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Celton RPG -v36

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 4

- Choose Britons as your Civ to be a Longbowmen and choose Celts as your Civ to be a Two-Handedswordsman.
**You MUST pick one of the top two Civs to play**
- Gold is called Gana, Food is called Fana, Wood is called Wana and Stone is called Sana. Remembering this is easy, just take the first letter of each resource and add "ana" to it.
- Players 1-4 are HUMANS/COMPUTERS and players 5-8 are COMPUTERS.


- 3 Weapons that you can buy and equip whenever you want.
- 6 Main skills that you can invest your Fana on.
- A variety of things you can buy from shops.
- A few mini-games to earn you Gana, Wana, Kills or HP.
- Fighting a Boss will not be like fighting a Demon. (You'll see)
- Weapon durability. If Sana is Maxed, you will only deal 1 damage to the Demons. To have your attack back, you'll have to either buy arrows or repair sword.
- A Booter for the Host and an auto-booter for computer players.

*More Information In Objectives And Hints*
If You Want To Say Something, Say It Underneath Here.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
WartyX Yay! Everyone's favourite AOKRPG returns better than ever! I am really looking forward to playing this, it's a shame I can't find my Conquerors disc...
eslerman Hey I need help, I love your game but cannot get it to work over my LAN connection, or in multiplayer at all for that matter. As soon as a multiplayer game begins I am declared victorious. I believe it has something to do with the computer players, because you have to set them in multiplayer but in single they are set by default. Thanks alot.
Tanks_fst This is one of the best made AOK RPG's made. Its so good so see its back!

[Edited on 01/05/07 @ 04:34 AM]

Doom Of All How do you clear the haystacks/totem stones (I've completed jungle, swamp and forest demon's, but can't continue).
Official Reviewer
File Author
To the southeast of town or northeast of the monk place. There are these Walls that you can break after you kill certain bosses.

Have you tried Diablo3 yet? I'm currently working on a third RPG. Do you have any suggestions to improve gameplay or w/e.
Doom Of All I have played diablo 3, it's better in some ways, but worse in others.
I think that Diablo is good in that it has usable skills (although the over-lapping skill tree of celton is also very good).
In both games you can exceed your life max by an insane amount, simply by waiting.
In the new one, you can do something where you can make each area generate different levels of cash for kills, and have coninuosly spawning soldiers with specific stats, like this (You are P1, P2 is enemy and P3 is ally, forest has easy enemies, desert hard ones):
C0 timer 50
E(0+) create unit (P3)

C0 timer 1
E0 change HP (all of P2)
E0 change ownership (selected area P3 to P2)

C0 object (P1) in area (the gate to forest)
E0 activate t5

C0 object (P1) in area (the gate to desert)
E0 activate t6

C0 object (P1) in area (the town)
E0 deactivate t5
E1 deactivate t6

C0 kill ratio 1
E0 tribute (P2 to P1) 5 gold

C0 kill ratio 1
E0 tribute (P2 to P1) 10 gold

As an example.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Yup, I'm having respawning enemies as well as different EXP amount. As for the waiting for buff thing, I'll have to balance the skills out better and there will be a time limit to finish the game.

EDIT: Lol, just realised that I responded to you on the other rpg page. Anyways, it's going good, trigger-wise.

[Edited on 01/23/09 @ 11:16 PM]

Doom Of All I've gone to the area and destroyed the seals, but nothing happens.
Also, what monk?
Official Reviewer
File Author
Monk area is at the very south. (Destroyed monk area)
You need to kill the dessert boss as well, for a total of 4 bosses.
Doom Of All Yeah, I can't kill the desert boss cos there's a haystack in the way (where all the rugs are).
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