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The Priest Clan 1

Author File Description
JOhn Watt
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 10
Build & that all you know?.......yes!!!!
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Night Conqueror
Map Design3.0
In this game you start off with an Archbishop and then have to convert villagers from two other towns in the map, then conqueror them. This game needs much more work though.

Playability: The Game was very confusing at the start. I had no idea what to do. I finnaly figured out that you needed to convert villagers from rival towns and build from that. In the Game you start off with only 300 wood,but town centers cost 275 wood and 100 stone. So I sat around waiting for 100 stone just to build my town center. Obviously no playtesting. I gave it a 2.

Balance: After the 10 minutes it took to get my town center. I found the Game very easy. I beat the two computers in the feudal age and without hardly a fight.But also at the Start of the Game Every time I tried to convert a Villager they all ran in the town center and I died many times. I gave it a 1.

Creativty:The Begining was slightly interesting with the long dialouge under the instructions area. It was Somewhat creative but the gameplay was boring. I Gave it a 3.

Map Design:The Map was only a Random Generated map but because it was a build and destroy I let it slide with a 3.

Story\Instructions: There was no story at all. It only said that the Archbishop was confused and afraid. No story on how he got there. The Instructions were vauge and confusing.I think that more instructions would have made the game much better.

Overall: I think that this game could have been much better if
1. Better instructions
2. Use Some AI Triggers or create some units to make harder.
I think if the Author used these points the map could have been much better.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The Priest Clan 1" tells of an Archbishop and says in the description he is a weak pawn or that’s what it reads in the introductory sections.

Playability: The play was a build and destroy with a twist, you must convert units to begin building you're base up. This proved a little fun but soon the novelty worn off and the fact that few changes from a standard random map showed.

Balance: The balance was hard, starting out and building up and can take quite some time. Like most games the start is hard but later when you can catch up to the computer players it becomes very easy. Two opposites in one scenario! This section's imbalance was a little below par.

Creativity: The campaign showed a spark of creativity to begin with, but I soon noticed something. I am almost certain the author has played one of the original Age of Empires missions starting with a priest and having to convert villagers to build a tribe. Other than this there was nothing really creative.

Map Design: The map design was a modified random map. It wasn't changed too much and some of what had been changed necessarily was not for the better. Far too many fish were in several small parts of the map and there were several places of mass gold mines, which if occupied could fund you almost for the entire game! The other thing which stuck out was that along with the standard sheep on the map type a few turkeys had been added I think this provided a little short lived humour : -).

Story/Instructions: There really was not much of a story. As referred to before the Archbishop is referred to as a pawn although the story did not really involve anything. It played like a random map and for almost all purposes was a slightly altered random map. Adding a good story whether historical, or fantasy is an important part of scenario/campaign designing. Try to make there be a reason for fighting otherwise people will not want to play you're campaign, what I'm trying to say hear is that you want to fight for a reason! Make the instructions clear although I knew I had to destroy the 2 different enemies.

Overall: A campaign which really didn't have a story which can affect many areas of you're overall campaign. Spending more time implementing a story and you're on the road to improving.

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Map Design3.0
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