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Black Death Lake RPG

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 6
Just move your militia to a Flag to get a Unit, An Archer, Warrior, or Cavalry unit. If your one unit dies, you lose. Heal at Monks and monasteries around the Map. Certain areas will "reveal" monks once you move there. If your going to edit this, for the love of god, don't screw it up.

Uhhh...You can class change again one more time from your base class to a new one. Archer= Longbowman, Man-At-Arms=Elite Berserk, you get the idea.

If you don't like your class and you already class changed twice, you can revert to your Default Class in the Lost Sanctum.

Eventually, you will make your way to the Center of the Lake and defeat the last boss. You will stereotypically run around the Map like a moron, completing numerous quests to unlock who knows what.

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Ksrugi This was really well made. I enjoyed it emmensley and my D&D buddies did as well. A nice little party adventure, something few and far between in the Blacksmith. Thanks for making such an intriguing multiplayer level.

A tip to downloaders: This game is very lonely without people playing with you.

[Edited on 02/03/09 @ 08:57 PM]

WildCardDoW If I remeber a great multiplayer, as good as WOII, or Ravenous, made for AoK fairly early on and was a bit ahead of its time, if only all AoK RPG's were like this.

Hopefully the instructions are clearer than the originals though, it was very hard to know where to go, or what to do unless you had someone who played it before.
kos123 evil
SwordOfValor This scenario has been my biggest inspiration in scenario design.
Jarlaxle Daerthe Playability: 3
Although I could only play part of the map (read my story/instructions rating) I found this map semi-playable. At the start, the map is full of militia, archers, and spearmen. This gives a large advantage to the archers, because there are no skirmishers they have to fight. If you choose a cavalry unit at the start, you have to keep dodging enemy units and it is more difficult to play.

I found some odd areas, for example, near the main bad guys' base, where you can eventually win, there is a piece of the true cross, and if you go near it it says something about the player choosing something. That needs to be more clear.

Also, there is a certain area near the bottom of the map where there are enemy units trapped within palisade walls, called "the infiltrator" and other such things, and there is a unit guarding them. Since these units are enemies, what is their point?

Balance: 4
Certain classes are far greater than others. For example, if you choose infantry, you get a man-at-arms. This one levels up extremely fast, making it great for the whole game. Cavalry level up quite slow, and with spearmen all over the map, the levelling process is slowed down even more. With archers, I found it too easy to gain kills. Just stand ground in an area full of enemies, and all you have to do is run back to town to heal every so often.

Creativity: 3
I found the idea to be a bit creative, but it was lacking in some areas. First of all, the people are fleeing from this "master of the seas" (at least as much as I understand from the start of the map) yet they encounter him in this land, and he is their only opponent. Also, although I found the "day-night" idea to be quite unique, all of the dialogue was very bland. (the "display instructions" effect was always used, and that has no changeable colours, while the "send chat" effect would have added a whole new dimension to it, because you can change the colour of the text in the send chat effect.

Map Design: 4
Could've been better with the area where the boss is hiding. In the center of the map?

Also, I found many places where the map was over-done. Flowers, paths, flower beds, all types of trees except snow pine tree, and all that stuff...

There was a flaw with keeping people out of the end area. If you attack the wall enough from the lower end, you will eventually get into their base. I would suggest placing rocks there.

Despite that, the map is very well done.

Story/Instructions: 3

I found the story to be fairly good, but as for the instructions, the villagers in the coastal town place can apparently "tell me why the holy city is closed" and all they say is that they are preparing for a seige and have no time to chat. As well, at one point it tells me that I have to kill the black prince. I looked around on the map and I could not find him, so I could not complete that objective (so I was stuck without access to most areas.). Please take into consideration that some people do not enjoy looking all over the map for one enemy they have to kill. Also, for the first objective, our objective is to kill a the longswordsman, and, well, I never saw this longswordsman, yet still completed that objective.

Also, for the storyline, I found it hard to follow at the very beginning, because so many of the units are saying so many things at once.

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 10/16/09 @ 09:02 PM]

DragonclawFury Well...this response is hopelessly late and I don't think the original poster would be able to read it. I know this is almost 10 years late, but bear with me. But I remastered this map and tried to address as many issues as possible. Unfortunately, I lost my password again. Hmm. So your going to have to go to the new map I uploaded instead of this one.

The Infiltrator and other Beta Units was for a quest which ultimately didn't have a point. I removed it now, but before, if you somehow got the Relic Cart which was hidden behind the river under the Starting City and bring it to the Accursed Tower, he'll unlock the Market and allow you to class change into the Beta Units.

It was pointless and needlessly obtuse and almost impossible to actually complete.

The "Backdoor" into the Bosses Lair was intentional. The main quest is hopelessly long and I wanted a way for players to finish it without doing it if they had the energy to try. There are other backdoors due to the open ended nature of the game which I ultimately tried to integrate into the game in the final version.

The story...uhh, I was actually like 10 when I first wrote this and I have no idea whats actually going on myself now. I think there was something about the main villain using the Magic Relics from the Ancient Ruins to ...get this...resurrect Dead Heroes from the Grave and use them to take over the world. It was just an excuse to be able to use Heroes as Bosses and explain all the bizarre Beta Units I added in there for the lols.

Also, I was going to have 3 more sequels coming out and I think it even had a prequel which was the very first map I ever made in my life. But my first sequel was lost when my hard drive crashed and I didn't have a backup ready and I just moved on with my life.

I thinks thats everything. If anyone is still interested, go check out the Remastered version.

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