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Rise Of Empires

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 2-8
Made by: _KE_eKr3i6n

The purpose of this game is to have a actual game with empires. You cant build town centers. But your starting town center respawns, along with the resources. There isnt any gaia on the map, only trees and a few others to add realism, so theres more room to build. I also added attrition damage if your familiar with rise of nations you know what it is. Ill explain it, when you capture your capitol(The Monument near your base) any of the opposing players military units or buildings who enter your capitals grounds will lose 1 health a second. That sucks huh?? Well if a opposing player takes over your capitol you will be forced to tribute them 100 of each stockpile every minute, so protect it. If you lose it recapture it.

-Best Settings-

- The diplomacy is automatically set to neutral. This way nobody kills villagers. And the game will never end. This option is of course up to who evers playing.

-If you have all human players its best to play with diplomacy, not locked teams.

-With computer lock all the teams on neutral.

Ill be making expansions to this game soon!

If you have any idea's to make Rise of Empires better email me at:
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e_123_omega Great idea! I'm downloading now. Will edit with comments.


First of all, this game can't last forever. The amount of food is too small. This game will turn out like those post - imperial stalemates. I know of people who like those however.

The problem here is that there aren't farms or markets. Without those, everyone will run out of resources and then this game will be a simple matter of moving your units around...

Add in farms and markets. Maybe much more berry bushes, more gold mines, more stone mines, more fish, etc.

I kinda like post - imperial stalemates myself. Disrupt the opponent's trade route and down they go ;)

[Edited on 07/26/05 @ 09:09 AM]

File Author
The resources in your terrain square come back as soon as they disappear. So its possible for this game to last forever. I have a few saved files of it going with my friends online. Its fun with 8 peeps.
WeelabyteStudios You need to change it to allow markets, that way we can last forever. When I played i got bored when i ran out of resources so i gave up!
e_123_omega I played it with moderate computers and they were terribly bad at it... I killed one by using longbowmen to attack the few villagers it had... I even walled its market and started exploiting its trade...

It DOES allow markets and for some reason it allows town centers?

This can be fun simply becuase it lasts forever: I just let it sit there unattended and now it is at 4:59. Nothing much has happened since, every computer player is basicly still at their same score (all villagers of theirs are stuck for some reason) and mine just keeps going higher and higher. I've hit 99999 gold already, I have about 120000 gold right now, beucase of the massed out trade units. I still haven't explored a HUGE chunk of the map yet, and I can only use trade carts and villagers to explore or else I'll get blasted by their many bombard cannons, castles, etc. This game can never run out of resources!!! Fighting? There is no fighting with AIs becuase they never attack you on neutral! They just sit there and get fat. I never attack either, I just let them keep building until I can visit their cities. They all look basicly the same.

Lol nice idea. Hope to see the expansions soon.

[Edited on 07/28/05 @ 04:15 PM]

File Author
Thanks omega im glad you like the idea. Try playing against the hardest comp. That will make the computer villagers more active to get resources. I turned off building town centers but for some reason town centers can still be built i dont know how to disable them. The scenario wont let me disable them. Maybe i could use a trigger. Got any ideas for the expansion?? I have a few but havent begun to work on it yet. Thanks for the input.
Blue P Tucker I played this scenerio single-player as the Byzantines, my favorite civ. One major problem is that you can seize capitals with non-military units such as trade carts. I kept two of my enemies in the feudal ages because i kept my trade carts there.
Another problem is that your villagers can get trapped in between three rocks and the mining camp, or three bushes and the mill, or three trees and the lumber camp. This isn't too bad if you have one oor two villagers stuck in the same square, but when you have three or more,, you must check on them every 30 seconds in order to make sure that they're actualy working.

[Edited on 08/26/05 @ 01:30 PM]

File Author
Thanks for your input tucker. I may work on another rise of empires but im not sure. Keep a eye out for it. And rate it also :)

[Edited on 08/21/05 @ 05:09 AM]

Tanks_fst This is a great map! I liked your idea of using the Rise Of Nations capitol trick... (Not much of a trick but still)

This is a must download!

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