps' for corpse, 'soal' for soul etc. etc. Also I did not like that when I opened the chat box for instructions that I missed there was a load of things like asfdgfahfdkjjhg... put spaces instead!
The story, in my opinion, is compares to the best in the Blacksmith. It is an intriguing, fascinating tale with subplots, betrayals, good/evil and witchcraft. There are few scenarios in which I feel I am almost in the story, and this is one of them. It keeps you excited and in suspense all throughout, and comes to a dramatic ending.
Another thing which is great in this campaign is it's great characterization. The major characters Cid, Chass, Harald, Wallace all have unique personalities. Cid , the protagonist, is not a hero at first. He cheats, kills for revenge, etc. He grows more and more noble as the story goes, especially at its' climax.

Additional Comments:
'The Pirate outcast' was a very long and exciting campaign for me, nevertheless it was often frustrating and boring. I don't think that many people will have the patience to play it out fully, but if you do, it will be satisfying.
To the author- I am willing to do a spelling check and correction of this scenario if you contact me.

Wow, this is definitely my longest review ever :)

[Edited on 06/21/07 @ 07:44 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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