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Deadlands Nomad (DN)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Deadlands Nomad is a map that has desert encroaching upon the grassland. The sand is slowly engulfing the grassland turning it into desert. The majority of deer, sheep, forage bushes and boar are on the grassland where food and water is plentiful. Gold and stone are more plentiful there as well. Dead Oak trees are scattered throughout the desert that were killed by the lack of rainfall. There are some deer and boar in the desert but most animals stay where the best food supply is found (grassland). Gold, stone and relics can be anywhere and on any terrain although stone and gold piles are smaller in the desert (partially covered by the shifting sands).

All players start in the desert. Players have a higher chance of encountering other players early because they tend to drop their LC just a little ways into the grassland. We found this out through testing. Other players may seek the relative safety of the desert hoping to avoid early confrontations and being able to drop a LC faster while others will head for the grasslands where game and resources are more plentiful.

There are a few small lakes on the Grassland that occasionally contain fish. The fish may be plentiful or there may be just a few. Some lakes may contain fish while others don't. It's also possible that all of the lakes will be dead, containing no fish at all.

I used some elevation but very little. The map is very similar to Arabia in that respect. It kind of looks like a cross between Arabia and Green Arabia. I think LN maps are more fun to play when you don't have a tough time finding a location to drop a TC or other building so elevations were kept to a minimum. It's a highly buildable map.

There may be no sheep or turkey on Deadlands Nomad. When that happens, scouting must be done with villagers in Dark or by getting a scout in Feudal. This makes the chance of early confrontations on the grasslands even greater. There may be sheep but no turkey or turkey but no sheep or there may be both or neither so scouting is usually different from game to game.

There are large deer herds and quite a few boar. There are also large berry patches consisting of up to 8 individual bushes in each patch.

Trapped villagers was a major problem. I tested some other popular LN maps and found that a vill was occasionally trapped behind trees (usually near the edge of the map). I really wanted to stop that or lessen the chances of it happening and did a pretty good job. By making stands of trees smaller but more numerous and using some terrain avoidance and the clumping factor I was able to eliminate a lot of it. I even tested it on a small map with 8 players and have rarely gotten a trapped vill. I'm sure it will happen occasionally.


The map supports Regicide but with a Nomad feel. There's no starting castle or tower. Extra villagers are near the king to help protect him. Your starting vills are scattered around the map (desert). Villager attacks on Kings is highly discouraged. :P There is also no scout.


Relics - There can be from 0 to 8 relics on Deadlands.

Turkey - Turkey are random on grass and on desert terrain. The percentages are lower for turkey on desert terrain.

Extra Deer - Number of Deer and group sizes are random. There are also standard deer. There are extra random deer for both the desert and grassland. Desert deer herds are smaller in size.

Shore Fish - The number of shore fish on the map is random. Lakes may contain plenty of fish, just some lakes may contain fish or they may all be dead lakes.

Sheep - Like turkey, the sheep are random as well. They may be found in the desert but are more commonly found on the grasslands.

Hawks - Number of hawks is random.

Stumps, Skeletons, Broken Trade Carts & cactus - They are always on the map but the numbers are random just so the map looks a little bit different occasionally.


I've added cactus, broken trade carts, dead trees (desert), skeletons, water plants and shallows just to make the map look a little different and give the desert the appearance of encroching upon the grassland. Not a lot of Eye candy but it's something.

A readme text file is included in the download that explains the map in greater detail and I also lists the file path (where to place the script).

I hope you enjoy Deadlands Nomad (DN).
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File Author
1 - We played the map 5 games straight tonight and found trapped vills in two games. Not good. Both times they were trapped near the border. Once in the trees and the second time trapped behind trees by a gold pile. I'll have to work on that. Sorry for the problems. We played the map last week and never had a trapped vill.

2 - When looking at the script I noticed random code (for deer in the desert) didn't add up to 100%. I already fixed that but will wait to upload when I have some other things fixed and go over the entire script again.

3 - Some attributes are no longer needed like land_id, zone and a few other things. Although they don't affect anything I'll remove them. I used them at one time but it's no longer needed for the script to work.

Comments would be appreciated. I'll continue to work on this script until it's solid. Thanks in advance.

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