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The Last Samurai

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is similatr to the scenario in EE heaven, only it's for Aok.The storyline is inside the campaign, so I won't give the surprise away.Please send in your comments,reviews etc.But if you want to criticize ,be constructive, it won't help to tell just that you don't like it.I must know what you like and what you don't.Just to be clear there aren't any new tricks,but the gameplay has you do various things like clearing forests for passing through, drowning knights,naval battle,capturing the relic and razing the enemy castles.It is however not build and destroy but more of a fixed force and rps.Try might not be as bad as you think.I'm not that great at map design for Aok, but am alright with EE map design(and basically I prefer it to Aok).
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2

The Last Samurai by Mk101 is a fictional map with a mainly role playing element switching into FF. It is a fairly linear objective based scenario with gameplay broken up into a number of quests. It is entertaining enough despite its flaws, but sadly scores low here because I didn't win at the end, a notable bug in an otherwise bug free level for which I deduct another point.

Balance: 2-

From my experience playing this author’s levels I wasn't expecting it to be very difficult, and it wasn't. I quit the first time because I accidentally killed my monk with an onager, but I would not have needed him anyway. Though there are battles in this game they are very simple ones and unless there is something very strange about the way you play AoK you are very likely to win them. It's not 'walk to the flag and you win' easy, but it is still much too easy.

Advice: You say that you know it isn't hard. Well make it hard! Give the player less troops, so that they have to actually use their head to win battles. If you don't make your scenarios challenging then there is most likely going to be no strategy, which in turn means there is likely to be less creativity and lower enjoyment.

Creativity: 3

A solidly creative scenario. It has interactive characters and changing objectives. Most of the quests are creative in nature, though of a simple 'go here do this' nature. The most creative aspect was the use of the shallows, but this was executed extremely poorly! The onager is supposed to sink in the shallows, but how am I to believe it sunk when it fell apart before it reached the water? How am I to believe the knights drowned if they died all at once before the first one was even in the water? The rest of the knights weren't even near the water. The trigger should kill objects when they are in that area, not just killing them all at once when one comes near it. Making a creative scene like this calls for good execution. Look at how well Ingo executed the flooding scene in TKBM - it had brilliant timing and exposition. The best way to execute this scene would probably be to damage the knights when they are in the water, to show that they are drowning. It would be even better if they fight was still challenging as well.

Map Design: 2-

A poor showing here. The map is default-blank in many places, eye candy is basic and unconvincing, and terrain brush is on the larger brush sizes. Look at the minimap, especially the deep water. A much bigger effort is needed here, as well as study of good maps to formulate an understanding of the design of natural looking terrains and good eye candy construction.

Story/Instructions: 4-

This is the strongest area. The player is well informed throughout the scenario what to do. The receive regular updates and objectives are crossed off when finished. There scenario has solid instructions, hints, and a story. The story is not a strong effort, and has a few typing style errors.

Overall: 2.6

Though weak in many areas, this is still a solid play that may appeal to newer or less skilled players who want a simple scenario with clear instructions and a mix of styles. To make higher quality scenarios though will require an investment of more time and effort, and further study of good designing.

[Edited on 12/18/05 @ 10:08 AM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
I thought it was a fun map overall, with plenty of diverse objectives. You definately have potential, but overall this campaign was flawed, with poor execution. You basically walk around a sparsely detailed map achieving your objectives. It's mostly light role-playing and ff. But walking around the map was a boring chore.

Balance: 2
I thought it was a too easy; maybe you should've gotten some playtesters to test your difficulty, because it was a breeze. For instance, the naval battle was pathetically easy and so was the final assault on Kyoto, but not unenjoyable.

Creativity: 3
I thought this map had a good deal of creativity. For instance, the onager being too heavy to cross the river, the cavaliers drowning under heavy armor, etc. Though the map was creative, it was executed poorly. The cavaliers, for example, died before even getting in the shallows.

Map Design: 2
I have nothing against designers who don't use a lot of eye candy; not everyone has enough free time to beautify every inch of a map, but come on, this map was way to sparsely detailed. I found myself marching along with nothing to look at constantly. And you could have at least put a few fish in the blank sea. A bit of a low score here.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was pretty unique and interesting. People join your party if you fulfill their requests, such as the monk with the lost daughter. The instructions were easy to use and to the point. The story revolved around the main samurai and his task of defeating the Mongolian threat. There were some interesting obstacles as well, like the wall of trees. Still, only the most rookie players would not know how to blow through the campaign.

Additional Comments:
Again, you have unrealised potential. I could see sparks of inspiration, like with some of the previously mentioned objectives, but the map design and execution was a little sloppy. For example, why does the boat salesman join you? Isn't he selling boats, not boats and a dock and himself? I suggest fixing this campaign up and polishing it a bit. Until then, good luck, and keep up the good work!

- MedievalGamer

[Edited on 04/13/06 @ 05:44 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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