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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Ok, I got board with writing triggers, and decided to take a break! I made this, featuring one of my many ideas. It is in scenario format, and you can do whatever you want with it. (Just give me credit somewhere) This features a blind person, defending the king. (Your Unit has 0 los)Then, you get some nine-bands that change player (Like the Christmas lights by Yogurt) and you can kind of get the idea. This is also not a scenario you can win. Its like those arcade games that you keep playing till you fall asleap, or die type things. Sadly, I don't have time now to figure out how to set it up for every kill you get a gold or something to keep track of your kills. Anyway, please send in your high score, and coments on the blind feature, and if you really want to, review it. (This isn't really made for High score reviews, just displaying an idea) And submit your scores to compare them. There might be a few problems, or you might have some sugestions, just post them up here and I might get around to doing something about it. How I did this, well, there's this thing called the GIE editor, I just gave somebody 0 los! with the GIE thing you can get those beta units, like beserk, and heavy advanced crosbowthingy. Good luck! (Note: You must already have advanced imobile AI on your computer. If you don't, just download my other scenario "The Defence" and it has it.)
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File Author
OK, I'm not fore reviews, repeat don't reveiw (Well, if you want to give it a five go wild!)

This is just advertising the "Blind" feature. It isn't awsome, but its pretty cool. Also, it gives the arcade fashion deal. Coment at will, and if you want to use theese things just say you are, and say you like them.
Lord Suwanshree Hey, i have to admit this map has a unique idea. And ya when I played it the first time I got 46 kills ( i dont know if its suppose to be gud or bad). But its idea is way 2 simple, u gotta put this idea into a more complex map.
I wanted to know more so the second time i just charged to find out was was beyond, i got killed instantly once a knight cam ito sight. The third time i wanted 2 see ? would happen if i won, so i typed the code...... yes i got the message...... THANK U.... Overall: I enjoyed this map and was a gud time pass with a short and good story. But this is way 2 simple to post a review so this is it.....
Also I have an Idea for another map (not related to this one) but it requires doing a lot of triggers and i dont know a shit about triggers....... If intrested plz comment on this map only .... ALSO I have a map its called "War of the Nations V-1.0" on page 2 or something of scenerio's,,,, ID love if ud comment upon it.... I must warn you though it is very long and it needs 2 much time... PLZ try 2 find time for it...... JUS FOR THE RECORD IT HAS NOOOOOOOOOOOO TRIGGERS>>>>>>
I'll be waiting to hear from you dude.......
Johnnyband Ok, I'm not sure exactly how you made the dude have no LOS on your computer but he does on mine. Also, I have a few ideas about how to make this insanely more awesome than it is now, mind if I changed it around a little?

Oh yeah, first try: 91 Kills!!! haha

[Edited on 09/01/05 @ 04:44 PM]

File Author
Ok, go wild, change it around! I don't care. The way to change LOS is by using the geine edit thingymagiggy. As I said, this is just so that someone who really knows what he's doing can mess around with it! keep going, and post your scores!
rwilde The thing is, Peej, GeniEd2 is like a mod pack - it changes the data file, so anyone who downloads this will just have a normal unit that does have LOS. If you want to make changes like that you either need to submit it as a save game file or add the altered data file.
SwedeKnight This is good - but I made a blind unit w GeniEd some time ago. But I couldn't find use for it, though. I really liked ur idea, I couldn't have come up with that even if I tried! Keep an eye out for my new scenario that I will put up for download SOON.. And the sound pack that ya need for it, of course...

Greetings from SwedeKnight

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