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Siege Of Dark Shallows

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
" Siege Of Dark Shallow"

Imbious was an elite swordsman on Desmond's legions back 5 years ago. Jealousy ran through Desmond's blood and started to despise Imbious because of his popularity among nations. Imbious had a wife named Mateo and an unborned son. 2 years after the marriage came to its end, Desmond had sent an assassin to kill Mateo and her unborned son. Imbious didn't know about this until The Shiztburg family informed Imbious through a formal dinner.
Imbious was devasted! He couldn't believe what has happened! He wanted redemption for this incident so he went to the king and asked for information about who killed his wife and son. Desmond didn't do anything. He just sat there on his beloved throne like an imbicile. Imbious went back the next week to ask for the information. Desmond didn't say anything.
He just sat there eating his grapes and acting like this is his hedonism. Imbious was outraged!!! He shouted so hard that the scream was heard throughout the castle walls!!! Desmond finally stood up and said" Don't you dare disrespect your king or severe consenquences will happen!!" he said in a booming voice. Imbious replied" But sire, don't you care about my wife or family?" He said with manners. "What is this nonsense!!! Guards!! Please escort this lowly human out of my sight immediately!"Said Desmond with anger. 2 Days later.....
Imbious was called upon the city hall were the guillotine was. Imbious shook in horror to was he was thinking.
Desmond called upon the intellectual monks and asked, " Should I execute this excuse for a fool or should I torture his life and send him to exile?".The monks thought about this for 2 long,grueling hours and finally made a decision.
Desmond called upon the villagers and soldiers for this town call. Desmond asked the town" Should I send this man to exile or should I send him to hell when he gets killed by the all mighty guillotine??" The town chanted" EXILE!EXILE!EXILE!EXILE!"
"Well I guess the town has spoken and the monks have their decisions so...... Imbious Careas, YOU... SHOULD...LIVE....IN.....EXILE!!!!!!!!!!
And I guess you gamers know what's next........

Imbious "The Raider", He found his way back to the kingdom and wants his revenge against King Desmond.Desmond has been ruling the land ruthlessly with no exception.Villagers and locals are complaining and those who were complaining were thrown out of the kingdom.

*This is fiction by me*
Scenario By:AJ aka System_Shocker
If there is anything you would like to contribute or suggest, just email me at
This scenario was intented only for AOKHeavengames to produce on its site. Anything else beyond that, contact me.
There will be more of this series so hang on....
"Siege Of Dark Shallow" 2004-2005
Author: System_Shocker
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Ok, this is my first review, so it won't be perfect.

Playability: 4
The playability was good, but my one problem was it said get 10 sheep. i only could find 8 so i did marco polo to see if i was just stupid, and couldn't find them, so i looked at it in editor, and no, you only needed 8. (That trigger wouldn't work anyway) Just change that part, and do what I said below, and BAM! (Emril) its (Up a nother notch) maybe ever prety close to best of aok!

Balance: 2
This was the weakest part, all the heros had at least double most other units, and most had at least tripple. It was just too easy. and also it would be better, if it was like nobody could die or something. I killed every unit, and nothing happened. (Unless you run out of guys Duh!)Try to add more challenges, it would rock if you do what I said below.

Creativity: 3
The creativity earned 2.9 of the 3 points in the story of it. It was the same as most other rpg things, there were no out of the ordinary things. It was just, plain.

Map Design: 2
Ok, the map. You only used like 1/10 of the map. and even that 1 part, the only good stuff was that forest. (The haunted forest was pretty cool. If you worked on light and shaddow a bit, it would be great. Also, try using more of the map, like make you half to take over 2 other forts, get an army to follow you, (task it, don't make it yours) and use the whole map, or at least most of it!

Story/Instructions: 4
Ok, the story was the best part. It was a very good general idea. The reason it got a four, is there weren't any objective changes or anything. What I saw was charge straight foward, and kill kill kill. If you wanted to make this better, add more side quests, change objectives, add more story, and plot twist.

Additional Comments:

I half to say, this scenario, if given a bit more work, playtesting, and additions, would be a canidate for best of AOK. If this guy fixes it up a bit, its definetly worth a download! Even right now its pretty good!

[Edited on 10/23/08 @ 11:04 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 2

In this scenario you begin as Imbious, and meet many people who join you along the way. You follow a path until it splits in two, then you can decide which way to go (or both). The southern path was my choice, which was a little harder. It has a small minigame of the "collect the sheep" style, which has the problem that there aren't enough sheep, and that they can get clogged in the gate. A trigger to task them further inside once they change ownership should solve the second problem. Once the main challenge here was beaten I explored more of the map, going back through the other path with the wild women. I found nothing here, so I bravely attacked the gate and then castle, which proved easier than I thought it would be.

Balance: 2

These two areas need the most improvement - the part where you must take on many of the red soldiers is quite tough, but besides that most of it is far too easy. Characters are often overpowered (i.e. you are adding too much to their attack), and no real strategy is required. I beat this on the first attempt.

Creativity: 4

Creativity is seen in the map design, the story and the triggers, but generally isn't executed very well. All the same, it was impressive to see things like beta units in this scenario. Work on making the triggers work, and making the gameplay itself more unique.

Map Design: 3

The map design is fairly good, with eye candy and several beta units, some used quite well - e.g. the "disguised bowmen" which change appearance to an AoE compie when attacking. Many areas are not designed with enough care though. The rocks looked okay at the start, but they get repetitive and make the level far to linear. Also, they look very contrived (as in not 'natural' looking). You can explore the rest of the map easily, this area should be blocked off properly.

Story/Instructions: 3

The story which you can read right here is a good start, but once you get in the scenario itself it dies off completely - there are plenty of dialogues but these are used in an informal, humourous way, and none of them take the story anywhere. The characters don't have any character - they are just one liners that become nothing more than a unit. The triggering needs work in getting the delivery (mainly timing) right - some texts almost overlap each other, and the ending is far too abrupt - you can't hope to display a message and declare victory in the same trigger. This area shows a lot of potential though, you used a lot of display instructions and even coloured text. If this was used to carry on the good start you made you would get a higher score.

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Map Design2.5
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