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Hard CPU 1v3

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
A real challenge for me is to do 1vs4 or 5 hard CPU. The game can last for more than 2 hours.
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Mangudia_force i hope you are kidding you are kidding right i play 1v7 cpu hardest and they still die like a brain dead noobs By the way i thought i would add this here computers do not attack the only respond to your acctions and if they do attack its with very limited troops they do not rush they are very weak due to AI ineffeciensies i do have in my ai an addon from ENSEMBLE called AI BACKBONE to make them less likly to resign so as far as what i saw you do not they resigned quickly and totally *NOTE* alot of people i send here really like your game they zm me talking about it laughing having fun we have a nice chat then we play Live all Live players NO COMPS

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 09:06 AM]

File Author
Mangudia_force if you can seriously beat 7
hardest CPU then I would love to see it. Please
submit the record game to back up what you
said. I'm still only a rookie.

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 09:38 AM]

Mangudia_force Hey no prob but i dont fight comps they are only brain dead noobs ehre a few recorded games Live from the game zone in deathmatch lobbies hope you enjoy the real fight a human fight vissiously and with a will to live to win to kill horrably

[Edited on 08/01/05 @ 08:42 AM]

File Author
I'm not surprise at all of your
response, "probably no".

I'm sure most people here would love to see
you defeating 7 hardest CPU. I don't know if
anyone out there have actually done it before.
It seems like an impossible task from a point
of view of a rookie like myself.

I would love to hear from anyone out there who
can defeated VNS_Halen, (AI)in a game of 1vs2.
I'm having a real hard time vs 2 VNS_Halen,
(hard setting).

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 09:38 AM]

Mangudia_force have you ever heard of the game zone it easy to find your cd hs it as gaming zone in single play click it and frind deathmatch with the most player in it i will be there come find me the name is teh smae so no prob and well i will show you dm aka post in death match

[Edited on 08/02/05 @ 01:45 AM]

File Author
I have played on the zone for over 2 years. Death Match is my least favorite.

The game bypasses the dark age, feudal and
castle and you started out with 20,000 wood,
20,000 food... it's fantastic for people
who can't manage the economy well. I do play
it on some occasion, but mostly I preferred
none DM game like Land of Nomad, and Arabia
for some serious fun.

Can anyone out there defeat 7 hardest CPU in a
none Death Match game? It seems like an
impossible task on an open land map.

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 09:39 AM]

Mangudia_force sorry son i do both i have played age of empires for 10 years starting out with the original age of empires and there was no other version or exspansion i was 15th signed to the game zone and the leader of the econ masters i built what today is the live economy based game in rm and dm. and if you think econ is not needed in dm you are saddly mistaken. and there are dark age starts in dm but only 5 of us play that sorry they are on at differnt time so most my dm are in post imp but a few are in dark you really played 2 years live and still thing 4 comp are hard to beat ok what ever you say but i dark start comp and start to yawn they start to drop like flies but what ever come try dm post imp see if you can withstand it most play it for simpl fact they dont wnt to wast res on tech and they wnt the fist to start instantly
plus look at these
as you see i keep trohpies this a jsut afew of the favorites i post for players to check out you know if you use random you would get to learn allof the civs and no full tech that strips the specials moves away
**NEET FACT** He says i lie and he is finding 4 hard comps in rm hard to beat and played 2 years on the zone in rm come to uneasy alliances find me i will introduce you to Real rm players live and all im sure they will be intetained with you. you can tell them all aobut how hard 1v3 against comp really are and tehn you can play them and get alot of new pointers

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 09:02 AM]

File Author
Talk is cheap dude. It's obviously you can't back up your claim.

Prove me wrong.

Edited by Tanneur99

[Edited on 08/11/05 @ 08:43 AM]

Mangudia_force ok enough come on the zone time to show ya a game and for once let you know the difference in live vs a noobly comps you think i lie why wast time and a rec on a comp come now to the zone we will do a nice easy game of live slaughter and meyhem then we can talk i ws jsut flabbergasted you rec a noobly comp not to get into all the you lie stuff ididnt think any more really played the thing none of the comp ahve ever attacked unless attacked an then it was weak at best so plz show up and let play a game rook to xprt then i will show you how rm is played in live play and believe me they do not use arabia try a ln map oh wait comp dont build in ln map hmmmm

[Edited on 08/03/05 @ 02:46 AM]

File Author
I will take you up on any of your challenges after you have defeated 7 hardest CPU in a random map game. You have made an outragoeus claim or in another word you are caught with your pant's down. You know damn well it can't be done.

How about back up what you've said with action. Why don't you just come clean and said it can't be done?

Think next time before you open your big mouth because it can get you into alot of trouble.

Let's stop beating around the bush.
It's time for you to come out clean.
It's time for you to prove me wrong. LOL

Edited by Tanneur99

[Edited on 08/11/05 @ 08:48 AM]

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