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Downloads Home » Utilities » No Violence, No Religion and No Stoppages

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No Violence, No Religion and No Stoppages

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I made this using GeniEd2.

What it does:
All Villagers but Villager and Builder will jump up after death
Monasteries will destroy themselves
Monks will kill themselves and become Villagers
Units(except siege weapons) will die and disappear
Farms are a lot more expensive and will rebuild themselves
Gold Mines will never run out

Warning: Miners don't automatically find the new mines. It's a pest. This is the patch I've spoken about before. I would love to be able to add big pop limits to it.
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Skull Are you serious ? ;) :) ;)

I eman it sounds basically interestng, but why should all Military units die ?
(ok, except siege - crazy IMO)

For what purpose was this made ?

Why do you want to add POP-Limit ?
To see 500 Villagers work the whole MAp ?

Have i misunderstood something ?

Btw, if i say

"it sounds basically interestng"

i mean it is interesting how you made that -

however, for anything else it is surely useless.

Farms rebuild and more expensive ? Why ? Useless and boring.

GoldMines never run out ? Oh no, please not.

Villagers "jump" if they die ? Childish.

Monks and Monasteries, deleted or turn to viles) ? Ok - if you don`t like Monks - however, they`re part of the Game and can heal.
- Odd.

All Units (except Siege) will die and disappear ? OMG.

Warning - it is basically interesting, but then again - it`s a pest - if you think twice -

why should this be used by someone -

Are you bored of units and Fights ?
Are you bored of AOK how you know and love it ?

then this is really good for you - ;)

I recommend to make something useful and not to waste time.


[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 08:13 AM]

Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Allow me to clarify.

All Villagers except Idle Villagers and Builders will respawn when killed.
Monasteries will destroy themselves, meaning no monks can be created.
Monks will kill themselves and become Villagers, so if there is a monk on the map at the start of a game it will change to a villager.
Units (except siege weapons) disappear when they die. Meaning the decaying unit graphics disappears, not the actual unit.
Farms are a lot more expensive and will rebuild themselves. The initial cost compensates for rebuilding.

It’s not to everyone’s taste sure, but at least play the file before criticizing.
Skull now it makes a bit more sense -

i was shocked as i read this -

killed Vilagers respawn (means "dead Vils" are replaced with Villagers ?)

now i understand a bit what and HOW the MOD does ... :)

maybe it inspires somebody ...

one question remain - why ?
(to see if it is possible - ?)


of course IMO it is still ODD - respawning Farms (and i really doubt that anyone of the People spoke in this CommentsSection can evaluate if the "initial Costs" can compensate anything)

not to speak of the difficulty to build some Farms actually (only one Vile can work on a Farms)

or the never ending Goldmines -

*still shudders*

ok, no violence, btw, what about makng gold a bit (a bit - in words: a bit ;)) more (but unlimited - ... ?)

But, BlackWatch, don`t take it personal,it is surely nice and interesting

..and at least i know that your "Utility" is nothing for me

But overall probably, for the nice Idea worth a 4.0 ? Don`t know -

i would have tested it, if i would have the Chance, but atm i thnk i won`t burn it on a CD and check it out -

i need gore and dead units. They`re also useful to detect with AI ;)

[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 08:16 AM]

File Author
The unlimited Food stops thw AWFUL pain of having to keep reassigning villies to the farms :( . The unlimited Gold gives the ability to keep on creating advanced units like the basic swordsmen and Knight.

The villiager bit makes it more humane. They can't fight back unless they are Spanish with Supremacy.
Skull @blackwatch:

Seriously, i think your IDeas are funny and creative, I would rate them hig as you made things that are not common.

ok, now they are/will be ;)

BTW, about the Farms - you can out Farms into the Mill ;) then the Vils will rebuild them.

However, you can do whatever you want - i find your Ideas funny - :)

[Edited on 09/01/05 @ 08:38 AM]

File Author
Thank you! You can only have a certaint amount of Farms at the Mill and it ALWAYS runs out at the worst possible times. Now it's more realistic - Farms cost more and really do rebuild themselves.
Skull i never saw a Farm rebuild itself in reality though ;)
File Author
, maybe not - but farmers do it themselves. Didn't need kings to come tell them "Rebuild your farm".
Free Scarler BlackWatch: I'm having serious trouble since "someone" said I would have stolen your ideas. What can I do? Obviously, in your mod you altered the dead unit IDs of almost every unit in the game. Now, in my mod (Free Scarler's TC Stat Mod + Revival Addition) I did the same, but not removing corpses or such, instead reviving arbalests with hand canoneers, transport ships with OMTBOs and so on. And now this "someone" says I would have stolen your work. What can I do? I would really like to have people playing and enjoying my mod as well as they enjoy yours!

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