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Killing a Moderate AI

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Version: The Conquerors
This recorded game shows how you can easily kill a moderate computer. It demonstrates how a noob like me :p can destroy a moderate computer with ease.
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robink Actually the computer doesn't play optimal
on the Scandinavia map because it doesn't have
berries there and it doesn't hunt boars.

And you build your houses so close to your town
center that you can't build farms at it.
Afer the 16ths villager you've got a lot town
center idle time.

Before advancing to castle age you build some
militiamen and upgrade them but don't use them
to attack the enemy. If you wouldn't have done
that you would have been in castle age much
earlier and you could have trained then after
starting to research castle age.

In castle age you stop building villagers,
against the moderate computer it might work but
it is better to keep on training vills. And you
queue up like 10 knights and 10 longswordsman
in your barrack and stable, it's useful there
to build knights from more then one stable and
swordsmen from more then one barracks to get
them out faster.

btw. i'm still learnin to play too so some of
the stuff said about may be wrong ;)

[Edited on 07/25/05 @ 06:43 AM]

File Author
Yeah, sometimes in a game I am nervous and I want to get to the feudal age and castle age as fast as possible. If the computer gets there before I even have the resources to do it, I may quit the game. Yeah, I played a blind random map (is that what you call it) and I've never played scandavia before so I was suprised about the berry bush thing... You gotta admit though, killing the computer from the inside out was pretty cool... He tried to build a wall around my base, beucase my base was basicly in his town...
robink I recommend you to read OEK's fast castle guide
and the other stuff from this topic in the forum:,,0,10&st=0
It helped me to get my castle time down to
something around 18 minutes now.

Attacking with small armies is useful to kill
enemies villagers to slow down his economy.

btw. do you play online?
File Author
Yeah, I've read that fast castle guide, I'm planning to read it again.

Yes, I play online once in a while.
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Hi e_123_omega, you didn’t respond to my email regarding your other submission ’U DA PREY TrOpIc StOrM’. In case you didn’t recieve it I’ve posted here.

The scenario crashed at the start. Tanneur99 has pointed out the cause of the crashing. The specific trigger is ‘rename’ effect 3, change object HP source player Gaia, object list type units, by 30’000. No set object or area, meaning the comp tries to add 30’000 HP to all Gaia objects.

I have removed the file, feel free to resubmit after you correct the trigger problem. :)

AoKH Downloads Manager

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