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The Third Frankish Paladin

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
time:the rule of charlemange.
history:accurate to some extent.
story line:1-charlemange want to reunite the roman empire(the west roman empire).
2-to do that he must capture france.
3-the franks formed 3 armies.
4-each army had a frankish paladin to command it.
5-the first frankish paladin had been captured.
6-the second frankish paladin had been captured.
7-the third frankish paladin (you) must free them and capture charle mange himself.
The end:the dream of reuniting the roman empire had over.
Feel free to say your opinion or send me an email
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File Author
hey any comments or even reviews!!!!????
File Author
Any one want to post a comment?
skald Hey khaled, I checked your scenario and I like the way you put it together. I'm surprised you haven't gotten any comments yet. I am only reviewing scenarios created in the Conqueror's Expansion because I am not familiar enough with the difference between that and original Age of Kings. You can ask for a review by going to the Forum "Scenario Design" and posting a Reply to the thread "Review Requests, about Reviewing and Tutorials". Good luck and thank you for submitting this scenario!
File Author
Thanks skald I requested areview.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The Third Frankish Paladin is a B&D with RPS elements; you play the Franks, your mission to defend France against Charlemagne leading the Teutons to complete his Holy Roman Empire.

PLAYABILITY: Basically, a good, creative scenario with bugs and playability issues, it does not play like intended, was probably never play tested. With victory condition conquest, the player wins defeating the Teutons, provided he kills Charlemagne last. After the in game message, "French soldier: Ahh, at last we have destroyed them. Long live the king, Long live France.", the player receives no more in game objective. You cannot fulfill your main objective, the enemy kills the two paladins, being Gaia units they change ownership to player 1 at first contact, even if you take the enemy out from far with bombard canons, as player 1 'owns' the canon balls and Charlemagne does not convert after that. I played the scenario twice, the first time the unit supposed to trigger the following effects died in battle, and keeping him out of battle did not change, as it is a light cavalry while the condition demands a scout cavalry as object in area. 3

BALANCE: I played the scenario on moderate and hardest it is too easy. On moderate walls, gates and towers at the two river crossings stopped the fourth attack wave. On hardest, no walls and towers, but demolition ships are a too effective alternative to interrupt the attack wave, and combined with three castles in front of the town walls gave the enemy no chance to destroy anything. Overall too many fields as resource, too much time to prepare and too much gold with 5 relics to capture. 2+

CREATIVITY: This is probably the best category with an interesting title, the suspension waiting for attacks and trying a story with a developing plot in game ...if only it would work. 3

MAP DESIGN: A map of random map quality, too green, unrealistic, spoiled with gold, stone, trees and forage bushes on road terrain. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: We got partly not working objectives and hints, the try of a story with an unfinished plot, a good title for the scenario, and spelling and grammar issues. 3

OVERALL: The Third Frankish Paladin is a scenario with potential, needing play testing and an edit.

SUGGESTIONS: Play your scenario at least once before submitting to the blacksmith. Bug fix, trigger 'scout talk 2' condition 0 object list 'Light Cavalry' instead of 'Scout Cavalry', make the player lose if that light cavalry dies and add the objective that he has to survive. To avoid confusion, task the other light cavalry away after he reports about the attack waves and remove him out of the player's sight. Disable 'Scout Cavalry' in the editor for player 1. Have a third player, blue, Franks, and replace the two Gaia Frankish Paladins with player 3 units. Trigger 'free two frankish' effect 0 change ownership Source Player 3 (instead player 2? they were Gaia). Diplomacy, player 3 ally to player 1 and 2 and player 1 and 2 ally to player 3, disable Cartography for player 1 in the editor. Trigger 'capture charlemagne' condition 4 and 5 Set Object the two player 3 units. For the attack waves, disable Palisade Walls, Stone Walls, Dock and Gate for player 1. I played the above bugs fixed, still some improvements are necessary, have better timed attacks by tasking the slower siege weapons before the military so they arrive together, move Charlemagne, his tents and bodyguards further north, as it plays, he converts the moment the two Frankish Paladins do as his guards attacked and died before. For a better playability and balance disable Castle and/or Imperial Age for player 1 and test and shorten the preparation time between the attack waves.

IN CLOSING: Recommended for the inexperienced player.

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Map Design2.0
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