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New Infinite Farms Tutorial

Author File Description
Magnum Pi
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is only my second utility that I've uploaded to the Blacksmith. In it, you'll stroll through various scenes where infinitly productive farms and their possible uses, for eye-candy and gameplay, are presented. This utility expands off Ruler of Hell's "Unlimited Farms" template; including his idea while adding in my own discovery and using more representations. I hope you find this useful, and please leave a review or player comment if you can. Enjoy!

Edit: I forgot to include Lothar's "Immobile Units AI Gold" in the utility, but you need it to play. If you don't have that exact file, but you do have another one of its variants, (i.e. ADVANCED_Immobile Units AI, etc.) then simply load the scenario, chnage the player's script for players 2,3,4,and 5 to your different version; save the changes, and it will still work.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
This utility takes the infinite farms trick to a new level. The basis of the utility is the discovery that the "freeze" effect has the same bizarre effect on farms as "patrol" - they gain food. The concept here is an expansion on the original patrolled farms trick seen in previous articles/utilities. It is not a new concept but rather an expansion on it, and a very good one at that.

The power of the trick is that freeze object effect works not only on preexisting farms, but on any farm. This means we can change the basic mechanics of the game to that of say AoM or EE, where farms give a constant supply of food without running out. In addition the utility also shows how the effect can also be applied to a specific area, such as an irrigated area.

The triggers involved are all explained thoroughly, and the presentation style gives you ample time to look around and to go at your own pace. The map design is of a high quality as well, especially the irrigated area, which looks superb.

Additional Comments (Hair-splitting Note: This doesn't affect rating)

One small fault in the utility is that at one point you seem to indicate that if you want to select the whole map as the area you must drag a box across the map; this isn't necessary as the whole map is the default area.

Overall: 5.0

A great new expansion on the infinite farms trick, which will become a part of the core scenario designing tricks for AoK.
Official Reviewer
This is a great utility, a must download for any scenario designer. Congratulations Magnum Pi for a well deserved 5.0 :)
Magnum Pi
File Author
Thanks guys, but:

"One small fault in the utility is that at one point you seem to indicate that if you want to select the whole map as the area you must drag a box across the map; this isn't necessary as the whole map is the default area."

This is not so for me. When you set the trigger effect, there is no area or object(s) set. Maybe we have different versions of the game.(Or one of us is simply messed up.) But nonetheless, I'm glad to see you found it useful. Thanks again for your reviews/comments.
rwilde What I mean is that unless you specify an area, the game uses the whole map as the "area". Therefore specifying the whole map as the area is not needed.
Official Reviewer
Whenever you set a trigger and you forget to specify the object(s) or area the game engine will take all objects on the map. This is why so many scenarios crash. For example change ownership effect, and you just put units of a certain player, it takes all units and if that are too many the comp crashes. With the freeze effect it is the same, without specification of an area the looping trigger freezes all fields of the player wherever they are build on the map. In closing, rwilde is right, you do not have to set the whole map as area; you specified the objects already, all fields of a certain player. ;)
Magnum Pi
File Author
Wow, I never knew that until now! (Btw, I tested it.) I always thought that a trigeer would not take effect if it had no objects/area set, because I know that when the "can't centre on the set objects" bug kicks in, it will sometimes put an effect in green even though it has no objects set to it. When this occurs, a crash occurs with it. That's why I always assumed you needed to specify an object or area.
cataphract_fan I have finally found what I have been looking for here and this has helped me in many scenarios and it definitely gets a 5.0.

One other fault I may see is that it may not actually gain food faster; when i tested a scenario, the farm went from 177 food and about 10 seconds later to 176 so it may sometimes slowly lose food. I guess it depends on if wheelbarrow or hand cart is researched.
Official Reviewer
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
The Infinite Farms trick by Magnum Pi is an expansion on the Unlimited Farms trick by Ruler of Hell. The trick means that the Food Limit for Farms in never ending so they never run out of food. This is a very useful trick especially in cut-scenes and RPG scenario when you have AIs farming and they suddenly stop because the farms die.

Magnum Pi has expanded on Ruler of Hells trick by discovering a way to make trigger-built farms infinite as well. This is done by using the Freeze Unit effect rather than the Patrol effect.

This trick is really useful and I would recommend it to anyone who is having problems with Farms or people creating PRGs and Cinematic Scenarios.

Quality/Instructions: 5
The Infinite Farms trick is flawless. It works a treat and I have never found any problems with it. It is perfect and never makes farms run out of food. It is perfect for Cinematic and RPG scenarios as I stated above.

The Instructions provided include a cinematic explaining how to create infinite farms as well as a detailed description of the process in the Hints section. There is also a little bit where you can roam around and see lots of different ways in which this trick can be used.

Additional Comments:
Overall a top quality utility and a perfect trick that is flawless. It has incredibly clear instructions and is really really useful. I recommend it to all scenario designers.


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