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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c


I made this template because I dont like the fact that I cant allie with computer players. So I set up a system to do so. I went from just trying to allie with computer to actually modifing the game to my liking. I allways liked never ending games. And allways tried to make one. From my Civ Stats Mod(Which had free farms and lots of unit edits) to my Rise Of Empires scenario(Which had unlimited resources to gather)Now with this template ive been able to have games go for weeks with computer. Here are the instructions on how to use this.

How to install:
1)Unzip the file into your age of empire 2 scenario folder located at:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Scenario

2)Now you can open it up in your scenario editor.

How to start:
1) Open up the template in the scenario editor.
2) Either make a map or Generate the map you would like to play the template on.
3) Once you have all your settings the way you want. click the menu button and save as. Put in another name and save. So you dont overwrite the template make sure its another name.
4) Your all set you play now to play a game.

Alliance rules and Hints:

1) To allie with certain players you have to have a certain ammount of resources in your stockpile. Once you have the certain ammount of resources and the alliance period passes you will allie with that civ you desired to do so with. But also tribute them 500 of each resource(This happens automatically so you dont have to tribute).

2) If you want to have a civ allie with you but dont have the resources to directly allie with them. Tribute them the resources that their civ needs to allie with you.

You are player 8 and you want to allie with player 6. You dont have 1000 food or stone. But you have 1000 gold and wood(This is what player 6 needs in his stockpile to allie with you[PLAYER 8] ). When the allie period is about to pass just tribute player 6 the 1000 gold and wood. This will make player 6 allie with you.

List of what resources you need to allie for each player:

Player 1: 1000(STONE) & 1000(GOLD)

Player 2: 667(FOOD) & 667(WOOD) & 667(STONE)

Player 3: 667(WOOD) & 667(STONE) & 667(GOLD)

Player 4: 667(FOOD) & 667(STONE) & 667(GOLD)

Player 5: 667(FOOD) & 667(WOOD) & 667(GOLD)

Player 6: 1000(FOOD) & 1000(STONE)

Player 7: 1000(WOOD) & 1000(STONE)

Player 8: 1000(GOLD) & 1000(WOOD)



2) Byzantines and Persians will not have indestructable TOWN CENTERS or DOCKS (PERSIAN DOCKS, BYZATINES DOCKS WORK). You will have to make there town centers and docks Gaia and capture them yourself (WALK UP TO THEM). If you plan on playing with computer thats Byzatines Or Persians, You may need to have a little trigger knowledge. You will have to change ownership of the Gaia items to the color of the civ that will be Byzatines or Persians.


v-1b) Lowered the prices to allie with civs.

v-1c) Units and Buildings upgrade HP and ATK every minute. This makes towers the most dangerous building in the game. Since in 5 mins and can drop about any unit in the game with 1 hit. You can now also deactivate triggers you dont want by going to the trigger screen and turning off or on the deactivation triggers. On the trigger starting state button.

v-1d) Lowered the attack on buildings. Droping units with one hit made tower abuse very high and effective. Now KE_AT is more balanced.

v-2a) Starting Town Centers, Markets, Docks and Kings have Infinite HP. (ANY OF THESE ITEMS YOU PUT ON THE MAP AT START WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DIE) Farms and Fish Traps give a infinite ammount of food. (THEY NEVER GET OUT OF FOOD)
Buildings and Military units no longer get more HP, But they still get more attack. Monks still get HP tho since they cant have attack.
You can turn all these options ON and OFF as you please with the trigger Deactivation Options in the editor triggers tab.

Well thats it guys i hope you enjoy this and find some use out of it.

By: _KE_eKr3i6n
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CRAZEDMANIAC dude i am like stoopid and i need it 2 be simplier

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