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War of the Nations V-1.0

Author File Description
Lord Suwanshree
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Hello guys, this is Lord Suwanshree with my first 8 players world map scenerio. This map takes you to a commanding position in the whole globe and you have to conquer the globe using your army, allies and your unlimited resources by commanding the Army of United Europe against several other Imaginary bodies in the world. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions. THANK YOU...
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skald I have been playing this scenario off and on for several days, especially over Labor Day weekend. I wanted to be able to post a review, but after I ran out of wood (starting with 99,999) I realized it was going to be a long war of attrition as I would be forced to buy wood at the market, so I resigned the game and peeked at the Editor to see what I was doing wrong. I will not review a game if I have looked in the Editor before finishing the game, so I will just post a comment here.

You have put a lot of time and effort into creating a World Map and it shows. Thanks for including the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. They saved me a lot of time moving my fleets. One of the limitations of this game, as you have found, is size. The world map you made is beautiful and accurate but all of England is about the size of a sand bar; you could fire a cannon across the length of the country. If you had a cannon, which you don’t . That was one of my major problems in this game. You have used Britons to represent the European Union. The enemy has Keeps with a range of 11, but the best ship I could build as a Briton was the standard Galleon with a range of 10 and not much hitting power. I could not build Cannon Galleons even in Post Imperial Age because there are no gunpowder units available in the Briton Tech Tree.
Next, the aggressive AI you provided with the download decided to build 9 layers of Keeps around its town. So I ended up expending about 1,000 galleons against enemy Keeps just to clear part of the coast to assure safe passage of my trade cogs. This is before even starting a land war into the heart of enemy turf.

I kept thinking I just needed to find the correct combination of arms to break through the layers of Keeps but nothing I tried made any headway. Finally I just let the enemy use up his 99,999 gold throwing trebs and onagers at me until he ran out of gold, then I could start a slow grinding down process with trebs protected by cavalry. That was when I ran out of wood. I had 40 trade cogs working constantly so my gold level stayed at about 75,000 all the time. I could have bought more wood but that would have slowed down the game even more.

I checked the Editor and saw that I was indeed Post Imperial Briton and I could not build any kind of cannon. Then I restarted the game and it was completely different! The enemy AI decided not to build 9 layers of Keeps around its TC this time. I guess it’s a random choice each time you start the game, and I got the Keep strategy the first time. My tough luck. I will not post the time I spent playing but I killed 1,319 units, lost 1,263 units, and razed 186 buildings before running out of wood. If I had played the second game through it would have been different.

My recommendations to the Player: Definitely download this and try it out. If you don’t make any headway against the AI, try restarting from the beginning a few times to see if the AI uses a different strategy.

My recommendations to the Designer: Please put some fish in the ocean. I didn’t see a single fish anywhere in the world. If 8 countries with 150 troops each doesn’t lag the game, maybe fish won’t either. I know you can’t put trees because all the land ends up covered with buildings. Maybe choose a different Civ to represent the EU. There are lots of countries in the EU besides the UK and maybe one of them has discovered gunpowder in the Post Imperial Age. I would have given anything for a Cannon Galleon. Also, I notice none of my opponents created any warships after they lost their initial fleet. So after I evacuated my EU troops to the west coast of North America I was never in danger. You might need to put a few triggers into the game if you can’t get the AI to build any ships. Thanks for posting this scenario, it’s really impressive and I think you will be creating great scenarios in the future.
Lord Suwanshree
File Author
Hey skald, thank you for reviewing the map, i am really amazed that you took such an intrest in my map. Thank you very much for that. But I dont think that I will be working on an update on this map. I mean really- it took me over 6 hours of designing and redesigning to come up with the perfect location for everything. If you have checked the map from the editor you would have noticed that all the navy and some ground troops are perfectly alligned (facing the same direction), I mean that stuff takes time man. Anyway since you spend hell time playing the map and took so mch intrest in it if you like I give you freedom to edit the map in anyway you like and U can even post it in the net if you like with your name.. (Hey if u do so plz put my name somewhere in the corner ok). Listen for now I am working on a new map based on the american war of independence. Wait for me to complete it. Then plz comment upon it ok. Thank you. Have a good day skald..
skald You're welcome Lord Suwanshree! I did enjoy the game even though I finally gave up trying to wipe everybody out. I don't think you need to change it, as long as the player knows if the enemy randomly chooses the Build Ten Thousand Towers AI, to just restart the game and a different AI will pop up. I can see how much time and effort you put into setting up the map and the forces. I like the way you think, and I am sure you will design more great maps and games.

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