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Story of King Arthur part 1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is my first submission, so go easy on me. Anyways, you start off as King Arthur and Lancelot and are at war with the woads.
Read the readme for more stuff.
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Billy Bombar
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
The scenario lacks this as it is rather brief and easy. After playing it there isn’t much you can do that’s new.

Balance: 2
The Woads definitely need more meat in their attack and a variety of units to attack with. Arthur’s archers discharge arrows at the Woads and the Woads who have nowhere to turn head straight for them but are mercilessly cut down by the champions in front. Sadly, the poor Woads never even get a chance! Making the battles with the Woads more challenging and decisive would improve the balance.

Creativity: 2
Not a lot that I saw except for the “wolf shrine”.

Map Design: 2
The map design could definitely be improved. Most of the game is the classic road 1 though the forest. Some terrain obstacles would break up the monotony and adding in forks in the road and other accents would also make this better. Also, you could use more of the map to make the journey longer, more exciting, challenging and interesting.

Story/Instructions: 4
This is one strong point of the author and remained excellent throughout the game. Although no pre-game instructions are provided, the objectives are clear and nicely done. Some good trigger-work has been done to create a few well-timed conversations. The story of defending Rome seemed compelling but just wasn’t well executed.

Additional Comments:
The designer has a lot of aspects to work on. You’re showing promise in the storyline but you need to work on better map design. Good luck on your next scenario.

[Edited on 08/20/05 @ 04:24 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It was not bad however the quests were too simple. It was just killing the woads and getting reinforcements.

Balance: 3
Before you actually come near the Roman army, most of your soldiers die before reaching the final destination point.

Creativity: 3
Like the previous reviewer mentioned the wolf shrine was good. And the trigger work involving the dialogues was creative. And let's not forget the unit renaming.

Map Design: 3
It wasn't as bad as the previous reviewer considered, but it was nothing that great. Other than the wolf shrine, the map lacks eyecandy, and terrain mixing.

Story/Instructions: 2
This is the part where the campaign/scenario falls behind. The story isn't interesting enough to draw the attention of aok players. You should try to provide information on why the battle is being fought, who is being affected and an aftermath of the battle (w=out of which all of them were missing). Instructions were good, but I take it that English is not the scenario author's first language, because certain sentence structure errors were there.

Additional Comments:
If the author puts more work on the story this campaign might be able to get a higher rating

[Edited on 08/20/05 @ 10:10 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The 'Story of King Arthur part 1' is a RPS, the events fictitious, King Arthur and Lancelot fight with the Romans against the Celts.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is unpretentious, lacking effort and it is no fun playing this short ride on a narrow road through the forest. On hard difficulty, the reinforcement troops are most likely out of the area to change ownership to you, outside the north gate or they pass one of the other two gates before the effect happens. 1

BALANCE: The scenario is too easy, on moderate the player gets a squad killing all Woad Raiders and wolves on the way to witness a battle the Roman ally cannot loose. Playing hard without reinforcement does not provide much challenge either, player 1 does not need the additional troops to win. Ride with your two heroes to the battlefield avoiding all fights. You win without touching the mouse after the Romans and Celts changed their diplomacy to enemy. 2-

CREATIVITY: The author has the knowledge of some basic triggers and renames a unit. 2

MAP DESIGN: The map is definitely below random map quality, one elevation, lacking Gaia and terrain mix. It is unrealistic to see oak, palm and pine trees and a wolf shrine with Mesoamerican Gaia on a forest road in Northern England. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: After clicking 'scenario', you enter the game without an introduction screen, in game, you get two objectives to find a Roman base and join a battle while a chat mentions a Celtic attack. 2

SUGGESTION: You have to put more effort into your scenario.

IN CLOSING: The above is not a recommendation to download.

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Map Design2.3
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