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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » KJ146's fireball arcade

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KJ146's fireball arcade

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8

-SMOOTH GAMEPLAY (u die up to 2 secs after a hawk explodes)
-LIVES (HOST picks short game or long)

-When a green flag turns red, step on it to throw a fireball.
-Aim your fireball at your enemy.
-Dodge fireballs if u see your enemy about to step on a red flag.
-It's odd vs even players. If you die, you depend on your teammates.

-FFA version of dodgeball.
-Relics will be randomly generated.
-You get a monk. Pick up relics, and drop them on one of the flags to bounce a fireball off the wall. Aim at other monks or wolves to try to kill them.
-The middle flag makes a fireball bounce all around the edges of the arena and kills all the monks there.
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coady25 Hey i liked this map it was awesome and gr8 gameplay.

[Edited on 07/29/05 @ 09:20 PM]

File Author
hey whats up coady, yeh its a cool game,i got this idea from starcraft (but its still very different) well, ive just realized that theres a whole ton mor ppl playing on starcraft so id just thought if i made some casual games for aok, mor ppl would play it, especially casual gamers looking for something fun to play
well if any of u guys like it plz give it a rating and tell me wat u think

[Edited on 08/01/05 @ 12:39 PM]

File Author
Yea i said b4 there were new trigger tricks. well heres a list of them, thought u guys might find em useful. its sorta advanced stuff.

FLAG ACTIVATOR - this is prolly one of the most useful here. U create a flag in an area and then create another trigger with the objects in area condition and u set the object to that flag. The creating flag effect can replace the activate trigger effect. The great thing about the flag activator is that u don’t have to search thru the whole trigger list to activate an effect, and more importantly u could remove the flag to deactivate the trigger if it’s looping. The greatest benefit is in the deactivating part actually. U could remove a flag to deactivate more than one trigger. It saved me as much as 2,000 effects cuz after every relic was generated I had to deactivate like 60 other triggers so I just set them with the condition objects (the flag) in area and everytime a relic was generated, I would remove the flag so the other 60 triggers won't generate more relics in all the other spots.
DEATH CALCULATOR - this can calculate how many deaths u have. If u go to the accumulate attribute condition u would see that it cant calculate how many of ur units died, so to solve this problem heres a solution: Let’s say its a 1v1 blood map and u get infinite units with a population limit of 40. U could set looping trigger so that each time u have less than 40 units (obviously if u start out with 40 units and now u have less than that one of them or more died) u create a flag in a certain area. If there are 200 flags in that area at the moment, then that means that 200 of ur units died. Of course this only works if u have infinitely respawned units at a certain population limit. In dodgeball, the population limit was 1. Each time ur berserk died, u got a new one. so basically each time u had less than one unit, a flag was created in a certain area. once 3 flags were there, u lost cuz u got only 3 lives.
RANDOM GENERATOR – let’s say ur making a 5x5 square tile arena and u want a relic to be randomly generated on one of the tiles every 10 secs. Basically u make another 5x5 arena and place a king on it and make it move in rows or files across the arena. Everytime 10 secs end, a relic would be generated on the first arena (the playable one) in the corresponding tile the king is at (in the 2nd arena). The true randomness depends on when u start the timer to the nearest deci-second. Furthermore, u gotta deactivate all of them after every 10 secs cuz if they’re activated the relics will start appearing like crazy wherever the king goes. So to do this u should use the flag activator and remove the flag after every 10 secs to deactive 25 triggers. instead of having to set 25 deactivate effects, u only have to set 1 effect (removing the flag). Like I said b4, I believe it saved me some 2,000 effects in Wallball. That’s alot of extra work.
MONK W/ RELIC DETECTOR - this isn’t really a trick. It’s more like a discovery. Well a monk with a relic is not a priest or a monk anymore. It counts as a military unit in the editor. So if u try to use objects in area to detect a monk with a relic u won't be able to if u set the object as PRIEST (for object type) cuz its a military unit. U have to set the object as unit/military and nothing else.
Additional Comments – I mean these trigger tricks r awesome. If u use the death calculator in a 1v1 blood map, u could give infinite bonuses for kills (whenever 5 units die from player 2, obviously player 1 killed em; also, unlike the accumulate attribute condition, u could always reset the death calculator by removing all the flags) with just a few triggers. And how about a random generator that could randomly produce a relic in one of 49 tiles each with an equal chance on which the relic would appear. Is that amazing or what?

[Edited on 08/09/05 @ 10:30 AM]

Wallenstein1 Hey, guess what? Someone else copied your map, added some stuff, and posted it last week. He just added some walls, people, and made a shield system. You can find it here:

[Edited on 08/30/11 @ 02:30 PM]

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