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The Land of Chaos

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The nightmare has started.
The period of peace has vanished before a terrible new:
Oliver and Claire have returned!

The Latin Design Team brings to you:


- 2 RPGs in one scenario: play as Sir Roig, or as Sir Joan.
- Diferents targets, differents enemies, differents objectives.
- Enjoy of a surround story
- See lots 'n' lots of original eye candies 'n' tricks
- Sidequests: Bath in the Holy Water fountain and health yourself, buy weapons to the merchants, or get iron for your Lord.
- Sound effects and music of Johny Cunningha
- Choose: be a miserable traitor or a good loyalty

In this fictional scenario, you will be Sir Roig or Sir Joan.
Each one is the best man of a different Lord: the Lord of Aryuna and the Lord of Mont Siau. Although the two cities havenĀ“t got good relationships, the cooperation will be necessary to defeat your enemies: Oliver and Claire, the evil twins that killed their father and now they want to recover the throne. Will you be able to avoid the conspirancy? Will you help Mont Siau's Lord to kill Claire or will you help Claire betraying Mont Siau's Lord?
Choose your character!


Move the cpx file to the Campaign directory of your Age of Kings, and the mp3 files to the Sound/scenario directory.
Then start Age of Kings the Conquerors and select One Player, Random Map, Scenario. Select "The Land of Chaos Final version" and enjoy!

The Conquerors Expansion required


By Andres_age

Latin Design Team

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Knight Conqueror
Map Design5.0
Having played most of the Latin Design Team's projects, most of which were good but not great, I downloaded this looking for a few hours of entertainment, but after finally finishing it after 3 days I realised how far above normal LDT projects this really was.
With only one scn I thought that this would probably be the biggest letdown over all. How wrong I was. Instead of finding an easy 5min waste of a download scenario, I found clearly in the first ten seconds of the game that it was a split scenario. This and the resonably difficult gameplay, provided for a lot more enjoyment than I had first thought.
Just 1piece of constructive critisism, I think that given all the info given in the history and victory, you could have made the campaign longer with mabye one or two more scn's adding even more to the playability even though I still gave you a very good 4.

This was another good part of the scenario. Hoever I did think that at certain times in the scenario the balance let the scn down. Such as the ridding of the mercenaries in the second part of the scenario, it was resonably straight foward, however in other parts such as the storming of Claire's island was on harder difficulty quite hard manage. These However do go both ways because they added to the playability. YOu may think, well whats wrong with that it also balances things out, but I thought that during the mercenaries bit it was right at the start of part two, and this is where I felt like I most wanted to stop playing possibly ruining the later and better part of the scenario.


I thought this was a piece that deserved 5 straight off because of the split scenario, which I have only seen once over a whole scenario before. Also things such as the torture chamber which I also think is a new addition was well down. All that and lets not forget the other old tricks such as the holy water and so on which were also used to great effect throughout the scenario.

Map Design

Well what can I say this was one of the most well designed maps i've seen. It had quite a few very distinct area's throughout the map. Such as the forest, islands and small villages, As well as three very well designed clear cities. Also a large amount of eye candy scattered around the place. The introduction said North of Euurope and the campaign that came straight to mind was RODF as the yardstick of the these Nth Europe Campaigns. As I progressed through the campaign, bits and pieces came flashing back from that very campaign, thats really how good I thought it was.


This as mentioned before was very expansive. The story was quite enough to create at least two more scenarios from it. Also the instructions were very clear, and hints overall made the scenario a lot easier than it could have been. Throughout the scenario it was usually very clear as to your mission However another constructive critisism is to occansionally clear the objectives as it became very clogged after a while. The spelling (unlike this reveiw) was very good and I noticed hardly aany mistakes.


This was a really good allround camppaign, and would strongly recommend andres age and the Latin Design Team to do a Star Wars and possibly expand on the story and to do a few more scenarios around this topic. My other recommendation is for this campaign, it is a very good effort and it is certainly a must download.
Map Design3.0
This was a great campain that most of the time kept me from getting bored. It was really delightfull that some parts of it actually provided to be of slight challenge in some parts as most of the RPS/RPG campains I played were rather too easy.

As I said, a great campain but I did not say that there were not some boring parts as well.

BALANCE - 5:As I said, there were a few parts that I actually had to try more than once to get through, which is a good thing.

I would have given it a 4 but was a bit disappointed. I didn't notice many new eyecandy. The 'floating' relic was nice but based on two old things, any nothing there prevented me from moving my troops onto the water as well, which was rather a minus. The flashing tent was more of an annoyance since my missile troops started firing at it.

Nothing new about the map. It looked like all the other RPS/RPG maps with the messy forests and the typical over use of gaias. However, it was ok looking, especially the flower beds in the water areas.

Good story with a plot that moved forward very logically. This is hard to find in the AOK Campains. The instructions were also mostly quite clear, but there are a few very serious lapses.

Generally, a great campain.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
“The Lands of Chaos” is a campaign based around playing either Sir Roig or Sir Joan de Credo. You are fighting against the forces of Oliver, and others but I won’t spoil it for you.

Playability: The campaign’s playability was superb! It featured many choices right from the start, beginning being either on the Aryuna Kingdom or the Mont Siau Kingdom. The sound track is perhaps the most fitting custom soundtrack to an age of king’s campaign yet! Plot twists and a great storyline made it very fun to play. The only thing that detracted from game-play was the long journeying but even then you were fighting a lot and the many optional objectives helped for a great replay value!

Balance: The Lands of Chaos’s balance was good, it was above average but not on par to the standard of the playability category. To begin with it was very hard as you are mainly alone and not until you gain further units later on does the campaign become easier. It had a reversed learning curve. Which is interesting in a way, starting out hard and getting easier most of the time.

Creativity: The campaigns creative was high because it had so many different things, even after playing through until the end the author kept you interested. From Burning houses to fighting for Iron this campaign can be described as the definition of creativity! The talk for as long as you want trick was great and must have taken a great number of triggers to implement it throughout the entire campaign.

Map Design: Wow! The map design was another strong part of a very good campaign. Where ever you travelled the scenery changed. The author must have spent a great number of hours making the Land of Chaos’s map look beautiful. The great thing was that the map was very big but still retained a beautiful landscape as you played through it.

Story/Instructions: The story playing through both players was good, it featured many plot twists, a good reason as to why you were fighting a strong story-line throughout which was great for the player. The story was a strong point of this campaign. The instructions were good, what you have to remember is Andres Age is not very fluent in English, yet there were few grammatical errors throughout the campaign! The few that I noticed were “rumors” and “powerfull”. The instructions stopped this section getting a higher score.

Overall: A great campaign, deservedly earning its place in the Best of Age of Kings section, for one of the best soundtracks alone this is worthy of being download, let alone all the other alluring features of this campaign!
Map Design5.0
This is indeed a very professional campaign. Everything about the game is boiled down to a fine art. I recommend this campaign. It is extremely well-done!

Playability- 5.0 This game has enthralling gameplay. There is much to be done. There's two scenario's in one!
Balance- 5.0 This scenario is perfectly balanced. Enough said.
Creativity- 5.0 This game is overwhelmingly creative. The story is new, and detailed. There are many new, innovative RPG elements. And there is the fact you can choose your own character!
Map Design- 5.0 Map design is superb! Every nook& granny on the map is paid close attention to. One of the best maps I've seen in a long time.
Story/Instructions- 5.0 The story is well-composed and thoroughly done. It becomes more interesting as it developes. The instructions are easy to follow, nicely done.

Overall- 5.0 This is a very nice game. Download it now.
Map Design5.0
Most of you know I never post reviews. This being my first. However, sooner or later you run into that campaign you just want to review... As a big RPG/RPS fan, I am always looking for good campaigns to play in those 2 fields. This one, I found to be one of my personal favorites of the new campaigns to come out this year.

Playability: One of the many high points in this single scenario camapign was the Playability. Unlike some of the best RPG/RPS's out there, this campaign was actually winable without too much stress. I found this to be one of my favorite things. After all of Ingo's tough thinkers like "Gyda's Challenge", sometimes it is nice to play a good, long RPS without tearing your hair out over it. You are always given an ample supply of men, and have a good idea of how you plan on winning the campaign. I found this point to be one of the my favorites. So, I am putting a 5 down.

Balance: Never was there a time where the game was either too easy or too hard. The balance is superb. The game has plenty of times where you have to think but never so hard that you never end up winning the campaign. Good work. Looking at a 2nd 5.

Creativity: This one was hard to decipher. At this point in AoK, there really is no such thing as something "new & creative". Nearly every field has been covered. So to give something a "5" in creativity is very hard these days. However, with lots of goodies in this campaign such as the capability to play two different campaigns in a single scenario mission is highly creative. As is the ability to cheat on or work with your friends. Another 5.

Map Design: Well done map. Perhaps not the best I have seen, but very well created in deed. I will stretch here alittle and give another "5". Not the creative terrain uses that you find in an Ingo though.

Story/Instructions: Again, we find another "5", as in my opinion we are dealing with a straight 5 campaign. The instructions and story are very well put in and never do you find a confusing moment. Very well done Andres!

Overall: As you can see, I gave this great campaign straight 5's. At first glance this may appear to be a stretch. But I was working off of other reviews based on other 5's. For example. Some of Ingo van Thiel's old campaigns have reached the coveted "5" such as "The Quest", which in my opinion are not as good as this campaign.

Well done Andres and LDT! Looking forward to more work of yours in the future!

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The campaign consists of two scenarios; in fact, there are almost three scenarios in one. The Land of Chaos is a Mix of all game styles; the events take place in the fictitious kingdom ‘La Roque’ with its major cities Aryuna and Mont Siau, Northern Europe, France in the year 1201. The story is fiction, to avoid a war of succession the Lord of La Roque sent his children, the twins Claire and Oliver to the Monastery of Nert for education. Other than expected the twins grew up with hostile ambience and the virtues they learnt were those of egotism, hatred, and anger. There were rumours that Francesc, the Abbot was a wizard, practising the Black Arts, Magic and Satanism. Claire and Oliver returned to the castle of La Roque and lies, conspiracies and deceit reigned. The Lord of La Roque divided his kingdom in two, one division for each of his children, but disinherited them after several attempts to murder him. Therefore, he gave the kingdom to his friends, Aryuna to Lord Arnaut and Mont Siau to Lord William, the day before he was finally murdered. However, Oliver had already taken the city of Aryuna and Claire Mont Siau. In the following battles, the twins divided, but William and Arnaut remained together and won out their twin enemies. Claire and Oliver escaped swearing revenge. The new Lords reduced their relationship to trade; rebuild the cities, while the self-sufficiency towns, Hazapa, Odra and Gertran stayed independent. The Pope recommended Augustus, a monk to be the Abbot of Nert and father Francesc burned at the stake with his monks as heretics. Oliver and Claire return some years after with mercenaries, not together though, while Oliver’s mercenaries block the paths between Aryuna and Mont Siau, Claire hides with her army. Here is where the scenario starts; you can choose to play either Sir Roig from Aryuna or Sir Joan de Credó from Mont Siau.

PLAYABILITY: The Land of Chaos is a great campaign, has multiple options, and provides many hours of fun, excitement and game play on the highest level. If you play Sir Joan de Credó and Sir Roig, including both choices, to be an assassin or kidnap a woman and have her tortured, you should reserve two to three long evenings. You will not regret it; there are many objectives with interesting side quests, no boring minute guaranteed and entertainment at its best. All of this runs smooth; I encountered no bug or lag. 5+

BALANCE: I played the campaign on the moderate and hard difficulty level, and I judge the balance far above average. The first scenario was mainly RPG with an adequate balance; I liked the fact that you get a fresh army for different tasks, so you can play bold. The second was a bit tougher, to clean the forest of mercenaries, here you keep your initial men and play a good B&D for the final. The campaign had easier entertaining parts and enough challenging quests for a perfect rating. 5

CREATIVITY: The Land of Chaos is a very creative campaign, with a good soundtrack, a great story with twists, good old tricks like the floating relic, the holy water to heal and a flashing tent, which was funny as it was infuriating my units. There were some creative, new things like the torture chamber, to get waypoints, to avoid patrols in a forest. For the choice of your hero, you get different objectives, side quests and if you visit a location again, things are different. I recommend playing all three possibilities. Joan de Credó and both possible outcomes with Sir Roig, as you can chose at Hazapa. It is not repetitive, the plot changes, a person is dead or kidnapped, you steal or buy iron, avoid or attack patrols, a monk joins or dies, you talk to a lady, kidnap her or she escapes and the end battle is a FF or a B&D. The campaign has a creative, perfect use of triggers. 5

MAP DESIGN: A good design with elevations, different water depths and well laid out towns. I especially liked the city of Aryuna, with military districts and a residential area, creative ideas like the construction crane (lumber camp) or tools (mining camp) for the blacksmith. The forest shows a good variety of trees; looks great, realistic and is walk-able where needed for the game play. The author has a good terrain mix and blending, but covers too many large grass 1 areas with flowerbeds. Overall, it looks as if the designer sugared over the map at random with Gaia. Do not get me wrong, the map is good quality work, but the finish was rushed. An "over use of Gaia" can still look realistic when you place it thoroughly, but becomes unrealistic when flower patches are all over the place and you have the impression that you walk in horticulture. There are areas, where the flowers are mainly on the roads, it looks as if people travelled aside of them. They are unrealistic in high traffic areas, as behind the city’s main gate and they look silly when they float above cliffs like flying carpets. The other item, which spreads randomly over the map are sea rocks, they are on land, in deep water and on cliffs. On the island for the relic quest, the bad habit of “embellishment” by means of sea rocks reaches ‘perfection’, very unrealistic. The fosse around Mont Siau’s castle consists of low water with shallows and sea rocks, looks as if one can walk across. Fosses or moats were a minimum of two, often six and more meters deep, the moats are the oldest, the simplest and most purposeful way of defence of the Middle Ages. The author wrote, “See lots ´n´ lots of original eye candies”, and it seems that the map size was too small to place everything, as of many forage bushes you see nothing but the white outlines. Still, a lot of work went into the map and the technical design and layout was irreproachable, good job. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: This was excellent, a good history section for the fictional story, well told, developing in game with twists and surprises, as the plot is different according to your choices. The story is complex and kept my interest throughout the campaign and I like the bitmap; it shows an overview of the area. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, the hints sufficient, the spelling and grammatical errors reduced to few, very good as English is not the author’s first language and there was only one confusing moment, no deduction justified, to which I will refer under observations. 5

OVERALL: The Land of Chaos is a classic, one of Heaven Game’s best.

OBSERVATIONS: I have to give an extra hint. Playing Sir Roig the first time, it took me about an hour to clear a path with one unit and then come back with some iron carts, because I could not find the explorer to give waypoints, to avoid patrols. The reason was in the hints; it said explorers, making me search for a minimum of two units alike. It is one unit, the most logical in plus, a scout.

SUGGESTIONS: You have to be more realistic with your map design, sorry if I sounded a too harsh with my critique. I do like your campaign; one of the best I played.

IN CLOSING: I urge you; I insist that you download this great campaign.

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Map Design4.5
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