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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Bravery on a Hilltop

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Bravery on a Hilltop

Author File Description
Billy Bombar
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Bravely defend the hill from the massive Gothic army closing in on you. Put every living man to work defending the tower and palisade stakes you have put up. As the Goths pound their forces against the hill you must drive on your men to put up the best show of courage ever seen.

This is the first scenario I have uploaded to the Blacksmith. It is simple in structure but should challenge your skill.


Billy Bombar
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Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
A simple idea, but well-executed and fun to play. The only thing which I think needs tweaking is the attack flag. I lost all my units except some longbowmen but managed to get +100 attack quite quickly and they mowed the enemy down before they could get near. (Also one of the flags doesn't do anything.)
Billy Bombar
File Author
Thanks for that, I'll change the attack flag and find fix that flag with no action.

EDIT: Updated the file with those improvements.

[Edited on 07/26/05 @ 01:36 AM]

aok pp it was realy fun to play this scenario, i have made it to get the flags with a paladin. it was actually not so hard if you survived the first attack's, but it was realy a challenge

perhabs you can try a scenario of me " the heavy walled city v2" I made it today and a few minute's a go I have submitted it,
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

An enjoyable scenario – it seems to be a defensive scenario, but the objective is to capture-the-flag. Your objective is to capture the 4 flags, and you have a choice of a defending until the end, or being more aggressive. I enjoyed the challenge to get all the flags, by both being aggressive and going out straight away, which is quite hard, and defending until I had beaten back all the attackers. The triggers work well although some soldiers seem to be on ‘freeze’ or something, I noticed a lot were trying to chase me but kept twitching when I was going for the flags, which made it a little easier to get the flags using the aggressive approach.

Balance: 4

It seems at first that the defensive situation will quickly result in a loss, as your weak hilltop base practically can’t be defended, but if you take advantage of what your have you can actually defend quite well. The scenario is challenging in both choices, though if your goal is just to win the aggressive approach will be much faster. The defense is well balanced, and your reward for beating it will be a hassle free path to the flags.

Creativity: 4

The scenario itself is fairly basic, but offers you a choice between two different approaches, which is rarely seen. The other areas show a reasonable creative effort too, and there were some interesting trigger systems, like the neat capture the flag one, and the creative ‘unit that stands on tile gains HP’ thing. This works quite well, as units can transform into ‘heroes’ by placing them on the tile for long enough. It was very interesting to see how many units I could cram onto one tile!

Map Design: 4

Simple but nice map design with careful construction of the flags and the obstacles around them, and some nice features like rocks, mixed terrain, mountains and flowers.

Story: 4

The instructions were good here, with a detailed account of all the features besides just how to win. The story though is simple. Although not lacking in length or quality, it isn’t very specific. You don’t even have a unit to represent yourself on the map, and though it is clear you are fighting the Goths, it isn’t at all clear who you are. The thing that I found unconvincing with the aggressive approach though is that I had lost all my units and killed practically no enemy ones when I snatched the last flag, yet the story says I am supposed to have won the battle.

Overall: 4

A solid and well constructed capture the flag scenario with two very different and interesting approaches to winning.
Dantares IV It's amazing! Give me any campaign/senerio. B&D, FF, RPG,...etc...and I will beat it in a few hours.

But this game, I simply cannot beat. The 'waves' of men sent at you are beyond my ability to destroy. Give me a hundred men and a good defensible position, and I will usually beat any game. I have done random maps with 8 players on hard, and that is next to impossible to win at, and I have won.

But this!! I don't see how you can win at all.

[Edited on 09/04/07 @ 03:15 PM]

Official Reviewer
Hi Dantares IV,
There are two ways to win, withstanding the attacks and then capture the flags or to make a cavalry dash around the map. The cavalry attack is easier. You can win capturing the flags with your cavalry with a little practice on the higher levels. You should then try the defensive part on one level lower, meaning that if you capture the flags on moderate, try the defensive game on standard, you got five levels. It is difficult but winnable, the author adds '(hard)' in the hints for the defensive version. The key for withstanding the attacks is the tile to gain HP, adding HP is fast. The first time I played standard, after 52 minutes the attacks were over, I had 36 units left, exactly the amount I started with. Well, I admit I lost one unit; my monks converted inadvertently a bowman to substitute the loss. ;-) Thanks to the added HP, in the end the Onager had 588/630 HP, Paladins from 262 to 641 HP, monks 448 to 490, Halberdiers from 188 to 352, Huskarls from 324 to 440, Hand Cannoneers from 247 to 327, Elite Longbowman from 113 to 281 etc., a strong army to withstand any attack.

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Map Design4.0
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